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Universal WMC ® Ball Stretcher

Price £85.00

Quick Overview

New design from Dave Smith, The universal ball stretcher will fit most guys, so it's a great beginners weight as well as an attractive option for the experienced stretcher.

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Product Description

This new design is simple yet ingenious. The age old problem, of what size to get when ball stretching without trial and error, is impossible to answer. This new shape designed by Dave Smith solves the difficulty. Great for beginners and pleasurable for old hands. By utilising an elliptical shape it permits the scrotum to be flattened whilst giving room at each side for the skin to ease into, but remaining narrow enough to prevent the testicles from slipping through. The result? A comfortable secure ball weight that looks good, feels great and is much less susceptible to sizing issues and helps prevent circulation problems.

The shape is round like the circular WMC ® weight so it evenly distributes the weight on the skin but the split is off centre allowing the ring to be slid onto the scrotum above the testicles for an easier fit. This makes it even easier to put on than any standard ball weight. This is what one happy customer said about it.
Comes one size only 24mm wide x 50mm long ellipse. Ring is 15mm high, weighs 245g (8.6ozs)

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