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Universal Pillar Testical Stretcher


Price £60.00

Quick Overview

Stunning ball weight weighs in at approximately 426g Elliptical shape ensures comfort & prevents it from falling off Rounded edges prevent chafing & pinching Ergonomically designed & easily locks in place with Allen key Made from fine quality, body safe & weighty 316 surgical steel

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Product Description

This elliptical ball weight really is a perverted pillar of strength!

Weighing in at an impressive 426 grams, the WMC Pillar Testicle Stretcher delivers a gratifying tug on your testicles and promises to stretch your sack over time. So, now you can get that knee-knocking pair you’ve always dreamed of and experience supreme stimulation in doing so!

Cleverly constructed from fine quality 316 surgical steel with rounded edges, this ball stretcher won’t chafe or pinch and is completely comfortable to wear, whether on its own or stacked. Easily locked in place with the included Allen key, the WMC Pillar Testicle Stretcher has been ergonomically designed and boasts a unique elliptical shape to prevent it from falling off. The body safe stainless steel has a stunning shine to it, meaning that it looks as good as it feels and promises you a low hanging pair in no time. Easy to put on and take off, you can get started with your stretch right away and, we guarantee, you’ll be amazed at the results. Non-porous and easy to clean, this stunning steel ball stretcher has been constructed with safety and satisfaction in mind and will last you a lifetime with minimal care. In addition, the natural weight not only offers a constant tug on the testicles, stretching your sack over time, it will intensify and prolong orgasm when worn during sex play.

The WMC Pillar Testicle Stretcher promises to stretch your imagination as well as your ball sack!

Comes one size only 17mm wide x 65mm long ellipse. Ring is 30mm high, weighs 425g (0.93 lbs)

Customer reviews

So much better than the doughnut type, that even when you find one that is difficult to put on ( so must be tight enough !!) will still come off. Embarrassing on the dance floor when it falls down your trouser leg!! Not only will this never come off accidentally, (provided you get the right size) it is easier to put on in the first place.

Posted By: Daniel

Posted on: Sep 14, 2018

Brilliant stretcher. Bit fiddly to get up but once in place works a treat. Can be worn for long periods for a good stretch. Definately recommend...

Posted By: Jack

Posted on: Jul 03, 2018
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