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WMC Ball Forcer

Price £140.00

Quick Overview

HOT new NAKED scrotum stretcher. Fantastic new scrotum lengthening system utilising the supremely effective WMC ® weights and simple spacer rods. No tools other than the allen key to fasten the rings, yet it's effective, comfortable and very easy to use.

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Product Description

NEW Adjustable ball stretcher.
Looking at your stretched naked sack and feeling it, sends a thrill up your back. It is SO sensitive! It looks and feels very hot when you have it on.

EASY TO USE Once the two rings are on, no more wrenches, no adjustments to make, easy to change lengthwith simple rods.

STRETCH IT LONGER. When you feel like it, just pull out the shorter rod, and add your killer length. Go for it, you deserve a low hanging pair of balls!

The set comprises of a pair of specially drilled WMC ® weights and 6 spacer rods. You affix both weights to your scrotum and then simply insert the selected rod by placing one end in the hole in the upper weight, stretching your balls downward and inserting the rod into the hole in the bottom weight - simple!

The set gives you seven different overall stretch heights (including the height of the WMC ® weights) of;

30mm (1.18") (no rods inserted),
55mm (2.16")
65mm (2.56")
80mm (3.15")
90mm (3.54")
100mm (3.94")
110mm (4.33")

30m (1.2") I.D.
60mm (2.52") O.D.
15mm (0.592") Height each ring (without rods)
380 grams (0.82 lbs) Weight (without rods).

Customer reviews

The Ball Forcer can provide traction no matter whether you are sitting stand-in, lying down, walking or running, As your balls stretch and relax, you just add more and more length. You can massage the stretched scrotum and thus it will relax more. Only problem I have experienced is that, as the scrotum elongates the balls fight against the ID and can pull through. The solution I think is to get a smaller ID for the lower ball. The other advantage of the Ball Forcer makes itself known when you are jacking off. As excitement and hardness increase, it is natural for your balls to push up to be in position to feed in the sperm as the ejaculate rushes out. The Ball Forcer fights against this reflexive action. As excitement mounts, you install a longer rods and again and again as long as you can last. As the end approaches, you have the most delicious experience, and ejaculation is delayed. Do this as long and as often as you can bear. Your balls will love it and you will love them. And the Ball Forcer is doing its main job, which is to get your balls lower and lower (and bigger and fuller, especially if you take l-arginine, tongkat ali and practice kegels) I have not found anywhere a more effective and satisfying ball stretcher than this,

Posted By: Niccolo

Posted on: Jan 21, 2019

December 17,2018 What a GREAT stretcher! Very well made. The unique design allows for great future expansion. Thank you Secret Leather!

Posted By: stmftr

Posted on: Dec 17, 2018

The adjustable ball stretcher whats the inner measurements inside the two rings so where are the balls in those rings?

Posted By: Dennis T

Posted on: Dec 08, 2018
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