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Rosebud Urethral Sounds Kit

Price £59.00

Quick Overview

The Rosebud Urethral Sounds Kit is a set of beautifully designed urethral toys made for sensual pleasure. Choose between various sizes and gently stretch your urethra in a safe and comfortable manner. These urethral sounds are beautiful, elegant and made

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Product Description

The Rosebud Urethral Sounds Kit is a collection of sensual urethral sounds. They are designed like rosebuds, so they have a special tip made for more intense stimulation. The rosebud tips are gentle but intense so you will love to experience them!
Each of these sounds is about 12 inches long, but their thickness varies. The 6 piece set starts at 4.5 mms going to 9.5 mms. The 12 piece set starts at 2 mms going to 13 mms. There is 1 mm increment between sounds so you can stretch your urethra gently and slowly.
These urethral sounds are made of high-quality 316L Surgical Steel.
Please note: you should never force a sound inside, so if you feel pain or resistance, you should stop and try a smaller sound. This is very important so please use your common sense when you play with sounds. Make sure you have researched urethral play and what it means before you start.

Customer reviews

Right on the mark. As described, nice and long, very smooth polished surface - no burrs, nicks, or dings. Nice case, works well for storage. Use plenty of lube and remember to "shoot" lube down uretha first.. Don't push, let gravity work for you! Sterilize before and AFTER using, pat dry. They'll last for years. DON'T SHARE !! ONE SET TO A PERSON! Enjoy - carefully!

Posted By: Chris

Posted on: Feb 15, 2019

Very nice quality sounds and quick shipping service. These sounds have a nice weight to them. I just want to keep fucking my cock with them. I went right for the 8mm and love jacking and having that rod sticking out of me. Keep up the good work.

Posted By: Dan

Posted on: Dec 04, 2018

I love it. Haven't been able to take the whole 12in yet. Not sure why I can't push more of it in. I'm up to 7mm now :)

Posted By: Hinkey

Posted on: Oct 19, 2018

I have been using sounds for along time in my cock. I finally have a large opening in my cock. I enjoy this product. The cum just flows out instead of shooting all over the place.

Posted By: Guest

Posted on: Aug 27, 2018
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