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Prinzezepter Penis Plug

Price £28.00

Quick Overview

Get the Prinzezepter Penis Plug and enjoy the eroticism of wearing it all day and experiencing all the waves of pleasure as you go about your daily routine with no one the wiser!

Product Description

Plug your hole with the Prinzezepter Penis Plug and enjoy the mind blowing erotic sensations that course through your body during urethral stimulation!

This beauty is made from Medical Grade Surgical Steel and is ( 50.8 mm ) 2 inches in total length and (38 mm) 1 1/2 inches insertable length, and 10 mm diameters to get a great fit. The plug itself is hollow to allow normal passage for bodily fluids, however it has a removable screw in cap that can be removed for bodily functions without removing the whole plug, or it can be screwed in to prevent leakage whatever your preference. The screw in cap also has a small ring just to assist in removal, but is NOT a Glans Ring.

This is the perfect plug for all day wear, but also a fun little piece to use during your naughty play time as it will intensify your sexual stimulation and orgasms!

Customer reviews

A little rough to put in but once it's in the feeling is fantastic I wear mine all night

Posted By: Hank

Posted on: Feb 11, 2019

it is just about perfect now. Have to stretch to get it in and work some lube in to get it out. Once in, it stays until I really want it out... it's functional... looks good... and no injury. Yes, it must come out periodically for cleaning, but one can go quite an interval with this, far longer than most. Best long(er) session wear time plug here! Chastity fans may wish to take note. It's kinda a unique feeling to have to remove the cap to pee, especially with no blow-by and having everything stay put.

Posted By: Derrick

Posted on: Dec 24, 2018
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