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The Art of Ball Stretching
by Jarod Jasper Johansen

A Practical Method on How to Achieve Lower Hanging Testicles
online since November 2009

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Updated September 2011

The Author's Credentials:
Jarod's impressive hang


© Jarod Jasper Johansen 2009-11 jarod.johansen@gmail.com

with foreword by Dave Smith of secretleather.com

Preface-- by Jarod Johansen:
Lower Hanging Testicles?

............. Is This Possible?

YES, it is! Welcome to the popular "The Art of Ball-Stretching" website. Here, you will find a complete guide grounded in a non-sleaze scientific approach to lower hangers. It teaches ways you can grow your scrotal sack into the appearance you've always wanted... even in your wildest dreams! Hundreds of men have already discovered this web guide, using it to their fullest advantage as they continue on their voyage to the low hanging testicles they've always wanted. Their results are 100% forward progress, and 100% success!

Do any of these seem familiar?

Your scrotum is always holding the testicles snug against the base of your penis. When the scrotum gets tight, they are almost forced up inside the body. You would like the sack to relax and hang lower.

You have large testicles, but they feel confined by a tight scrotum and are never allowed to hang.

Through a medical procedure (skin transplant, too much circumcision, testicular implant, etc...) the scrotal skin has become very tight. You would like to rebuild your scrotal skin system, and even develop some low hangers.

You would like to emphasize your genital package with the development of a set of low hanging testicles. A lower hang makes the genitals seem larger and more impressive. Smaller testicles can appear larger as well if they are low hanging.

You love the look of low hanging testicles, they are fascinating and sexy ...making you want some for yourself! ?

The truth is, anyone can develop their own set of true lower hanging testicles! An impressive genital package always includes the testicles hanging relaxed, dangling below the tip of the penis. This is guaranteed to impress in the locker room and sauna! Manhood, virility, sexuality, potency, and the true essence of being male are all brought to the forefront of the mind with a large-appearing low-hanging genital package

Please read on!...browse the Table of Contents...you will see that everything relating to low hangers is discussed. Then, come and join us as we are all working through our stretching programs striving to make our genital packages perfect!.

Click here for the most common reasons men enjoy ball stretching and obtaining a lower hang.


Table of

C o n t e n t s

I. Introductory:

  What's New! Latest Additions & Updates
  The Principle of Skin Expansion
  A Photographic Essay in Scrotal Tension
  The Use of Excessively Heavy Weights
  Home Made Devices
  CONSUMER WARNING: "Fraudulent" sale of WMCs

II. Methodology:

  Ball Stretching Methods
  Method 1 - Using Manual Stretching Exercises
  Method 2 - Using Non Standard Items
  Method 3 - Leather Stretchers
  Measuring for a Leather Stretcher
  Method 4 - Steel Weights
  Measuring for a Steel Weight
  Ball Pumping Techniques
  Lotions That Promote the Stretching of the Scrotum
  Preservation of Lotions & Butters: "Ball Gloves© & Barrier Bags©"
  Points of Interest While Stretching at Home
  A Graded Method of Progress: Beginner to Advanced

III. Reference Materials:

  Wear and Care of Leather Stretchers and Metal Weights
  Clothing: What to Wear and How to Wear
  I've reached my Goal ---- Now What?
  "My Testicles Slip Out My Weight/Stretcher! Help!"
  Side Effects?
  Introducing Spouses/Partners/Friends & Family to Ball-Stretching
  How to Perform a Self Testicle Examination
  Products Review: Secretleather's Best-Selling Gear
  Glossary of Terms

IV. Relating to the Author:

  Medical Statement
  The Author's Stretching Biography
  Thank you
  Some Links
  Contact Information
  Moved by Gratitude.....How can I Help?

What's New! Latest Additions & Updates.

Early Fall 2011 (September)

  1. "A Photographic Essay in Scrotal Tension": Addition of the dartos muscle layer within the scrotal sack skin. This muscle layer is responsible for all phases of scrotal tension.
  2. "Preservation of Lotions & Butters: Ball Gloves & Barrier Bags": -Addition of a third source for the use of moisture barrier bags...the American newspaper bag. -Addition of new information regarding the development of skin allergy to commercial lotions. This is an important piece of information that all readers should familiarize themselves with in the event of this allergic reaction.
  3. "Ball Stretching Methods": Additional new information regarding Secretleather's new Ball-Forcer stretching system.
  4. "Glossary of Terms": addition of the following terms: Penoscrotal Web, Dartos Muscle Layer, Anal Web, and Ball-Forcer. Revised the definition of "Skin Web". The Glossary also has an alphabetic link, just press a letter and you're there!
  5. "Method 1 - Using Manual Stretching Exercises": revised wording and added the term "Penoscrotal Web".
  6. "My Testicles Slip Out of My Weight/Stretcher! Help!": Revised wording and replaced the confusing term "Recessive Testicle" with the term "Secondary Testicle".
  7. "Measuring for a Steel Weight": This is a new and simplified method for how you can calculate your comfort range when trying to determine what size is needed for a metal weight. All readers should check this new and exciting measuring system devised by the author.
  8. "Points of Interest While Stretching at Home": A new and more stable description for the use of a Hang Strap. This strap is used to hold a long scrotal hang in place that eliminates horizontal motion but allows for the vertical motion and the pleasant tug of the weight can still be observed.
  9. "Products Review: Secretleather's Best Selling Gear": This new chapter is an in-depth review of the most popular items selling today. If you have a question regarding these Secretleather products, this chapter will answer them. This is a most definite interesting read for those both new and old to this stretching program within this web guide.
  10. "The Use of Excessively Heavy Weights:" - Addition of the "Plateau Stage" of the stretching program. This is the stage of scrotal growth through cellular multiplication.
    - Addition of new and very important weight increase guidelines for users new to the use of metal weights. EVERYONE new to the use of weights should make it a priority to read this new information on how to proceed in the metal weights stretching program.
  11. "Moved by Gratitude...How can I Help?": In this final chapter, the author has made known a very well deserving charity in the event that the reader is so moved by gratitude that a way to express that gratitude is sought. "Paws & Claws" humane society of Olmsted county in Rochester, Minnesota.
  12. "Clothing: What and How to Wear": The author has added a Clothing Guide for the Busy Professional Man. Here, the most convenient ways to balance work and leisure-time clothing styles and weight stretching progress is revealed.
  13. New Table of Contents organization. Now, readers can visually see the four categories of the web guide and can more easily read the chapter titles. Readers can, for example, choose to read the first chapter of each section rather than go in order from start to finish.
  14. New "Preface" written, placed at the front of the web guide. I am hopeful this preface gives a good idea of what this web guide can provide for its readers...along with support from me and rantallion.com.

Spring 2011 (March, April, May)

  1. Glossary Update with the following terms: Ball Barrier, Ball Pumping, Barrier Glove, Barrier Bag, Compressed Testicle, Dominant Testicle, Hair Trail, Primary Testicle, Scrotal Bathing, Secondary Testicle.
  2. Added some resources for those interested in gaining scrotal length and larger testicle size through ball pumping. Visit newart.com for supplies and information.
  3. Ball Gloves Update. Extra-large Kimberly Clark® are available. Men with long scrotal hangs can have complete moisture barrier coverage to the top of the scrotal sack.
  4. Update for Funnel Effect Users: Alternate the bottom two weights back and forth, this provides some recovery time for the secondary testicle. Without alternating weights and using only the Funnel Effect indefinitely, the secondary testicle can become compressed. Read more about it!
  5. Socks update. Why thin socks are better, how to keep the weights quiet, the best way to fold a sock for wear.

Winter (December 2010, January 2011)

  1. New 'Ball Boats'© invention by Jarod, the best way to position a long hang when seated on a toilet.
  2. Preservation of Lotions & Butters: "Ball Gloves© & Barrier Bags©". This involves making a moisture barrier using hospital gloves or sandwich bags; these hold in topical ointments as well as enhancing scrotal relaxation, elasticity, and sensitivity.
  3. New Hang Strap idea for use when hanging low and loose but the swinging motion of the hang is unwanted. Vertical bounce is preserved, horizontal swing movement is eliminated.
  4. "My Testicles Slip Out My Weight/Stretcher! Help!" This chapter provides some ideas for those who experience more frequent escapement of the testicles.

Fall 2010 (September, October & November)
New Chapters in Bold

  1. Change in the wording of the Preface.
  2. Additional information and technique regarding the use of socks in the "Non-Standard Items" chapter.
  3. New supportive underwear Method 2 for those who wish to diminish a crotch bulge as much as possible. This method is the best so far!
  4. Introducing Spouses/Partners/Friends & Family to Ball-Stretching - This chapter is a MUST READ for anyone unsure on how to approach someone on this topic.
  5. Personal Update at the end of "The Author's Biography" chapter.
  6. Data correction: changed nerve growth from ? to 6.35mm per week. Found at end of "Side Effects" chapter.
Summer 2010 (June, July & August)
New Chapters in Bold:
  1. The Principle of Skin Expansion.
  2. A Graded Method of Progress: Beginner to Advanced.
  3. Wear & Care of Leather Stretchers and Metal Weights.
  4. Clothing: What and How to Wear.
  5. Two methods on hiding a permanent hang within tight brief style underwear.
  6. A Photographic Essay on Scrotal Tension.
  7. A new exercise for stretching the spermatic cords-- Exercise 10.
  8. Recommendation for purchase of additional spare key/bolt for WMC™ and New Ringmaster™ weights {under $3 for each key & bolt set}.
  9. Rantallion.com, a valuable ball-stretching chat and message center.
  10. Addition of a Preface for first time visitors.
  11. Discussion on reusable hand warmers for those in cold climates, at the end of the "Points of Interest" chapter.
  12. Glossary of Terms.
  13. New example images on measuring for a metal weight as well as an example of all maths involved. READ THESE INSTRUCTIONS before ordering a metal weight.
  14. How to keep the testicles and weights in place when sitting down, in the "Points of Interest" chapter.
  15. Preference for more shorter length weights instead of a single longer length weight, in the "Steel Weights" chapter.
  16. New discussion regarding skin pore inflammation in the "Side Effects" chapter. Also, discussion on the soft sensitive skin of the scrotal sack.
  17. Update on testicle sensations and changes in testicle sensitivity, which differ from ball sack sensations. Read in the "Side Effects" chapter.
  18. I've reached my Goal: Now What?
  19. New discussion of baby/toddler elastic cotton socks for use on the scrotal hang. The use of a bandage wrap (light tan ACE bandages) elastic/Velcro are good reinforcement wraps. Read in the "Ball-stretching Using Non-standard Items" chapter.
  20. Updated Contact Information: Email, Yahoo Messenger, Rantallion, Secret Leather Discussion, LifeOut, and Bull Balls. The author does NOT recommend LPSG.ORG due to hostility regarding the posting of ball-stretching information.
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Foreword by Dave Smith of secretleather.com

I'm very pleased to introduce this excellent work which outlines a path in which you can create for yourself, lower hanging balls. It is comprehensive, detailed and most importantly - it works! The author's credentials pictured above are testament to his methods. Secretleather.com is pleased to host this article, because we are more than just an online retailer, we take a personal interest in the subject, and are pleased to further as much knowledge as we can.

This online guide is the culmination of years of experimentation, trial and error and communication with many other stretchers over a number of years. The information here is thorough, totally complete and is the best article and directive available today anywhere. This article is packed with facts, knowledge and techniques gained over numerous years of research. It is presented in its entirety to you today in this online guide to the Art of Ball Stretching.

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We see them in art, beautifully crafted and handed down through the centuries. They are the defining characteristic of a man- a true man with virility and honor pouring out: warrior, athlete, hero, ruler, king, and god. They are found at the very root of western civilization. From the ancient Greeks we see them in the genius sculptures of the gods; the great Greek gods all with meticulously sculpted low hanging testicles. They were an aspiration for all ancient Greek young men who worshipped in the great temples of the gods, as they gazed onward at the majesty and grandeur of the deities. They were an element of inspiration in the Italian renaissance, with the great sculptors and painters such as Michelangelo and DaVinci creating masterpiece after masterpiece. Michelangelo's "David", a towering sculpture of masculinity and strength, exhibits for all, his low hanging testicles and uncircumcised penis.

The authority figures of the ancient Greeks and Romans all had one thing in common: a pair of large low hanging testicles. Could a pair of low hanging testicles be an advantage for an aspiring young Greek or Roman? The answer seems to be "yes, most definitely". Just as in classical ancient times, there is little doubt why a man in the modern times of today would desire a pair of great low hanging testicles swinging between the legs.

In the twelfth century, philosophers and physiologists began thinking of the heart as the center of love and emotion. Over time, a heart shaped figure emerged which was synonymous with love and emotion. There are many theories as to the origin of this figure. The human body may be the source of inspiration such as the voluptuous buns of a woman, outline of the female breasts, outline of the vulva, as well as the heart shape outline of a man's low hanging testicles from the point of view of the owner. At this time, the testicles were though of as the source of sexual desire and assisted the heart with love. These were the High Middle Ages, the era of great cathedral building and a renewed interest in Greek ideals sparking a surge of energy resulting in the Renaissance.

The envy of the ancient Greeks can still be felt today. Low hanging testicles are immediately noticed by others in the showers, gyms, and saunas across the world. They tend to escalate a manly status and even evoke a sexual desire in men when they see another man with low hanging testicles. Perhaps the first thought is that it does look powerful and highly sexual, and perhaps the second thought is that of a kind of jealousy because they themselves also desire to have lower hanging testicles.

Many have asked regarding the safety of ball stretching. The techniques and equipment discussed in this article are safe within reason. To this date, the author has not heard of any injury or damage sustained through the gradual stretching of the scrotum, in order to achieve lower hanging testicles, as recommended in this article.

Both Ball Stretching and CBT use the same devices. Those who are interested in CBT have a tolerance and enjoyment of painful procedures that are directed at the penis and testicles. Some people's neuro-chemistries are at a particular ratio so that pain is experienced as pleasure. Not all who use the Ball Stretching devices (relatively few) are into CBT, but those who are into CBT use the Ball Stretching devices as well as the element of inflicted pain. Ball Stretching and CBT should not be confused with one another.

The author suggests reading the entire article in completion before an attempt at stretching is made.The text is quite long, in which case come back again several times and read a new chapter each day. This web textbook is very quickly becoming the standard to which all with interest in Ball-Stretching turn to for information.

It is the writing style of the author to mention idea, tips, and techniques more than once in the course of the article so that they may be more easily understood when the variables are slightly changed. By reading the entire article, all information can be absorbed by the reader. Throughout the article, there are several illustrative photos identified as hyperlinks. When a photo for a particular topic is available, don't forget to click on the hyperlink to view the photo. This article is also a continuous work in progress. The article is frequently updated each week with new information, simplified explanations, added illustrative photos, and techniques gained from the feedback and individual emails from readers like you. See the last few sections of this article for contact information. Email is the best, when sent directly to the author at jarod.johansen@gmail.com. The author also welcomes online chats using Yahoo Messenger. Chat user ID = jarod.johansen. Be sure to check back regularly on the "What's New" page at the top of this web book for new information and illustrative photos.

As a companion to this article, the Secretleather site hosts a discussion forum. This forum holds a vast resource of questions and answers, the ability to freely ask questions relating to Ball Stretching, a source of support from others, a chance to freely post images of progress and pride to share with others, and a source of inspiration with ability to view images posted by other users. The forum is free and unlimited.

A second very active and useful online board dedicated to information distribution regarding ball stretching is Rantallion at rantallion.com. A rantallion is someone who has a lower hanging ball sack than the tip of his penis. This board is filled with photos, questions, stories, answers, techniques, personal breakthroughs, and anything else that relates to the Art of Ball Stretching. Posting pictures is simple and easy. The site is active, and boasts of over 10,000 members. Information exchange is encouraged and many men have taken their first step in ball stretching from encouragement they've received online at Rantallion. The author's web book is required reading for anyone with an interest in the topic. News and updates relating to this web book will be posted on the Secretleather Discussion board and Rantallion.

This article will demonstrate a method, using various techniques, on how to achieve lower hanging testicles. Yes, the aesthetics of the ancient Greeks and Romans in having a pair of low hanging testicles can be a reality for anyone interested in putting in the time, dedication, and effort. For anyone interested, the author puts forth a wealth of information on the painless and effective methods for stretching the scrotum and testicles. It is written as a guided tour through the methods, a detailed discussion of the ball stretching devices that are commonly used, and a website where the items discussed are available for sale. Here, the author has attempted to quantify a mystery, a previous unknown, and in doing so to deliver the foremost, clearest, and precise ideas on how to achieve lower hanging testicles available today. Hopefully by the end of the article, the reader will have a good understanding of the methods and materials used in the Art of Ball Stretching.

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The Principle of Skin Expansion

The theory behind ball stretching and scrotal growth is that by applying a gentle but gradually increasing tension over extended periods of time, the scrotum and internal connective tissue suspending the testicles inside the scrotum will actually grow and become longer and larger. Actually, the words "Ball Stretching" are a partial misnomer. The stretching of the scrotal sack is a stimulus for new cell growth in the scrotal sack and internal tissues contained within the scrotal sack. The application of a small constant tension to any part of the skin (such as the ball sack) is the stimulus for the body to grow new skin cells. This is the principle of skin expansion. The growth of new scrotal sack cells and internal tissue cells makes the scrotal sack grow larger and the connective tissues suspending the testicles allow them to hang lower. For example, if a rubber band is stretched so it becomes longer, the individual particles of the rubber band are pulled further apart in all directions. When the rubber band is then relaxed, it will return to its original shape. However, if new rubber band particles were added to take up the larger space between the existing stretched rubber band particles, the rubber band would increase in thickness and size when it is then relaxed. The principle of skin expansion is also used for those practicing the skin stretching methods of foreskin restoration, as well as for use in hospital Burn Wards. The existing skin of burn victims is stretched by the placement of a balloon under the skin which is slowly inflated over a few days. The expanding balloon exerts a stretch stimulus to the skin which responds in turn by the growth of new skin cells for later transplantation.

The purpose, action, and mechanisms of the scrotal sack are entirely preserved. Scrotal skin is unique in that the skin is lined with smooth muscle tissue sensitive to temperature and emotional stress. If the temperature of the surroundings is warm, the scrotal skin relaxes allowing the testicles to hang lower and operate at a lower temperature. The sperm production process of meiosis (spermatogenesis) is temperature sensitive and can only be successful if the testicle temperature is a few degrees lower than the body temperature. If the surroundings are colder, the scrotal skin contracts pulling the balls up close to the body for warmth. Also, during times of emotional stress and anger, the scrotal skin automatically contracts very tight. This is a throwback up the evolutionary path, when our ancestors were creatures subjected to violent breeding and territorial fights. The scrotum becomes very contracted tight and tough in order to protect and prevent injury to the testicles.

There are three phases of scrotal skin tension, regardless of the practice of scrotal skin stretching.

1.Tight and fully contracted: In this phase, the scrotal skin is bunched together so tight that it takes on the appearance of the ash tree bark. This is usually termed the "tight" phase. The smooth muscles of the scrotal skin are fully contracted which pulls the skin together in all directions. This creates tight wrinkles all over the scrotal skin surface as the skin is bunched up and held tightly together and takes on a very firm and hard texture. This phase is uncommon and generally appears only during periods of cold (especially sudden "shock" cold), emotional distress, and sexual activity (however some men find their scrotal sack relaxes completely during sexual activity). Most of the stretching stimulus applied to the skin in this phase is used to pull the scrotal skin muscles apart with only a small percentage of the stretching stimulus going to the actual stretching of scrotal skin.

2. Somewhat tight/somewhat loose and not fully contracted: This is termed the "half-tight" phase of scrotal tension. This phase is actually the entire continuum between fully tight and fully relaxed scrotal phases and is the most common. Most men find that they are in this phase most of the time. In this phase, the scrotal sack is not held entirely firm but rather is movable, pliable, flexible but also somewhat tight. The surface of the scrotal skin is not entirely smooth but rather has tiny bumps and a few wrinkles where the underlying scrotal skin muscles are in partial contraction. The stretching stimulus is partially consumed in this phase because a small percentage of the stimulus is used to pull the scrotal skin muscles apart.

3. Loose, totally flexible and low hanging. In this phase, the skin of the scrotal sack is extremely loose, visibly smooth and feels warm to the touch. In this phase, the scrotal sack hangs at its lowest length and the testicles are most vulnerable. This is termed the "relaxed" phase of scrotal tension. After spending 15 or so minutes in a hot bath or hot-tub, most men will find their scrotal sack in this phase of relaxation. This phase is also uncommon and is only present during times of physical warmth, low-stress, and emotional well-being. A few men will also find their sack hanging loosely in this phase before/during/after sexual activity. The scrotal sack is entirely available to the effects of the stretching stimulus of new cell growth since 100% of the stretching tension is applied to the stretching of the skin and not against the stretching of tight scrotal skin muscles. Since this is the most efficient phase of scrotal skin tension, it is the most desired in men with interest in gaining a larger scrotal sack. This phase can be attained also through the addition of topical shea butter lotion, or other lotions containing shea butter. The shea butter relaxes the skin muscles of the scrotum in phases 1 and 2 of skin tension. The tighter skin is relaxed and moves to the next phase in scrotal skin relaxation.

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A Photographic Essay in Scrotal Tension

As is mentioned in the introduction to this web book, the function, sensitivity and purpose of the scrotal sack is entirely preserved for those who decide to undertake the practice of ball-stretching. The sack can fully contract such as when very cold or can fully relax such as when warm.

The smooth muscle layer within the scrotal skin lining is termed the dartos muscle. As the scrotal sack grows, so does the dartos muscle. This involuntary muscle layer is responsible for the contraction and relaxation of the scrotal skin. This muscle reacts on two channels; the nor-adrenal and a yet unidentified secondary channel. The nor-adrenal channels react when the adrenal glands pump adrenaline such as during times of emotional and physical stress. The unidentified channel is responsible for the day-to-day cyclic contraction and relaxation of the scrotal skin as well as reaction to temperatures.

There are three phases of scrotal tension and one phase of scrotal stretch. They are: 1) tight, 2) half-tight, 3) loose and relaxed, and 4) loose and stretching. Most men find that their scrotal sack is in the half-tight phase. The tight and loose/relaxed phases are at the opposite ends of the spectrum and the half-tight phase fills in the center of the spectrum and is the most common. The loose and stretching phase is a combination of the loose/relaxed phase plus the addition of a leather stretcher or weights. This triggers cellular multiplication within the scrotal sack and internal structures. The goal for ball-stretchers is to be in the loose/relaxed phase when using leather stretchers or weights because the stretching stimulates the cellular growth response. A stretching tension can be applied to every phase of scrotal tension; however the tension is directed at the smooth muscle tissues within the scrotal sack during the tight and half-tight phases. The tension is essentially wasted against the tight muscle tissue and is not applied to the stimulus of cellular tension.

These phases occur under the following typical conditions:
Tight: This occurs under significant emotional stress and anger, as well as the bodily experience of cold temperate conditions. This condition also occurs under periods of physical exertion such as intense cardio workouts at the gym or an extremely warm bodily temperature since this also stresses the body.
Half-tight: This is the most common, with the scrotal sack often going through cycles of slightly tighter to slightly relaxed tensions. One can take some time and spend a few minutes watching the scrotal sack as it vacillates getting slightly tight and slightly relaxed under normal conditions.
Loose/relaxed: This occurs during periods of emotional tranquility as well as a warmer temperate bodily experience. This may also occur during periods of mental concentration when the entire body relaxes in order to promote the best mental focus. The scrotal sack hangs at its lowest un-stretched point in this phase.
Loose/relaxed and stretching: This is every ball-stretcher's goal, the combination of a loose scrotal sack (relaxed smooth muscle tissues within the walls of the scrotal sack lining) with an applied tension to stretch the skin and stimulate the natural cellular growth response.

The following plate of photos illustrates all four phases of scrotal tension. The photos are all of the same scrotal sack under different conditions.

Every man knows he cannot voluntarily direct the phases of scrotal tension. The tight phase was induced by applying two cold wet ice-filled facial cloths directly to the scrotal sack for several minutes. One ice cube was placed on top side, and one on bottom side. A cold temperature causes an involuntary contraction of the scrotal sack. In the two "Tight" photos in the photo-plate link below, the upper portion of the sack remains slightly loose because the photo was taken in the warm summertime conditions. The author hopes to replace it when winter arrives; the entire sack will be tight and take on the appearance of a large walnut. The half-tight condition is observed after the cold facial cloth was removed and the sack was allowed several minutes to begin relaxing. The loose/relaxed phase was induced after a warm soak in the bathtub, relaxing the muscles within the scrotal sack. Of course the loose/stretched phase was voluntarily created by the addition of metal weights to the loose scrotal sack following the warm bath.

In the photo plate, each phase of scrotal tension is demonstrated with relaxed hanging testicles and lifted testicles. The lifted position is when the testicles are pulled up high within the scrotal sack allowing the best observation of the state of scrotal tension. In the tight phase, the scrotal sack already holds the testicles in the highest position, so relaxed or lifted testicles make no difference. In the half-tight phase, the empty scrotal sack is observed to have many wrinkles and some scrotal tension is immediately obvious. The relaxed phase, the empty scrotal sack has few wrinkles and hangs quite low. In the most relaxed state, the empty scrotal sack is completely smooth without any wrinkles whatsoever. The loose/stretched phase shows few wrinkles and the scrotal sack hangs at its lowest stretched point. Please click here to view the photo plate.

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When many people are approached with the topic of ball stretching, the first thing they think of is pain. In reality, ball stretching is highly erotic, and the feeling it creates is a very good sort of sexual tingle in the testicles and up the spermatic cord (the cord which delivers the sperm from the testicles into the body just before orgasm).

If any sort of pain is felt in the process of stretching the testicles, it is usually a minor skin itch or irritation underneath a leather ball stretcher, a stuck hair being pulled in the joint where the two sides of a collar come together, or a pinch of the skin between two collars. In any case, this type of pain can easily be alleviated by a minor adjustment to the stretcher or collars in the men's bathroom. If a sharp pain is felt, the stretching equipment should be removed and not used again until the pain completely disappears. Pain can also be felt as a sort of soreness in the spermatic cords and up inside the abdomen, and this is always the result of too aggressive a stretching regimen. Another kind of typical pain that may be experienced includes a dull ache in one or both testicles. This is when the testicle is slowly and lightly squeezed over a period of time. Adjustment of the scrotum can help with this, by pulling some scrotal skin back opposite from the leather stretcher or ball weight so that the testicle has room to be free in the scrotum again. Also, a tug, by wrapping the thumb and forefinger around the top of the testicles and pulling down can help pull some scrotal skin down as well as pulling the testicles out of the confinement of the leather stretcher or ball weight. There may be a soreness or dull pain in the spermatic cord, felt on or near the pubic bone when touched. When pulling the testicles downward, there may be a slight pain in the spermatic cords from the testicle to the pubic bone.

Sometimes, users who are new to the use of ball weights can accidentally over-stretch the scrotal tissues by going through a weight increase(s) too fast. These symptoms can occur immediately or may develop over a few days after a new weight increase has been given. These symptoms include a burning feeling and sometimes pain within the skin its self under the ball weights. If these symptoms occur, return to the previous weight level and allow time for healing to take place. Time also needs to be given for sack tissues to adjust to the initial weight level, and the next, and so forth. Please read more about some standardized "Guidelines for Weight Increases for New Users to Weights" in the next chapter.

Related to the issue of pain is an allergic reaction that some men have reported. This happens with the use of commercial shea butter lotions, which all contain alcohol. In this reaction, the sack skin gets dry and begins to flake apart. Please read more about this reaction in the "Preservation of Lotions and Butters" chapter, later on in this web guide. .

A more serious pain is an unexplained sharp pain which may occur suddenly or over a period of time. This pain is sharp and constant, never letting up. If sharp pain is felt, remove the stretcher and ball weights. This allows for the normal flow of blood to resume in the case that the weight or leather stretcher was hindering the flow of blood. If the pain does not improve, the condition of testicular torsion may have occurred. This is when the spermatic cord supplying blood to the testicle is twisted in such a way as to block the flow of blood to the testicle and surrounding tissues. A prolonged testicular torsion may result in the death of the testicle and surrounding tissues. Therefore, if pain is not eliminated by removal of the stretcher or weights after a short period of time, a trip to the Emergency Room may be necessary in order to save the testicle from death. Note that this unrelenting pain is always felt in only one testicle, not both.

Lastly, be aware of any color change on the surface of the scrotum surrounding the testicles. If a leather stretcher or metal weight is too tight, it tends to diminish normal blood circulation in the skin below where the weight is attached. If the skin below the stretcher or weight changes to a darker color such as dark purple or dark blue, it means the veins returning blood back up the scrotum in the skin are pinched off. This results in blood sitting stagnant in the veins of the skin. Results can be a rupture of a weak vein, formation of tiny blood clots in the stagnant blood, and added stress to the venious structures which will weaken them over time if no relief is given. If this situation happens, there will be a slow but steady crescendo of general pain below the stretcher or weight. If the change in color is missed by wearing clothing, be aware of this general sort of pain. Simply take a trip to the men's room and loosen the stretcher or reduce the tension in the skin that the stretcher or weights are generating. This is almost always the result of too long a stretcher or too heavy a weight being applied to the scrotum. Also, the leather stretcher could simply be too tight around the hang of the scrotum. Simply undo the snaps of the stretcher and use the second set of snaps which gives a slightly larger radius to the leather stretcher if the first set of snaps were used.

Ball stretching feels good, is exotic, and should be fun. Making friends with other ball stretchers over the internet is also fun, and is also a good source of inspiration, encouragement and information exchange.

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The Use of Excessively Heavy Weights

[This section is taken from a series of posts by the author on Secret Leather's discussion forum.]

Over the past several years, the author has read about and seen pictures of men who have put their balls, sacks, and supportive ligatures under extreme stress by lifting heavy weights from their ball sacks. This includes weights as heavy as 10, 20, and even up to 120 pounds.

Some men take ball-stretching to the extreme with a zest for the unusual. There is a fundamental human condition that we all have, which involves taking risks and pushing limits to the end of the comfort spectrum. Skydiving, bungee jumping, wrestling with poisonous snakes, and hiking through uncharted rainforest with all its dangers are just a few examples. It gives an adrenalin rush and rewards the brain with a burst of norephinepherine, dopamine, and endorphins. The rushing flood of these released brain chemicals is at the root of what makes extreme sports and related activities so addictive for the participants.

The author has had several conversations with men in this category. After a discussion of their stretching history and progress over several years, a general trend seems to emerge. Those who hang such heavy weight from their balls tend to have less scrotal stretch/growth than those who have consistently used low weight exposure over a long period of time. Why?

There is a myth that the more weight the better. This isn't true. The reason is that very heavy weight overstretches the supportive ligatures of our delicate male equipment. Overstretching is dangerous because there is a high risk for micro-tears. When these small tears heal, it forms scar tissue. One property of scar tissue is that it does NOT stretch. Overexposure to high weight in which the body heals with scar tissue slows down scrotal and testicle hanging length/stretch/growth. The more scar tissue that is present, the more difficult it is to have progress because there is less and less "normal" tissue to stretch. One other clear and present danger is a sudden tearing of the abdominal wall, which creates an intensely painful hernia. Overcoming a hernia requires a lot of time, and the healing is always in the form of scar tissue. After a hernia, the abdominal wall is weaker increasing the chances of another hernia. This heightened risk for a second hernia in combination with the buildup of scar tissue makes any further progress in scrotal stretch/growth very difficult. Ball-stretching for these individuals may indeed become impossible.

Although there is benefit from higher stretching tensions that last very short durations of time, the chronic use of very heavy weight is counterproductive. Higher tensions should be limited to those generated through manual stretching as outlined in the stretching exercises in this article. Low weight tensions under 5 pounds can be used for 24/7/365 exposure for maximum benefit. Long term exposure to weight heavier than 5 pounds is somewhat questionable.

As the user advances through the graded levels in this guide and reaches their goal, weight levels of 32 to 40 ounces are adequate for use as a set of permanent weights. This is called the plateau stage of the stretching program. Additional weights can be added for temporary excitement, however through lots of information exchange with readers the author has come to the conclusion that the 32 - 40 ounce weight range is very comfortable and at two inches of weight thickness...less than the maximum of three inches of weights on the hang for continued comfortable wear. This makes the two inch length quite easy to wear anywhere anytime. Always remember that after a new user begins stretching, much lengthening and loosening of the scrotal sack takes place. This is the existing skin stretching out until it reaches it's maximum point. It is at this maximum stretching point, with continued weight/stretcher tension applied to the scrotal hang, than cellular multiplication kicks in, permanently growing more skin and connective tissues. The plateau stage will continue from this point forward in the stretching program, with gradual results noticed. Approximately one inch of new sack hang will develop every 10-14 months with continued use of this stretching program. Please read "I've Reached My Goal --- Now What?" chapter for further information regarding this stage of the program. If very heavy weights are used, even for a short time exposure, be aware of the dangers of this activity. Take care of your body, you only get one.

Related to the use of excessively heavy weights on the scrotal hang, there is also the issue of pushing too far too fast through the weight increases of the stretching program. The author realizes that this is never the user's own fault, but rather the result of excitement and an overwhelming enthusiasm for what the results of this stretching program can provide. Sometimes this excitement and enthusiasm for the results of the stretching program can cause new users to push through weight increases too fast. The author has had many communications with new users experiencing the same set of symptoms. These symptoms include an irritated reddish appearance to the scrotal skin, burning sensations under the weight-bearing lowest weights on the scrotal hang, and an outright vividly alive pain within the skin its self under the lowest weight-bearing collars on the scrotal hang. Sometimes the use of a moisture barrier bag and liberal use of shea lotion can help prolong wear of the weights a few hours, but the pain irritation and burning continue to plague the new user. Please note these symptoms are different than those of the skin allergy described in the "Preservation of Lotions and Butters" chapter.

If stretching pain symptoms are something new users begin to experience, consider the time intervals given for the scrotal sack to adjust to each new weight increase. If weight increases are added and maintained faster than this weight-guide schedule below, then more than likely the new user will experience these symptoms.

Weight Increase Guidelines for Users New to Weights:

  1. One single 8 oz. WMC, worn initially 12 hours on and 12 hours off for the first week. Wear the weight 24/7 starting the second week of your stretching program. Continue wearing the single 8oz WMC for 8-12 weeks of exposure.

  2. Add a second 8 oz. WMC with 8-12 hours on and a single 8 oz. WMC the remainder of the time for one week. After a week, continue at 24/7 wearing both WMC weights for a total of 16oz at 8-12 weeks of exposure.

  3. Add a third 8 oz. WMC with 8-12 hours on and two 8 oz. WMCs the remainder of the time. After the second week, all three WMC weights may be worn for comfort and an extended wear time at 24 ounces of weight. Remember that a 30mm high WMC may be substituted for two 15mm high WMC weights.

As mentioned above, the "happy zone" of 32-40 ounces is perfect for the permanent set of weights worn by the user. Using the above weight increase timing guidelines, new users should have excellent results initiating their stretching program. The above guidelines are the result of two years of communication with hundreds of men beginning their stretching program. Since the author's personal experience began using leather stretchers, the transition to a heavier set of weights at faster time intervals was possible.

The guiding principle behind this weight increase timing suggestion is that it takes time for the scrotal sack to adjust to heavier weight levels. Scrotal skin (and all skin for that matter) can only stretch so far so fast. The pain and burning felt within the skin is the over-stretching of the tissues. This can result in micro-tears which heal as unstretchable scar tissue. New users should take caution that their enthusiasm not endanger their scrotal tissues through over-stretching and micro-tears. Always allow a week of transition time when adjusting to a new weight level in the permanent weights.

Sometimes, a new user will genetically have a larger and longer scrotal sack. This genetic head-start on this stretching program means that there is more room on the scrotal hang between the top of the testicles and the groin. In this case, it is very tempting and yet possible to skip the initial 15mm WMC weight and jump right over to the 30mm WMC weight.

The 30mm WMC weighs 16 ounces. An initial 16 ounce jolt to the scrotal hang at 24/7 exposure time right away is very tempting. However, after three to four days of 24/7 exposure for new users may result in one or more of the above uncomfortable skin symptoms. New users with room for a 30mm high WMC should begin their stretching program with 8-12 hours of exposure per day for the first week, and then gradually increase to 24/7 exposure over the next three weeks. This gives a gradual wear time that is gently increasing the first few weeks of the stretching program, and then 24/7 wear time should be possible while avoiding the uncomfortable over-stretching skin symptoms described in the above paragraphs.

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Home Made Devices

In his research, the author has come across many descriptives regarding homemade stretching devices. Many of these devices are crude, dangerous, and border on the torturous aspect of CBT. These devices have a high potential for torn internal tissues, nerve damage, as well as damage to the circulatory systems of the scrotum and testicles. The author highly recommends that those interested use the tried and true commercially available items such as those from Secret Leather and other online retailers of ball stretching equipment. The cost may seem higher, but the savings in damage to the male equipment is priceless.

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CONSUMER WARNING: "Fraudulent" sale of WMCs

It has come to the author's attention that there are online adult websites selling WMC weights at substantially lower prices than Secretleather. Let it be known that these sites are using a trade-mark protected name and using stolen pictures and personal photos from Secretleather's online catalogue. The advertised prices are below what it costs to make a genuine WMC, using genuine 316L surgical stainless steel and polished to perfection. The author's summation of WMCs sold through fraudulent sites is that they are substandard quality. They likely have inexpensive brass interiors with a thin plate of scratched damaged surface characteristics or are poorly polished. A weight such as this will need replacing since the chrome wears off and exposes the copper and possible copper overdose for the owner. The cost of these illegal weight copies are about half as much as a genuine Secretleather weight. However, the weight's chrome plating will soon wear thin and the weight must be thrown away. Another weight must be purchased to replace it, and now the net cost is the same as it would have been by purchasing a genuine lifetime guaranteed Secretleather weight. Which way is the better bargain? Never buy a cheap low quality weight, especially the illegal WMC knock-offs sold at some other online sites.

Perhaps the most blatant disregard for consumer safety by these fraudulent websites is the sale of cheap solid brass WMC knock-offs. These weights are by far the most inexpensive to make and do not have the safety net of a chrome plating. The author has seen several photos by men in the general population using these gold-color WMC knock-offs. These solid brass weights have a thin lacquer coating that initially prevents the copper alloy of the brass from contact with human skin, however this coating will wear off quickly. The result is copper alloy in direct contact with skin. Sweat and moisture directly on a brass weight changes the chemistry of the alloy at the point of contact with moisture. Pure copper is oxidized resulting in a blue-green color on the skin and absorbtion of copper ions into the body. This can cause health problems, most notably is copper overdose.

Let it also be known that the reputation of these sites has yet to be established. One of these sites was reported to the author that a customer placed an order and has not received the merchandise. After emails and phone calls to the "customer service" center, there has been no reply. We fear that the customer is a victim of a "steal and run" operation. Sites such as these provide no customer support and no genuine WMC guarantee of flawless performance for the life of the weight. Be warned and aware that if the price seems too good to be true, it probably is.

It is of course no secret why these sites are appearing, stealing photos and prose from this web guide as well as from the Secretleather web catalogue. The WMC is immensely popular in our community, and with good reason. These fraudulent sites see the opportunity of a strong demand and desire for these perfect weights, and are attempting to make money by dishonestly using false advertising and deception. Let it be known that the old axiom is true: "You get what you pay for"…especially these days in a bad economy with wolves preying on innocent and hopeful newcomers to our Art, as well as those of us who should & do know better. Only Secretleather has the right to sell WMCs, it is their invention. You can only get a genuine WMC through Secretleather. Anywhere else and it is a fraud-selling bad merchandise dishonestly.

The theft of photographic and intellectual property is not only dishonest, but it is also the theft of the time and effort it has taken to build a top quality customer driven web business. Secretleather invented the WMC, and this is also the theft of the engineering work it has taken in the patented design of this perfect weight. It is dishonest through and through with the author urging readers not to support such websites with your purchases. It is also very frustrating, aggravating and infuriating to find the theft of such well researched copyrighted information and word for word product descriptions and photographic information.

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Ball Stretching Methods

There are four basic methods on how to stretch the scrotum and testicles. They are: manual stretching alone, stretching using readily available items, stretching using leather ball stretchers of various lengths used alone or in combinations, and stretching using stainless steel ball weights of various weights used alone or in combinations.

A combination of methods can also be used with a weighted stretch. This uses the length stretching stimulus provided by a leather stretcher with weights worn below the stretcher and above the testicles. Secretleather's exciting new (spring 2011) "Ball Forcer" stretching system uses both weights and length stretching in stimulating the growth of the scrotal sack. The Ball Forcer is a combination of two 15mm WMCs and stainless steel rods of different lengths which are used to hold the two weights at various distances apart. Men new to stretching who use the Ball Forcer system will start by wearing one of the 15mm WMCs as a ball weight. After 8-12 weeks, the 2nd WMC can be added to the hang for a total of 30mm in height. After another 8-12 weeks the user can begin experimenting with using the rods to hold the weights at a preset distance. As time progresses, the user can experiment with longer and longer rods to stretch the sack lengthwise at longer and longer distances. At this point, the user is using the combination of length stretching as well as the weight provided by the WMC weights. Standard weights and leather stretchers can also be used in combination. This picture is a hang at 6 ½ inches showing all four methods at work: implicit stretching, one inch of ponytailers, 4 inch leather stretcher and 1 ½ inches of stainless steel weights.

Various topical ointments can also be used which improve the skin elasticity of the scrotum, moisturize the skin and help significantly in shortening the amount of time it would take to achieve the same results without. Please be sure to read the section "Lotions that promote the stretching of the scrotum" carefully.

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Ball Stretching using Manual Stretching

Daily manual stretching should be added to the shower and bath routine. Do these exercises in the shower or bath, where the hot water can help keep the scrotum totally relaxed. Stretching only relaxed skin is important since one does not have to fight against the contraction of tight skin. Stretching tight skin can suddenly become painful, like a hot burn and takes a while to subside. In some cases, a slightly tight scrotum is OK for stretching because the exercises will stretch it out to full length. Holding the stretched skin under the hot water in the shower or bath is a good way to keep the skin loose, relaxed, and flexible.

Since there are several exercises, they can be done after the shower or bath is finished for as long as the skin stays loose and flexible. Usually, the scrotum stays loose and flexible a short duration after the bath or shower is finished in colder climates. In warmer climates, this may not be an issue. These exercises may be done while seated on the edge of a hard chair with the testicles hanging loose and straight down over the edge of the chair as long as the scrotum is loose and flexible. It takes only a few minutes to get through all the exercises with one or two repetitions of each. Exercises 3 and 6 are the most important and work best in the shower or bath. The other exercises can be done out of the shower as long as the scrotum is hanging loose and at or close to its full length. Before doing any manual stretching exercises, the best results are achieved by washing the hands and scrotum with a mild soap such as Ivory soap. This greatly improves the grip the fingertips have on the scrotum and can allow for longer stretches with higher tensions applied. It also helps to keep the fingernails trimmed down very short, so that the finger nails do not dig into the scrotum skin when stretching.

The use of a long series of ponytailers, leather stretchers, or metal weights pulls downwards on the scrotal sack and provides this pull over numerous hours while they are being worn. In short, their downward tension elongates the scrotal sack providing a constant vertical stretch while being worn. These stretching exercises are important because they provide horizontal stretching of the scrotal sack. Horizontal stretching helps the sack to have a "thicker" and more "meaty" appearance rather than just a long skinny scrotal elongation from the vertical stretch provided by the hardware worn and used. Exercises 2, 3, and 7 provide this extra dimension of horizontal stretching.

One repetition of each exercise is sufficient as long as they are done every day. More repetitions will result in faster results, but they are entirely optional. Also, you may select and do only those exercises which you feel are most relevant to your situation. Again, make them a normal part of the bath/shower routine. After several months, their benefit will become apparent. .

The stretching exercises are as follows:

1. Pull the skin either wearing a ball weight, leather stretcher or neither, directly straight forward from the body, holding opposite "corners" with the thumb and forefingers. Pull as far as possible, and hold in this position for about 30-45 seconds. fig 1

2. Pull the scrotum in the same position straight forward with the thumbs and forefingers in the corners of the stretched skin. This time, try to pull the hands apart from each other in opposite directions. This will stretch the skin running down the middle of the scrotum (the central line) near the bottom. Pull and hold for about 45 seconds. fig 2

3. Pull the scrotum out again just as in exercise 1. Use the tips of all four fingers on the bottom side of the skin using both hands. Pull the hands along with the scrotum edges in opposite directions to make the stretch, grasping the scrotum between the finger tips and along the side of the thumbs and hands. This grasps and holds the entire length of the scrotum in both hands. Hold for about 45 seconds under the hot bath water or shower stream. fig 3

4. This exercise has become known as "The Pendulum Exercise". That's a great way to remember this exercise while in the shower. Pull straight down but this time from the testicles grasping the top of the testicles wrapping finger and thumb around the top of the testicles. Pull down pushing the testicles down as far as possible and hold for about 60 seconds. Next, pull the testicles straight down again then move to the right pulling as moving just as a pendulum swings to the left then to the right. Pull firmly and hold about 30-45 seconds. This puts a specific pull on the left spermatic cord. Next, pull straight down again and move to the left pulling as moving. Hold again for about 30-45 seconds. This puts a specific pull on the right spermatic cord. When the testicles are pulled straight down, left, and right, the tightness and stretch of the spermatic cords can be felt in the pubic area. If a pulling feeling is not felt in the spermatic cords, then something is not being done correctly. It is important to stretch the spermatic cords as well as the scrotum because the testicles are suspended by the spermatic cords in the scrotum. fig 4

5. Pull straight up. This will stretch the skin at the base of the scrotum. Pull from the testicles straight up as if pushing the testicles straight up inside the scrotum. Pull up and hold for 45-60 seconds. fig 5

6. This exercise is especially important for everyone. Circumcised men: During full erection when the penis is extended upwards, is the loss of the extra skin on the penile shaft pulling upwards on the scrotal skin? This makes the scrotal sack pull up higher during erections. Uncircumcised men: Is wearing a leather stretcher pushing the bottom side of the penile skin upwards which retracts the foreskin? OR, is wearing a metal weight pulling the bottom side of the penile skin upwards making this skin area tender and sore and sometimes retracting the foreskin?

The "Web Stretch" exercise will help! Stretching the area of skin between the penis and the testicles will resolve these problems. This area includes the web of skin that connects the base of the penis to the scrotum. This skin web is commonly called the penoscrotal web. In the two photos, you can compare the unstretched skin web with the relaxed stretched skin web. A long relaxed skin web is necessary for the testicles to hang at their lowest. Everyone should do this exercise as a minimum.

With the left hand, grasp both testicles around the top with the left hand thumb and forefinger wrapping them around the top of the testicles. With the right hand, hold the penis about half way up the shaft in an upright position. The higher up the penis the hand is held, the more penile skin is stretched. Pull the penis upward which pulls the skin web upward. At the same time, pull the testicles downward with the left hand. With the left hand pulling straight down and the right hand pulling straight up the central line and top of the scrotum will be stretched vertically. Pull with enough strength that the skin between the two hands being stretched starts to feel warm and slightly sting. Pull and hold anywhere from several seconds to a few minutes. For an even stretch on both sides, switch hand positions from right to left and left to right and repeat the exercise. This simple exercise can be done easily throughout the day in the men's stall while at work and in the bathroom at home at each urination. This achieves the fastest alleviation from the above problems. fig 6

7. Let the testicles hang loosely in the stream of water in the shower. At this point the skin should be totally relaxed and hanging at the full length. Take the left and right sides of the hanging sack and using the thumb and forefinger, pull in opposite directions directly left and right. Pull tight and hard opposite directions unless/until pain is felt. Using only the thumb and forefinger, stretch in incremental places starting at the top of the scrotum and work downward a thumbs width at a time until you reach the bottom of the scrotum. This stretches out the skin in the mid section of the scrotum horizontally left to right. The skin was already stretched up and down, left and right in previous exercises. This exercise is beneficial because the local skin tension is higher and the stretch force is distributed to a smaller area of the scrotum as it is worked from the top traveling down on the scrotum. fig 7

8. In addition to the shower manual stretching exercises, the author recommends some additional stretching in the comfort of your home. If the stretcher and/or weight and testicles are able to hang out the shorts leg, they can be grabbed and held. Pull them by wrapping the thumb and forefinger around the top of the testicles and pull away from the body and hold for 30 seconds and repeating again. Sometimes sneakiness and cleverness must be used, such as putting a thin blanket over the legs and waist and then letting the testicles fall out of the shorts and do the stretching under the blanket. Another stretching exercise (which requires a longer hang) is when laying flat, prop the back up on several pillows, turn on the TV, get under a thin blanket, put the knees up in an upright position and let the testicles hang down the leg out the shorts hem and rest on the surface of the sofa or bed. Wrap the left hand behind the left leg (behind the femur) and grab the testicles around the top with the thumb and forefinger and pull the testicles around the back of the leg towards the left. Hold this position several minutes, maybe even the entire length of a TV show. For the next show on TV, use the right hand and stretch that way for an entire TV show. These long sessions stretch both spermatic cords as well as the scrotal sack. The forefinger may get tired, but experiment with slightly different placements of the thumb and forefinger wrapped around the scrotum. There is one position where the force is equal between the two fingers and the stretching pressure is enough to hold the testicles in place with very little pull from the forefinger thus allowing the hold to last for a half hour or more. fig 8

9. Related to ball stretching is ball lifting exercises. With a naked bare loose hanging scrotum, the testicles sit at the base of the sack. Flexing exercises pull the testicles upward higher in the scrotum and then letting them relax back into the scrotal sack. With a bare loose scrotum, weights or stretcher, stand upright. Pull using muscles in the groin and pull the testicles upwards. If wearing weights the testicles might only pull up a fraction of an inch. If wearing a leather stretcher, the testicles will only slightly move but not pull up at all. With a bare scrotum, the testicles will pull up from half to fully at the top of the scrotum. Flex these muscles; lifting the testicles up in the scrotum about 10 times each time each time the thought crosses the mind during the day. If the user is wearing a leather stretcher or ball weight, these exercises can be done in a sitting position since the testicles and scrotum are at their full length. However, these lifting exercises work best from a standing position with the testicles hanging loose. The muscles used are the same muscles that pull the testicles firmly upwards before orgasm. Putting weights or a stretcher that hold the testicles down against this uplift before orgasm creates a warm tingly pleasurable feeling in the testicles. There are two types of ball lift exercises: the lift/drop and the lift/hold. The lift/drop is self explanatory, just lifting and immediately releasing the muscles letting the testicles drop back down inside the scrotum. The lift/hold is when the testicles are flexed upwards and held for 1 or 2 seconds and then dropped back into the scrotum. There is more fatigue of the muscles on the lift/hold. The testicles are in the lift/hold position during the excitation and orgasm phases of the male sexual cycle.

10. This exercise stretches both spermatic cords safely, effectively, and gradually. The user is entirely free to control how long and how much tension is used in this stretch of the spermatic cords. Again, TOO much tension is a bad thing, and pain may be felt in the abdominal areas where the ligatures make a connection to the abdominal wall. Always remember a smaller amount of tension over a longer exposure time is the best way to stretch the spermatic cords. In order to do this stretch, sit as demonstrated in the photo at the end of this exercise. Sit with one ankle pulled up close to the groin. Hold the testicles in an "OK" grip circling the testicles with the thumb and forefinger. Anchor the hand holding the testicles on the front side of the ankle. Alternatively, this hand can be anchored on the corner of the bed or edge of a chair. After the hand is firmly anchored, simply lean backwards and feel the tension on the spermatic cords increase the further back the user leans. For some, this position may be held quite a long time, such as while watching a TV show. As long as the tension is not too great, a long exposure time such as this is entirely beneficial. This exercise can also be done easily when wearing loose clothing. The photo on the left shows the stretch anchoring the holding hand at the ankle, and the photo on the right shows the holding hand anchored on the corner of the bed while wearing clothing. It is amazing at how low the sack hangs after a lengthy exposure time using this exercise! Click here for the two photos.

A special technique can be used to apply horizontal stretching pressure to the scrotum. This technique does not use the muscles in the shoulder and arms, which have a low mechanical advantage - rather it uses the expansion of the chest as one inhales deeply. Basically, the arms and elbows are positioned next to the rib cage on both sides of the body. The inhalation mechanical action is then used which pushes outwards on the elbows which distribute this force down the radius and ulna (bones of the lower arm) towards the hands which are holding the left and right sides of the scrotum. As the inhalation is initiated, the diaphragm muscle creates an increasing volume in the lungs which pushes the chest wall out. This expansion is transferred mechanically to make a horizontal pull left to right on the scrotum. The steps are as follows.

1. Stand up straight and tall and lean backwards slightly at the hip.

2. Take a hold of the scrotum as directed in each horizontal stretch exercise.

3. Exhale completely, pushing out the air in the lungs.

4. Position the upper arms parallel to the torso of the body. Place the elbows firmly at the sides of the ribcage. Again, hold the scrotum as directed in the exercise.

5. Inhale deeply, which forces the elbows apart. Due to the geometry involved in this action, the distance of the expansion of the ribcage is multiplied as the force travels through the radius and ulna of the lower arm to the hands and ultimately transferred to the scrotum as a horizontal pressure force.

This technique generates a greater horizontal force than could be generated by using the muscles of the shoulder and upper arm.

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Ball Stretching using Non-standard Items

As a child in late elementary school and early junior high, the author came to the discovery that wearing various items around the space between the body and the testicles can feel very good. The author experimented with many items, including cardboard paper towel centers and toilet paper centers. All of these items had sharp edges and would cause immediate pain. Through trial and error, the author discovered that elastic ponytailers little girls wear in their hair to hold a pony tail in place felt the best when worn around the testicles. They are elastic, so pulling them over the testicles was easy and they fit snugly wrapped around the space between the body and the testicles. Eventually, wearing several elastic ponytailers at once felt even better. The author kept wearing elastic ponytailers well into his college years and into graduate school. More and more elastic ponytailers can be pushed into the limited space between the body and the testicles which increase tension and push downward on the testicles.

About 20-30 elastic ponytailers can be worn on a bare scrotum to push down on the testicles, proving their worth as the second method used in ball stretching in addition to manual stretching, metal weights and leather stretchers. Make sure the elastic ponytailers are of the correct size, so that they can be stretched over the testicles. Shop around several stores first and then purchase the thickest and puffiest elastic ponytailers you can find. Elastic ponytailers as close to 1½ inches as possible in diameter work the best.

These elastic circular ponytailers can also be used as an added technique to leather stretchers and ball weights. They can be applied to the stretched scrotum between the testicles and a leather stretcher or ball weights to temporarily lengthen the stretch. Five elastic ponytailers can add an additional inch of stretch to the scrotum. This is usually only temporary however this temporary length increase can be worn all day and all night depending on the comfort level. The elastic ponytailers are also helpful when worn underneath a leather stretcher or metal weights for the purpose of easing the discomfort from pressure points as well as stopping the clacking sound that is made when two metal weights are worn together when placed between the two metal weights (discussed in the stainless steel ball weight section). These elastic ponytailers are available in the hair accessories aisle in stores such as Kmart, Wal-Mart, Target, or any other retail chain store in the United States and similar outlets in the UK such as Asda etc

These elastic ponytailers can also be worn easily under the clothes if their total length is not TOO long. Three inches or less can be worn easily under the clothes wearing boxer underwear that allows the stretch and testicles to hang down one pant leg. A length of ponytailers longer than 4 inches tends to show up as a large bulge where the two testicles are pushed down at the end of the scrotum. Loose fitting pants and boxer underwear will hide this bulge much better than tighter fitting pants. Wearing jogging pants which are loose fitting, or exercise pants seem to work well. If the legs are slender, this also helps to hide the bulge much better than more chunky style upper legs. Generally, the elastic ponytailers can be worn all day and all night for a greater stretching effect. However, they should be taken off when bathing or showering and the scrotum should also be washed and rinsed.

Another non-standard item which is helpful in ball stretching is the plain and simple sock. Socks have many uses for the avid ball stretcher. This is a partial list of all the ideas that socks can be employed to assist in the act of ball stretching:

  1. Thick athletic sock worn on the genitals can prevent the sack from tightening up overnight. Since the sock provides some warmth insulation, the sack can stay relaxed during the dream states. Men who suffer from night pains relating to tight sacks and weights should consider wearing one (or more??) socks over the hang.
  2. A thin new condition dress sock that is cut at the ankle can be worn over the total weight length on the scrotal sack. Wearing a thin dress sock in this manner greatly diminishes the normal "clanking" sounds that weights sometimes make. The author has experienced a 98% decline in clanking sounds while wearing the hang freely.
  3. Wearing a thin sock over the scrotal hang can help keep the sack relaxed during the work day by providing a small amount insulation and stopping air circulation with the sack skin. A thicker athletic sock can have the elastic portion of the leg rolled into a ring and then put the hang inside the foot portion of the sock. This provides much insulation and keeps the scrotal hang warm and relaxed in cold winter months.
  4. An athletic sock or sock of equal thickness can add a noticeable bulky feeling to the genital hang. Many times this is sexually exciting. Wearing a sock in this manner is a gateway to further sexual activity either alone or with a partner.
  5. Wearing a thin dress sock over the genital hang provides MUCH stability within the underwear. The reason is the cloth to cloth friction barrier. This is so high that cloth-on-cloth rarely moves without damage to the cloth structure. Steel weights are quite slippery in comparison. A fool-proof underwear method has been developed by the author, and this involves wearing a thin sock over the scrotal hang. When this is placed into the underwear pouch and then double-supported by a second pair, the scrotal sack can be placed in a comfortable position while in the men's bathroom stall, and then wear this position the remainder of the day.
  6. A thin sock can be worn as a protective layer between the sack skin and a leather stretcher or metal weight. This is especially helpful when used with lotion and leather stretchers. The thin sock material absorbs and holds the shea lotion and helps keep the skin moist with shea lotion.
  7. A thin sock worn over the hang helps to diminish the sensations felt on the ball sack skin, especially that "right-before-your-balls-falls-out" feeling. Sensations like these, that make us pause in our steps for fear of any further leg movement and having a weight fall off, are virtually eliminated from happening.

HOW TO WEAR A THIN SOCK: Clip one end of the sock cut off together sealed closed. The other end of the sock is the elastic portion of the sock leg. Put two ponytailers around the top of the sack above the weights. ALWAYS apply lots of shea lotion/butter under each weight and on the ball sack below. Put the sack hang into the sock. Finally, fold the top of the sock under the two ponytailers which hold the sock up in place. The last two pictures of the following photo plate show an athletic sock worn over a thin dress style sock. This provides needed insulation to keep the sack relaxed in cold winter months.

CLICK HERE for photographic illustration.

Photo Plate has these in order.

Socks Cut&Pinned.jpg Sock Step 1.jpg
Sock Step 2.jpg Sock Step 3.jpg
Athletic sock.jpg Athletic sock rolled.jpg
Athletic sock pulling up.jpg Athletic sock pulled up.jpg

Baby and toddler sized cotton socks are also useful for ball-stretchers. The elastic portion of baby and toddler sized cotton socks can be cut off from the foot portion of the sock. The elastic only portion of the sock is useful as a comfortable weightless spacer on the scrotal hang. Simply stretch the elastic baby/toddler sock portion over the testicles and wear them around the scrotal hang above the testicles. This will work very well along with ponytailers, as well as a good way to add a temporary length increase (additional stretch) to the scrotum for those using metal ball weights or leather stretchers. This portion of the baby/toddler sock can also serve as a substitute for ponytailers; instead of using 5 ponytailers use the sock instead. When buying baby/toddler socks, pay close attention to the sock elastic size since this will have to stretch over the testicles. Make the purchase decision keeping the two testicles' size diameter in mind.

Since there are many types of baby and toddler sized socks, the reader is encouraged to experiment and try different styles of socks. The elastic portion is most useful. Save the foot half of the sock also since these can be used if the reader would like to have two layers of sock. The lack of the elastic portion means it should be placed on the scrotal hang first, and then a sock with the elastic portion can be placed on top.

The elastic portion of the sock can only partially resist the contraction of the scrotal sack. It will bunch up together and hold the testicles down about half way the length of the elastic. The baby sock material can also absorb the excess shea butter lotion. The reader should not be deterred; this is still an excellent method.

Wearing the sock and it's placement is important. The top of the sock needs to be secured when wearing thin dress socks. Wear a couple ponytailers around the sack hang, and then pull the dress sock top under the ponytailers. Once all the ponytailers and sock is pulled out evenly, position the ponytailers in a row right above the top weight. If the dress sock is long enough, and it is recommended to have a long sock length, it should be pulled forward towards the balls so that it lies flat around the weights. The double layer of thin sock material keeps the weights tightly together without any of the weight clanking sound. The weights swing together as 1 solid weight for a very secure feeling. The weights are still individually able to move laterally for comfort. These three photos show how to hold up the thin dress sock using ponytailer placement and folding over. The author prefers using the thin dress sock because it is so thin, does not make the package look large, keeps the weights quiet, and feels the most comfortable. Click here for illustrations.

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Ball Stretching Using Leather Stretchers

Ball stretching using leather stretchers achieves more progress than stretching alone or wearing the elastic ponytailers. Just as elastic ponytailers can be worn all day, a leather ball stretcher can also be worn all day and all night while asleep.

Always be wise when shopping for leather stretchers. The market is flooded with cheap knock-offs of quality leather stretcher brands. If you pay around $25 for a leather stretcher, it's probably not going to be the best quality. The leather imitation is based in polyurethane and is not something anyone would want long time exposure to. The $40 and higher price ranges are genuine leather and will work for your leather pleasures.

The reason this is brought up here is that the cheap leather stretchers will simply get soggy and fall apart when lubrication is added to them as is recommended in this article. So, buying a quality stretcher from a major source is definitely recommended.

Stretching the testicles 24/7 with a leather stretcher achieves great results in a relatively short period of time. The results are approximately one inch of scrotum growth every 10-16 months with consistent use. However, the longer the scrotum seems to get, the slower the progress seems to be. Initial stretching goes faster but slows little by little as the length increases. However, the author has experienced a quantum leap in length increase when going from leather stretchers to metal weights.

As with the elastic ponytailers, the total length of the ball stretcher is well hidden under loose fitting clothes up to a length of 3 inches. A 4 inch or longer stretcher begins to show as a bulge when wearing loose fitting office clothing; however they are better concealed under loose fitting jogging pants or loose fitting basketball shorts and longer style track shorts. In warm weather wearing longer loose fitting track shorts without underwear keeps the stretcher hidden very well and also has the maximum amount of freedom of movement to keep things very comfortable. Wearing loose boxer underwear also works well, but the movement is slightly restricted.

A leather stretcher works the same way a series of 5 or more (5 ponytailers equal 1 inch) ponytailers work in the stretching of the scrotum. The stretcher pushes upward against the base of the penis and the body in a pressure circle around the upper formation of the scrotum. Using an aggressive length ball stretcher tends to cause wear pain in this area if worn for several hours. A more conservative length stretcher provides pressure in this area, but the feeling is much more comfortable and the stretching can continue 24/7. The more conservative pressure stretching 24/7 achieves more results than 2 hours of aggressive pressure. Aggressive pressure is better applied using the discussed stretching techniques rather than an aggressive length ball stretcher. On the other end of the stretcher, the leather stretcher pushes downward on the testicles in another pressure circle around the area where the scrotum and the top of the testicles come together. An aggressive length stretcher also will cause pain and pressure points (area or circle where the stretcher is pressed too firmly into the skin causing slowing of circulation and pressure pain) in this area as well as at the top of the scrotum as previously discussed. A conservative length stretcher provides a firm pressure, but one that is comfortable and the user is able to enjoy the tingling sensations of the scrotum stretch and the experience is very enjoyable.

A leather stretcher pushes in both directions, upward against the base of the formation of the scrotum and downwards against the testicles. The length of scrotal skin between these two points is then stretched at a comfortable level in both directions. The leather stretcher is very useful in keeping the scrotum at its full length while sitting, laying down, sleeping or relaxing watching TV. The stainless steel ball weights (discussed later) are at 100% of their use in standing, walking, or sitting on the edge of a chair since they work by pulling downwards on the testicles using the force of gravity. When in other positions, a certain percentage of the metal ball weight is still exerting a pressure force on the scrotal sack keeping it elongated. When wearing metal ball weights, to a certain degree, they are constantly in use. For example, when lying down the steel weights are still exerting a pressure force keeping the scrotal sack elongated, as in this picture. However, metal weights can also be fitted on the total length of the hang and then they also act as a passive stretcher in addition to pulling down on the scrotum (active stretcher) A ball stretcher used in combination with stainless steel ball weights will push and hold down against the weights so that they can in turn continue to push against the scrotum right above the testicles. The leather stretcher also pushes up against the base of the formation of the scrotum.

Several users have asked questions regarding neoprene stretchers. What category? Neoprene stretchers are placed in the same category as Leather Stretchers because they work in an identical fashion as Leather Stretchers: pushing both up and down on the scrotal sack. Neoprene stretchers also closely resemble the Leather Stretchers in design and function.

There are two major draw-backs to neoprene stretchers. First, neoprene material tends to absorb cocoa butter lotion and shea butter lotion, resulting in a wrinkled swollen appearance. This may be enough to render the stretcher too tight (inhibiting blood flow) around the scrotal hang that runs through the center of the stretcher. Shea and cocoa butter lotions also will slowly dissolve the neoprene material over time, slowly disintegrating the stretcher. Second, neoprene material is toxic and should only be used for shorter time periods, perhaps several hours at most. Wearing neoprene in such close contact to the thin readily absorbing scrotal skin is like a slow but sure poisoning by this toxic material. The author does not recommend the use of neoprene stretchers. Leather stretchers are non-toxic, durable, and reliable. There is no cost benefit to neoprene verses leather. Leather stretchers, which can be in direct contact with scrotal sack skin indefinitely, are recommended over neoprene.

A ball stretcher used in combination with stainless steel ball weights will push and hold down against the weights so that they can in turn continue to push against the scrotum right above the testicles. The leather stretcher also pushes up against the base of the formation of the scrotum. The downward force of the testicles pressing against the bottom of the scrotum tends to promote new skin grown down the central line of the scrotum, immediately between the two testicles. The testicles pushing downward pull the central line apart in opposite directions, in effect stretching this area and stimulating new skin growth. Over time, a horizontal growth in the central line begins, starting with the typical eighth inch thickness stretching to over an inch of new skin growth at the central line of the scrotum. The central line is very sensitive to touch and motion made along the line. With the central line stretched horizontally to an inch or so, the same sensitivity is preserved over the entire stretch making the bottom of the scrotal sack very sensitive. This photo illustrates the expansion of the central line. On a tight ball sack, the central line near the bottom and expansion in both directions near the top are obvious (the central line and borders are drawn in with black marker). The arrows indicate the direction of growth on the central line both left and right. The sensitivity in this region between the two black borderlines is extremely high and a source of much erotic pleasure.

For the best results, a ball stretcher must be made to fit the available stretching length between the testicles and the formation of the scrotum above.

To measure for a leather ball stretcher, the scrotum must be loose. Make this measurement in the shower or bath with a piece of string. Measure the scrotum by starting from the base of the penis. Hold the penis straight up flat against the abdomen. Measure the scrotum starting at the penis and scrotum fold line, at the top of the formation of the scrotum. If there is confusion, let the penis hang down naturally flat against the testicles. Make a note of where the penis and top of the scrotum come together and fold against each other. Remember where this spot is when the penis is positioned straight up again flat against the abdomen.

There is a small web or flap of skin that connects the base of the penis to the scrotum. This web or flap of skin will lengthen as it is stretched using the leather stretcher. Exercise 6 will quickly lengthen this skin web in the case of the problems listed in the exercise. Measure the scrotum starting at the fold line all the way down to the top of the testicles. Again, make sure the scrotum is loose and fully extended in the warm water of a bath or shower.

An additional length to the stretcher should be added to create the force needed to stretch the skin. Typically, an additional quarter inch (conservative amount) to a half inch (liberal amount) of additional ball stretcher length should be added to the measurement of the scrotum. If this stretcher is going to be used in combination with a metal ball weight, remember to subtract the length (thickness) of the ball weight so the stretcher is not TOO long.

Once the addition of a stretch length and planning ahead for use alone or with metal weights (subtract weight length) then the stretcher can be ordered.

A leather ball stretcher will also stretch the mid front section of the scrotum up and down as it pushes the testicles down, and also pushing straight up against the base of the penis. Leather ball stretchers also stretch the ventral central length of skin on the penis: the middle section of skin on the bottom side of the penis. Getting a leather stretcher of the right length will accomplish this push down push up action.

A ball stretcher feels wonderful because it hugs the entire length of the scrotum from the testicles up to the base of the penis where the scrotum begins its formation. If desired, weighted leather stretchers are also available. Pellets of lead are put in leather pouches on the sides for the entire length of the stretcher that weigh it down, accomplishing the same goal as using a stretcher in combination with a metal weight.

Ordering a leather ball stretcher is easy, as secretleather.com and many other reputable online retailers stock a good selection. The stretchers tend to come in standard lengths: ½ inch, 1 inch, 1½ inch, 2 inch, 2½ inch, 3 inch, and even 4 inches. Leather stretchers typically come with snap fasteners the entire length of the stretcher, with approximately one snap for every inch of the stretcher length. The male end of the button snaps usually come in two rows parallel to each other down the length of the stretcher. This allows for a firm snug fit when using the row of male snaps farthest from the female end of the snaps, and a more relaxed fit for the row of male snaps closest to the female end of the snaps. For some men, using the firm snug snaps is impossible due to the thickness of the stretch so they can only use the more relaxed fit row of snaps nearest to the female end of the snaps. Typically, stretchers 4 inches and longer are not a standard item, so if a stretching length longer that 4 inches is needed, the stretchers can be added together one after another on the length of the scrotal stretch. A 2 inch and a 3 inch can be added together to make a 5 inch stretch length.

When using the longer length leather stretchers, a long single stretcher tends to show up as a long cylinder going down the pant leg when wearing loose jeans, jogging pants, or basketball shorts (the testicles often poke through the hem of loose fitting track shorts). This can be bothersome for wear while out in the public, and can attract unwanted attention. Conversely, smaller length stretchers added together can "bend" at the points where two stretchers come together, and the long cylinder look can be diminished. For example, a 7 inch stretcher can be worn, but it will have the long cylinder appearance down the pant leg (looking like a long penis erection down the pant leg). However, a 3 inch and a 4 inch stretcher can be worn, and they will angle themselves around the bend at the inner thigh and not appear as obvious.

Some leather stretchers come with a "D" ring. This is provided so that the user may add additional weights clipped onto the small ring provided. Ball separators are a piece of narrow leather stripping that is designed to divide the two testicles in half, so that one testicle is in one skin pouch and the other is in the other skin pouch with the leather strip dividing the two. For the most comfort, if two or more leather ball stretchers are going to be used together (such as a 2 inch and a 3 inch for a 5 inch stretch), it is best that the fabric/leather material of the leather stretcher be the same thicknesses on both/all stretchers used on the stretch. If this is not the case, the thinner stretchers tend to give in to the pressure of the stretch and collapse like a telescope inside the cylinder of the neighboring stretcher and can pinch scrotal skin inside the leather stretchers. If each stretcher is ordered as they are needed, make a note of where the stretchers were ordered so that subsequent stretchers can be ordered from the same factory and have the same thicknesses in material.

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Ball Stretching using Stainless or Surgical Steel Weights

When getting started in ball stretching using metal weights (also called ball weights, steel collars, or split collars), the correct size is the most important factor in selecting the correct weight to use. First, a size measurement must be obtained.

The inside hole where the testicles are pulled through should be 20-26% smaller than the circle measured around the top of the testicles. The correct measurement is a delicate balance between being too loose (in which the testicles will slip back through the central hole of the weight and the weight will fall off) and being too tight (in which case there is not only a risk of restriction to the blood flow and discomfort, but there is a great deal of difficulty in getting the weight positioned properly and moving the scrotal skin out of the way in order to put the two halves of the steel collar together) The author's experience as well as many other men's experience has shown that the 20-26% reduction of the measured inside diameter is necessary for the right tight fit. For men with very large testicles, the reduction could extend to 10% to 15%. Please read the following measurement instructions carefully and deliberately, and then follow through with the math on the example measurement, conversion to mm, and calculations for the correct inside diameter. .

Obtain the Measurements:

On a ruler, measure the string length it takes to go once around the top of the testicles, then pull the string so it is tight but does not slip higher on the scrotal sack. It is very important that the sack be loose and free hanging for this measurement. Please see the example pictures on the photo plate available below for proper placement of the string and correct tightness.

There have been many questions regarding exact placement of the string when measuring for stainless steel weights. To answer questions and clear confusion, the author puts forth several images of exact string placement when measuring. The author will not give a dialogue on each picture but rather will let them speak for themselves. Included is a picture of a hanging sack before measurement. The ruler picture shows placement of the string when measuring. The following photo plate demonstrates the measurement method. Click here to view the photo plate.

After several practice placements, begin measuring and writing down the results. Have a piece of paper and a pen handy on the bathroom sink and write down the measurement. Take a total of 5 measurements writing each measurement down after it is taken on paper. Note that no measurements are needed from around the "equator" of the two testicles. Be CERTAIN that a repeat of placement of the string is done from scratch so that any measurement errors can be eliminated by taking the average. Also, if only one of the measurements is way off, eliminate that measurement. It is a measuring error and shouldn't be in the average calculation. In this case, add up all 4 remaining measurements and divide by 4. Additional measurements are fine and encouraged to be certain the correct measurement is obtained.

Calculate the Inside Diameter:

1. Determine the average. Add up all 5 measurements together, and then divide this answer by 5. This is variable A. PLEASE remember if you measure in inches, you need to convert to millimeters at some point. This conversion might as well happen right now. This conversion calculator will convert the inches measurement to millimeters.

2. Calculate your comfort size range: From now on we are using millimeters. The size range concept is easier to grasp and is a revision of the previous usage of tightness multipliers. Now, everyone will calculate in one standardized way and calculate a comfort size range from tightest to loosest. Knowing your size range should eliminate quite a bit of confusion when it comes to selecting pre-sized split collar weights. Now, simply select the split collar size that is closest to your size judging from your personal tightness preference based on your range.

Multiply Variable A by 0.74. This is Variable B

Multiply Variable A by 0.80. This is Variable C

What we have just done is create a size range using the following chart. We only need to know the smallest and loosest sizes and the intermediate sizes need not be calculated.

Percent Smaller Multiplier
20% (loosest) 0.80
21% (looser) 0.79
22% (loose) 0.78
23% (tight) 0.77
24% (tighter) 0.76
25% (tightest) 0.75
26% (tightest recommended) 0.74

3. Calculate inside diameters for the comfort range: (Formula is D=C/3.14) Divide Variable B by 3.14, this is Variable D. Divide Variable C by 3.14, this is Variable E.

4. Final Results for Sizes with the Comfort Range Defined: The best chance of a fantastic stretching experience will occur with a weight size at or anywhere between these two poles.

Variable D  
Variable E
Tightest Recommended  
Loosest Recommended




Variable A average measurement is 6.0 inches.

Convert 6.0 inches to millimeters: 152.4 mm (Google "inches convert mm")


Comfort Range:
152.4 x 0.74 = 112.8mm = Variable B
152.4 x 0.80 = 121.9mm = Variable C

Find inside diameters:
112.8/3.14 = 35.9mm = Variable D
121.9mm/3.14 = 38.8mm = Variable E

Final Results for Sizes with the Range Defined:

35.9mm <------------------------------------------------------------------------->38.8mm
Tightest Recommended  
Loosest Recommended


Secretleather's WMC weights:

Secretleather 15mm WMC weights are sold in sizes of 28, 30, 32, 34, 36, 38, 40, 42, 45, 48, and 51mm sizes.

Secretleather 30mm WMC weights are sold in sizes of 30, 32, 34, 36 and 38mm sizes.

Select the weight that corresponds to your wishes based on your range using a size at or between these two calculated range poles.



For the purpose of accuracy and ordering the right size the first time, the author welcomes an email that lists your measurements, calculations and determined inside diameter calculation. Please list the calculations as they appear in the above example. The author also suggests a picture of the scrotal sack hanging loose and relaxed for comparison with the calculations. The author may give approval for a correct size to order, however, a measuring error or larger than average testicles can throw off the calculations. The true inside diameter may be a slight variation of the author's approved inside diameter. If this happens, please do not harass the author but rather be assured that the incorrect weight size can be placed above another weight higher up on the scrotal hang in complete comfort. Please do NOT worry; the weight can always be used. In the extreme case that the weight is unusable or if there is a desire to sell the weight and try again with a different size, please email the author since he is familiar with many men who desire to purchase weights of all sizes.

PLEASE NOTE that some users with very large testicles have had their best success using a tightness multiplier of 0.85 through to 0.90. For guys with very large testicles, simply replace the numbers 0.85 and 0.90 with the above method's 0.74 and 0.80 in the calculations yielding Variables B & C. The majority of users the author has had contact with have had excellent results using a tightness multiplier of 0.74 through 0.80.

Now that the measurement is known, the next step is to make your selection of weight to fit. Take into consideration internal diameters, external diameters, and weight (ounces or grams). There are quick websites available to convert weight (type in Google "ounces conversion grams") and to convert length (in Google type "inches conversion mm"). Many ball weight websites are in metric and English systems, however, be aware that there are a few mistakes in the conversions so it is best to do your own set of calculation conversions. Use the one you are most comfortable with, metric or English. Some sites have their own metric/English conversion calculators.

In general, most ball weights are basically the same with standard shapes and standard sizes. However, the prices are somewhat different from site to site. A stainless or surgical steel weight is recommended rather than a chrome plated or iron material. The stainless and surgical steel can be left on indefinitely and can get wet with sweat or in the bath and shower or even in the swimming pool. On chrome stretchers, the chrome plating may wear through to the solid brass interior. The copper in the brass turns green when exposed to moisture (such as sweat) turning the scrotum green. Once the copper comes through, the weight should be thrown away.

The shape of metal ball weights is usually standardized although secretleather.com uses the higher quality double machined circular type, as opposed to the more often found elliptical shape which is cheaper and quicker to make, but less consistent in sizing. Metal ball weights are a slice of stainless steel, of several thicknesses. The center of the steel is honed out to create an internal hole in the slice of steel. The internal diameters of this hole vary as described above. After the machine shop is finished with carving out enough steel to fit the standardized weights, the inside edges of the weight need to be rounded out. Fresh from the machine shop, these edges are razor sharp! After the edges are smooth, the surface of the weight is highly polished, or in some cases, polished to a brushed appearance. Some stretchers are coated with titanium to create a rainbow spectrum of colors when held to the light, for a more festive appearance.

When wearing metal weights, smaller lengths are by far the most comfortable. This includes the sizes of ½ inch to 1 inch in length. The reason, for example, is that having 4 half inch weights on the hang, compared to a solid 2 inch weight, makes for easy movement of the weights laterally size to side. This means that the weights can hang in contour to the scrotal sack and in contour to the surrounding clothing material. The movement, shifting, and bending at the "joints" between the ½ inch weights behaves similarly to the spinal column and individual vertebrae movement. A series of these smaller length weights, especially the WMC™ weight, exist in perfect comfort-so comfortable that they are usually out of mind and out of thought as they are worn for extended periods, yes, even 24/7 for several months. They only need to be removed for cleaning, as discussed in the chapter on "Wear and Care of Leather and Metal Stretchers"..

After the order and product has been delivered, the wearer is free to wear the weight continually for an indefinite amount of time. Some men may find that after a period of time, the smooth edge corner of the internal hole may start to "dig" into the scrotal skin and create a red ring of irritation. This is called a "pressure point". A 16 ounce weight can form pressure points around the top of the testicles after an extended time in the same position such as while at work or while sleeping. Most pressure points are not terribly bothersome. When they occur, readjustment of the weight and scrotum becomes necessary. Often, lifting the weight up higher on the sack or turning the weight 90 degrees would takes the pressure off the compressed skin at the pressure point and transfer the pressure to a different position on the scrotum. Using a weight that allows the user to wear all day and all night is far better than using a heavier weight that causes painful pressure points after only a few hours and must be taken off.

If pressure points become a problem, a completely round band of surgical steel (as opposed to the 90 degree edge of steel on standard ball weights) is available. This type of weight is called a WMC ™ weight (formerly known as a Wedding Ring ©) and is available only from secretleather.com. The WMC ™ weight has a design that takes the stress and pressure and distributes it the entire way around the scrotum where it sits above the testicles and not at a single point as with standard weights. This ring totally eliminates pressure points, and allows for heavier weights to be added with the ring at the bottom evenly distributing the weight around the scrotum. The WMC ™ weight is so comfortable that the weights positioned above it on the sack cannot be felt. Pressure points do not occur using the WMC ™ weight. Standard weights, with their 90 degree cut and square corners are comfortable for a few hours, however their pressure point pain can be felt after several hours of wear. The standard weight was not designed for long term wear - it's only useful as a short term sexual toy for the man for a sexual session lasting up to a few hours. The WMC with it's completely round shape is designed for long term wear. It's shape brings comfort for long term wear. Days, weeks, months, they are all entirely comfortable with the WMC. The company, Secret Leather, is an excellent company based in London, and has excellent customer service and a fast order turn around in addition to an exceptionally high quality product. A WMC ™ weight should be owned and used by everyone who uses metal ball weights to stretch the scrotum. Ideally, a WMC ™ weight should be directly above the testicles, followed by a heavier weight or even an aggressive length ball stretcher, and followed by another wedding ring positioned on top. This will prevent pressure points from occurring on the scrotum around the testicles as well as around the top formation of the scrotum against the body. The WMC ™ weight is exceptionally high in quality but is also somewhat expensive, especially to United States residents (currency exchange rates are not in our favor against the British Pound), but they are worth the money in exchange for the pain and time it takes to reposition standard weights on the scrotum. Of course, be aware of WMC knock-offs. The genuine WMC has the two halves that fit perfectly together with the two surfaces of the weight joining together perfectly in a steel-to-steel seal. The WMC knock-off surfaces do not meet completely together, meaning there are small but open spaces when the weight halves are brought together. Scrotal skin gets pushed into the cracks and gets pinched, causing pain and irritation.

Some users have found that using stainless steel shaft collars, intended for industrial applications, can be substituted for an actual ball weight. The problem with these however is, that the edges/corners of these objects are generally sharper and not radiussed as in dedicated ball weights such as those available from secretleather.com. For certain, in using an industrial shaft collar for weight, two WMC ™ weights should be used on each end to prevent painful and intense circular pressure points. The good thing about the industrial steel shaft collars is that they are seldom more expensive than $14.00. If this route is chosen, pay attention to the materials used to make the shaft collar. Cold rolled stainless steel is good, but anything iron should be avoided. Some users have found that plastic shaft collars are useful as spacers only when additional weight is not needed. The author believes that 5 pounds of weight is probably the maximum weight that should be attempted. This equates to roughly 5 - 5 ½ inches of stainless steel. If the stretch is longer than 3 inches and the user wants to stretch as well as use gravitational force to pull down on the scrotum, then these plastic shaft collars could be used. Ideally, a WMC ™ weight should be placed between the plastic collar and any flesh it may otherwise touch.

Ball Stretching using metal weights is probably the fastest method available with regard to with scrotal growth. At one time the author believed that metal weights only did their stretching when they were in a vertical standing position. The author has now taken the time to feel and examine the pressures when wearing metal weights. He has come to the conclusion that metal weights are always exerting a pressure on the scrotal sack. When lying down on the back they hang straight down at right angles to the legs, when lying on one's side they are either tucked between the legs and hanging off the back thigh or lying forward and stretched out toward the penis. If enough metal weights are placed on the full hang they can even take on the same role as a leather stretcher; pushing both up and down on the scrotal sack. The weights are always at work, but can be temporarily disabled by wearing tight underwear.

One final note in this section is a reminder that the users of metal weights should be conscious of secured destinations. These include airports, secured schools and government buildings where metal detection is a standard security protocol. Simply leave the weights at home or pack them in your suitcase for further wear at your destination.

Please click HERE for step-by-step directions on how to put on a steel split collar ball weight .

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Ball Pumping Techniques

The author is aware that many men have contacted him regarding various ways to increase scrotal sack length and testicle size. Ball Pumping is a technique where a vacuum is applied to the scrotal hang. This vacuum pulls body fluids into the scrotal sack, internal tissues and testicles. The result is that the testicles swell to a larger size, and the scrotal hang is therefore expanded and stretched to fit the larger testicle size. Over time, perhaps the testicle's size can be permanently expanded as well as the scrotal sack. The author believes this methods will work for testicle size, but the stretching techniques described in this web guide will give faster results in permanent scrotal sack growth.

The internet's primary source for ball pumping and stretching equipment is newart.com. There is a large full-line selection of all equipment needs that relate to ball pumping. Newart.com also runs a web chat and message board that relates only to ball pumping. The web site is clear and easy to use. Articles can be viewed anonymously, but membership is required to post information. The author recommends contacting Newart.com for ways that Ball Pumping can help them.

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Lotions that Promote the Stretching of the Scrotum

In general, any lotion or crème that is designed to prevent or diminish stretch marks is an excellent choice for use in ball stretching. Many are sold to the pregnant women market for the prevention of stretch marks from the growing fetus inside the womb.

There are two main types of lotions and crèmes that work the best in ball stretching. They are cocoa butter and shea butter. Cocoa butter and shea butter are manufactured in the United States by E. T. Browne Drug Company and in the United Kingdom by E.T. Browne Ltd. They are marketed under the brand name "Palmer's". Cocoa butter lotions such as Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula work well as a lubricant between the skin and the leather stretcher or metal ball weight. Palmer's Shea Butter Formula is marketed as a product that improves skin elasticity. Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula (3.5 - 4.4 ounce jar) is actually a pure form of cocoa butter. Pure cocoa butter is a solid at room temperature. When applied to the scrotum, the butter quickly melts and is absorbed into the skin. This is the purest form of cocoa butter available and is the best moisturizer.

Only one lotion has been developed exclusively for ball stretching. Secret Leather's Sheacoa butter is a triple combination of crushed shea beans for elasticity, cocoa beans for lubrication, and shea oil for elasticity and base. This lotion is quickly absorbed into the skin and remains moist providing a day's worth of lubrication in only one morning application. This butter lotion is especially helpful for those with sensitive or inelastic skin.

Before putting on a weight or stretcher, always massage shea butter in the entire length of the scrotum. Shea butter helps skin become elastic and will promote the stretching of the skin, speeding up the ball stretching process. Apply the shea butter in the morning after the bath or shower before work. Hot shower water sprayed directly to the scrotum can dry out the skin and it will begin to flake apart. The shea butter will provide needed moisturization of the skin and aid in healing, pressure point prevention, and preventing the weight from sticking to the skin. Probably the most critical element in stretching the scrotum is skin abrasion and discomfort. Generally speaking, the weight or stretch applied to the scrotum causes little difficulty, but lengthy use of steel or leather stretchers causes rubbing on the skin and will cause the avid ball stretcher to have to stop and allow healing to take place. To this end care of the skin on the scrotum is very important. As previously mentioned, adequate lubrication between any weight or leather stretcher is highly recommended by the author. Reserve the use of cocoa butter for occasional lubrication as necessary and the healing of skin from loss of moisture and chaffing from the weight or leather stretcher.

The use of both shea and cocoa butter lotions are important. The general rule is to use shea butter lotion where possible and as much as possible to promote the elasticity of the skin. Cocoa butter is more effective as a lubricant and moisturizer and stays moist all day long under a steel weight or leather stretcher but does not seem to have much benefit in skin elasticity. The use of both lotions together will give the user the best of both worlds. These lotions should also be applied to the penis (as the bottom side of the penis gets stretched as well as the scrotum) and to the area around the base of the formation of the scrotum since these areas are also stretched along with the scrotum.

For those who live in very humid areas, the constant wear of a water based lotion with the combination of heat and humidity may cause trouble with very mild fungal infections. If this is the case, dry off the weights or leather stretcher completely. Instead of using a wet lotion for lubrication, use a dry powder instead. Very good results have been had using Gold Bond's Triple X anti-fungal and anti-bacterial powder. The dry powder lubricates as well as prevents infections.

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Preservation of Lotions & Butters: "Ball Gloves© & Barrier Bags©"

Shea lotion/butter applied to the scrotal hang is preserved and absorbed by the skin throughout the day under the weights or leather stretcher. However, shea lotion/butter applied to the bare skin around the testicles below the lowest weight is quickly rubbed away on clothing and inside leg. A friend of the author (an engineer) has suggested the use of a moisture barrier designed to preserve the shea lotion/butter around the testicles. This prevents it from being rubbed off and constantly bathes the sack with shea lotion/butter, resulting in a very relaxed scrotal sack. Since high quality lotions and butters can be expensive, it makes sense to preserve at much of them as possible through the use of a moisture barrier. These moisture barriers will be explained below.

A desirable result of these moisture barriers is the rapid gain in skin sensitivity. Sexual activity with a resulting super sensitive sack has never felt better! The slightest movement or touch on the lower scrotal hang is felt and enjoyed at a very high level throughout the day. Since the sack is kept in constant contact with shea lotion/butter, scrotal contraction is kept at a minimum, and the skin elasticity is also enhanced to its maximum potential as well as progress.

The use of a lubricating layer of shea lotion under the plastic moisture barrier means the sack can adjust its self to the path of least resistance and exist as an equilibrium inside the underwear frontal pouch. This is especially helpful for those of us that wear three or more inches of ball weights. The normal everyday stress and strains on the skin, such as pinches and pulls experienced as the sack gets tighter then relaxes in cycles through the day are eliminated. These usually occur at the point where the sack meets the bottom WMC®, although they can happen anywhere on the sack when it is held up close to the body in tight style underwear. The fact that the sack is now able to adjust its self inside the Barrier Bag© means another boost in comfort throughout the work day when long hangs must be hidden inside the frontal portion of the underwear. The sack is able to turn and twist inside the moisture barrier and conversely the moisture barrier is able to move gently over the scrotal sack. These movements surrounding the lower ball sack are especially enjoyable.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of using a moisture barrier over the lower scrotal hang is the relaxation effect it has on the skin. Cold and stress can cause the sack to contract and get tighter. The moisture barrier holding shea lotion/butter on the skin covering the lower scrotal hang helps to fight this contraction, maintaining a loose relaxed scrotal hang. It is an interesting observation that maintaining a loose sack around the testicles and lower hang (greatly assisted by the moisture barrier) seems to result in a loose relaxed upper portion of the hanging sack. It seems that scrotal contraction begins with the lower sack portion around the testicles and is then followed by contraction of the upper sack. Therefore, maintaining a loose lower scrotal sack is the key to keeping the entire sack loose and hanging at its lowest position. This is especially helpful for those who experience tight scrotal sacks in cold climates. Remember that a loose sack hanging at its lowest means that 100% of the stretching stimulus from the weights or leather stretcher is used to stretch the skin (stimulating cellular multiplication), and is not wasted stretching the tight involuntary muscles lining the scrotal skin.

One small side effect is that the scrotal skin becomes dependent on the shea butter/lotion moisture and dries out if it is left bare for more than a day or so. If use of the moisture barrier is discontinued, this can be diminished by massaging the skin with shea lotion/butter then leaving the sack hanging bare in the same manner as was done before the moisture barrier was used. Since this is easily remedied, it is only a minor side effect lasting about a day.

The engineering friend had a good experience with using hospital examination gloves as a moisture barrier. He recommended the use of nitrile examination gloves by the manufacturer Kimberly Clark®. This name brand glove works the best because it is the strongest and is available in long lengths so that the entire scrotal hang can be encapsulated within the glove's hand and arm. The author has tried using standard locally available gloves such as Playtex's Great Lengths™ gloves and the nitrile gloves available in pharmacies locally. He has found difficulty with applying them to the hang for even a modest period of time without them tearing and falling apart. The author did not experiment with the actual Kimberly Clark® name brand glove. It is the experience of the author as well as his friend that all other gloves fail to be strong enough to reliably serve as a protective moisture barrier. Actual Kimberly Clark® gloves are for sale online right here and now! Click here for the recommended Kimberly Clark® gloves. For those with long hangs and 3 or more inches of ball weights riding on the hang, the author recommends the Kimberly-Clark® S5060 Purple 6 mil Nitrile Exam Gloves. These gloves are truly long enough so that the entire weight length and the bare exposed remaining hang are completely covered. Now, the entire hang can be encapsulated within the Ball Glove. The results are highest possible skin elasticity and stretching ability.

To make a Ball Glove©, first tie the fingers together in pairs, then tie off the thumb in a knot. Using scissors, cut off the excess hanging finger material that remain after tying the knots. What remains is a fun easy as well as strong nitrile bag in which to place the scrotal hang. Before pulling the glove onto the hang, liberally grease the entire ball sack and weights in shea butter. Additional shea butter can be added inside the Ball Glove© if desired. After placing and pulling the glove up onto the hang, pull the excess glove material horizontally at the top so the opening of the glove hugs the sack in a mildly tight seal. Use a rubber band (the illustrations suggest a torn off piece of glove material as well) to tie off the excess glove diameter and retain the mildly tight seal around the sack hang. You may also try using a ponytailer at the top of the glove to hold it up and in place for wear during the day. Additional shea lotion/butter can be applied inside the glove to ensure an adequate supply throughout the day. Click here to view photos provided by the author's engineering friend. They are a photo plate illustrating the making and use of Ball Gloves©.

Best results are obtained using the glove to cover the hang and weights with a ponytailer or rubber band on top to hold the glove in place. To position the glove under the weights or leather stretcher, first apply the glove and then add the weights or stretcher on top. Apply a liberal amount of shea lotion/butter to the scrotal hang before applying the moisture barrier glove.

For those who find the gloves are cumbersome, expensive and/or not strong enough and tear apart too easily, the author puts forth an alternative method. This method involves the construction of a Barrier Bag©. Simply put, this is a standard sandwich bag applied to the sack. These bags are strong and do not tear. They are fun to make and also quite inexpensive. They are held in place by sliding the Barrier Bag© top under the lowest first weight and is held in place by ponytailers and the lowest weight. Two ponytailers should be used below and above the lowest weight to help keep the Barrier Bag© in place. The bag is held up and sealed very nicely under four ponytailers and the bottom weight. If discomfort is felt around the ponytailers, take on off and give it a trial run. If discomfort is still felt, take off another ponytailer. This will leave a ponytailer below the bottom weight and one above the bottom weight. The author suggests the construction of several Barrier Bags© in one session since they can become dirty after constant wear and must be thrown away. Directions and illustrations on how to construct a Barrier Bag© are as follows

1. Use an ordinary sandwich bag which has a flap and tuck. Notice the edges of the tuck seams are in green. Cut the plastic flap free from the sides of the bag by cutting on the side towards the center of the bag lining the scissor tips with the green arrows. Don't cut on the edge of the bag or it will leak. Plate 1 This photo shows the flap free after the cut. Plate 2

2. Lift the cut off flap upwards and line the red and green arrows together. The two sides of the bag are now the same distance in length Plate 3.

3. Take a two inch long strip of two-inch wide clear packing tape (shaded red) and apply half on one side. Plates 4 & 5. Be sure to put the tape down far enough to make an air tight seal when the tape folds over to the other side. Plate 6. Apply a narrow piece of tape at the top to make a perfect air tight seal along the entire edge for both sides of the bag.

4. Turn the bag upside down and the old bottom is the new bag top. Using the thumb and forefinger, pinch the letters A & B together as if the were kissing each other. Plates 7, 8 & 9. Fan-fold the bag edge starting in the center and go to the ends on both sides. Fold left, fold right, fold left, fold right continuously as if it were an accordion bellow contracting together. Plate 10. After they are together on both sides, staple them together to hold them solidly in place. Plate 11.

5. Twist the end of the bag in one direction like a candy wrapper and then seal in place with several layers of masking tape. Plates 12, 13 14 &15. Cut the tip off with scissors 1/3 down the tape roll. Plate 16.

6. The completed Barrier Bag is displayed here. Plate 17. Finally, inflate the Barrier Bag using the breath and check for leaks. If a leak is found, seal it with the clear packing tape. The Barrier Bag is now finished and can be applied to the scrotal hang. A final staple can be made to ensure nothing will leak through the cut. Plate 18.

Click here to view a photo plate illustrating these directions continuously from start to finish.

To apply the Barrier Bag© to the hang, first apply a liberal amount of shea lotion/butter to the exposed scrotal skin surrounding the testicles and under the bottom weight about an inch high. This amount of shea lotion/butter will be held inside the Barrier Bag© and will make the scrotal skin very soft and sensitive. If desired, some shea lotion/butter can be applied inside the Barrier Bag© to ensure that enough is available for 24 hour long wear. Next, pull the Barrier Bag© over the testicles and upwards towards the weight(s). Pull the top end of the Barrier Bag© under the bottom weight and apply two ponytailers on the top of the bag right above the lowest weight. This will hold the top of the Barrier Bag© in place and prevent it from slipping down and out from under the bottom weight and falling off. Please note that a ½ inch deep (15mm) weight works the best with a standard sandwich bag. If the bottom weight is deeper than ½ inch, apply the bag first and then add the weight over the bag on the hang. Pushing the bag up under a longer weight is difficult. The longer weight should hold the bag in place for 24 hours. Once the bag is installed completely under a half inch weight, there is exactly the right amount of bag pulled out from under the lowest weight on the other side to apply these two ponytailers. If the lowest weight is a 1 inch (30mm) deep, then longer sandwich bags can be tried. It is a good general principle to follow; the longer the bags the easier to work with.

Two more ponytailers are recommended, and can be applied between the testicles and bottom weight as long as comfort is maintained. This is especially helpful if the reader is experiencing difficulty with the secondary testicle (smaller and higher) escaping through the inside diameter of the lowest weight. Applying two ponytailers that take up some space under the bottom weight is quite helpful in this method. The author also suggests wearing a thin sock over the applied Barrier Bag © and weights-- this keeps the Barrier Bag© in place and if it slips off, the sock will catch it. The sock also helps to keep the hang warm.

Through the recommendation of an online friend, the author has learned of a third and perhaps easiest method for use of a moisture barrier, preserving the shea butter/lotion within the bag next to the scrotal skin. Standard newspaper bags come in a 5.5 inch diameter by 16 inches in length. These newspaper bags simply need to be cut to length and immediately applied. They may be worn 1-2 days with each use. Using a new bag every other day will help cut down on shea butter/lotion usage since the lotion/butter inside the bag can be used again the next day. However, if skin pores or hair follicles start to feel sore and inflamed, discontinue the use of a moisture barrier for two days to allow the situation to heal its self. These standard newspaper bags are only available in quantities of 2000 from online newspaper supply outlets, and this is clearly more than anyone could use. The author estimates that about 200 - 250 newspaper barrier bags are needed each year for year-round moisture barrier coverage. The author is in contact with various online ball-stretching supply stores to see if they would stock the bags and sell them in quantities of 100. A list of these stores will be included here in this text in future updates.

In addition to an occasional inflamed hair follicle, sometimes a more severe reaction can occur...an allergic reaction to an ingredient in the shea lotion brand being used. These allergic reactions are somewhat mysterious, because they can happen immediately or they can take several months to develop. The author has heard from a few men who have developed a delayed allergic reaction to their shea lotion when using the moisture barrier idea. Since the moisture barrier concept intentionally holds the shea lotion over the entire scrotal hang, the body is given a vast dose of all ingredients contained within the shea lotion brand being used. Since all store brands contain alcohol, the author believes the exposure to alcohol over the scrotal sack for long periods is the cause of the allergic reaction. Secretleather's Sheacoa butter is pure shea butter, shea oil and cocoa butter and nothing more. Men who develop skin allergies to store brand shea butter lotions should by all ways and means switch to using Secretleather's pure shea butter formula. If the benefits in maintaining a loose scrotal sack through the use of the moisture barrier idea are big enough, switching to Sheacoa butter is well worth a try.

Symptoms of a skin allergy are a reddish inflamed appearance, or a scaly over-dry appearance of the sack skin. This may seem ironic, since it figures that applying more lotion to the hard flaking dry skin should improve the skin's condition, but the opposite is true...things are just made worse. If you suspect a skin allergy, stop using any and all lotions and let the sack skin heal naturally. Massage pure virgin olive oil into the skin and this should help bring some moisture back into the over-dried dead skin of the epidermis. .

The author estimates that it will take 4 minutes to apply the Barrier Bag©, so plan your morning shower routine accordingly. The longest part of the application process is pulling the Barrier Bag©'s top under the lowest weight with shea coated fingers! Perhaps wiping the fingers off after applying shea lotion to the hang will be helpful. The bag must be removed daily for cleaning and application of new shea lotion/butter. Click HERE to view a photo plate illustrating these directions Plates 19-22.

To apply the Barrier Bag© using a leather stretcher, apply a liberal amount of shea lotion/butter to the sack and then pull the Barrier Bag© over the testicles and as far up as the bag will allow. Add two ponytailers on the hang to keep the top of the Barrier Bag© in place. Finally, apply the leather stretcher to the hang. If there is pain from too much compression where the ponytailers are applied, try just one ponytailer. Wear a thin sock over the Barrier Bag© and stretcher to keep the sack loose and keep the bag in place.

The Ball Glove© has an advantage over the Barrier Bag©. This advantage is that the Kimberly Clark™ gloves are long enough and strong enough to cover the testicles weights and entire scrotal hang in the protective moisture barrier for those with very long to medium-long scrotal hangs. Slightly long, medium and small scrotal hangs work equally well with either the Barrier Bag© or Ball Glove©.

Since the Ball Glove© covers the entire scrotal hang, this means all topical ointments are saved at 100%. This is only a small advantage, since the weights on the hang also preserve moisture and generous amounts of shea lotion/butter. Using the Barrier Bag©, probably 92% (±2%) of what is applied to the hang actually stays with the hang.

Is 8% huge difference? Is the higher price of the name brand a huge difference? The gloves cost $19.43 (qty. 100, plus $8.95 shipping) while the Barrier Bags© cost $0.78 (qty. 150) plus the cost of clear tape ($5 @ OfficeMax) and masking tape ($8.39 @ OfficeMax). The net sums are: Ball Glove© = $28.38 for 100; Barrier Bag© = $14.17 for an initial 150. For an additional $0.78, 150 more could be made.

The use of a moisture barrier such as the Ball Glove© or Barrier Bag© greatly enhance the stretching experience by boosting ball sack sensitivity on an already sensitive part of the body-- the central line. The feeling of the sack and moisture barrier moving across each other gives very pleasurable feelings even in the most formal of occasions-just slightly push on the hang or move a the leg and motion can be felt and enjoyed. Imagine, soaking the sack in a bath of shea lotion/butter is now possible...all day, even while at work.

After all has been said, remember that those suffering from frequent sack tightness, either by cold or stress, can find some degree of relief in using a 15mm WMC and a Barrier Bag © containing shea lotion/butter. Apply shea lotion/butter liberally on the entire sack hang as well as some inside the Barrier Bag ©. Your tight sack will experience pleasure and intense moisturization, relaxing the sack's skin muscles.

Exactly which is the best, Secretleather's Sheacoa® butter or Palmer's® Shea Butter Formula? Since Palmer's® contains stearic acid and cetyl alcohol, it could possibly dry the skin. Also, actual shea butter is listed as the sixth ingredient. Secretleather's all natural Sheacoa® butter is a simple quartet of Shea butter, Cocoa butter, Shea oil, and Pure essential Oil of Neroli. Three jars are enough to supply an active 24/7 stretcher one year in time. Ordering three jars of Sheacoa® butter at one time will reduce shipping costs in comparison to three jars ordered singularly.

Since the author is not an immunologist, he cannot say for certain that everyone will have the same success with their ability to tolerate a longer term exposure either the Sheacoa™ or Palmer's® Shea Butter Formula. There may be an allergic reaction that could possibly develop with longer term exposure to the chemicals in the Palmer's® formulate or the natural ingredients in the Sheacoa™ Butter Formula. However, if there is no initial reaction, the chances of an acquired immunological reaction is quite small. Since the author cannot recall the exact mechanism of the immune reaction, he cannot comment further.

Since the author is not a dermatologist , he cannot say for certain that everyone will have the same success at their skin tolerating the longer term exposure times using these two moisture barriers. The reality is that there are different skin types, just as there are different rates in the abilities of these various skin types to stretch. Isn't it interesting that there are skin stretching rates for each skin type, and they are all different. The same is true for all the variations in the ability to endure a hot sunny environment. Some skins will burn almost instantly, whereas others are able to endure the sun's exposure for longer periods of time before burning up. Some skin types are also quite sensitive to chemical additives in commercial lotions. For further information on skin types, please Google "skin type", then perhaps "stretch" "elastic", etc..

Since the author is learning the benefits at the same time as the reader, we will both be working together to learn what we can on scrotal bathing in shea butter/lotion. The experience so far is the same as all previous attempts at scrotal bathing by the author. In previous days, the author has kept his sack in these same style plastic sandwich bags. He specifically remembers high-school attempts by taping the hang and bag seal shut with masking tape. It was successful however since there was hair present, the removal was painful. But, the experience was pleasurable and there is a desire to keep returning to scrotal bathing techniques. The moisture barrier need not be worn continuously 7 days a week, rather wear it a few days and take a day off. If sack tightness returns, apply the moisture barrier again the next day. As the author, he is only going by his experiences and the words and wisdom from others.

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Points of Interest while Stretching at Home

Get used to sitting in such a way so that the ball stretcher or weight can hang down one of the pant legs; most guys hang down the left leg. It has been said that 80% of men have a lower hanging left testicle, and the left testicle is also larger than the right testicle. Hanging the stretcher down one leg is useful if the user is wearing the stretcher or weight while at work at the office. By letting the leather stretcher and weight hang down one leg under dress pants the stretch continues to happen throughout the office day. If shorts are worn and the atmosphere is casual you may let the stretcher and weight hang out one of the legs. This allows gravity to work on the metal stretcher and keep the stretch going. Nothing seems to be more bothersome that wearing a leather stretcher and the surrounding pant material is tight. This causes not only irritation but also pressure points around the base of the stretcher. By letting the leather stretcher and testicles hang out while wearing shorts, the stretch can continue unhindered.

For those with a longer hang, the author has developed a way of sitting and fully stretching simultaneously. This photograph demonstrates the sitting position. This sitting technique works naked as well as while wearing loose fitting athletic pants or loose summer shorts. First, stand in front of the place you will sit and let the testicles and weight hang fully down one pant leg. Next, while standing, place one foot on the place to sit. Next, sit almost directly on the foot in such a way so that the heel of the foot is again the opposite hit joint. This will make the knee fully bent and the upper and lower legs will fold next to each other. As the sitting action is taking place, position the hanging testicles and weight so that the weight edge gets held in place by the low shin right above the ankle. As the sitting action is finished, the weight and testicles will be held back and held in place by the shin above the ankle and provides a strong stretch for as long as the user is seated.

When possible, sit on a hard chair with a firm front or a slight cushion such as a leather office chair. Sit on the bony part of the butt and let the stretcher and weight fall down the side of one of the pant legs. If wearing shorts, let the weight hang out past the hem of the shorts. Cross your legs at the knee and let your testicles hang to really get a good hang. If possible, reach down and pull the testicles away from the body to do some manual stretching exercises.

Sometimes it is helpful to wear a sock on the scrotum with weights or stretchers. First, a medium thickness sock worn over the entire scrotum, weights and leather stretcher can be used to help insulate and keep the scrotum and testicles warm during the cold winter seasons. Sometimes this helps to keep the scrotum skin somewhat loose and flexible thus more available to the effects of the weights and stretcher. A thin sock, worn on the naked scrotum and having weights or a stretcher placed upon the sock can help protect the delicate scrotal skin when having difficulty with pressure point pain. A thicker sock can be used, but thicker socks tend to show more as a larger bulge in the crotch area, which can be undesirable.

Sitting on toilet made in the United States can be frustrating with low hanging testicles. The best way to avoid dipping the testicles in the toilet water is to half-flush the toilet. This is when the flush handle is held only slightly down, until the flow of water is heard. Don't push it all the way down because the tank and toilet bowl will refill again to full capacity. Half flushing lets in just enough water into the toilet bowl to drain the bowl to the top of the escape hole at the bottom of the toilet bowl. After the half-flush, sit on the toilet and let the testicles hang. They may still come in contact with the front of the toilet bowl. If this happens, sliding back on the toilet seat a couple inches will stop the testicles from touching the front of the toilet bowl. Many times, contact with water or the front of the toilet bowl will cause the scrotum to suddenly tighten up, an unwanted effect. For men with scrotal hangs too long for the half flush to be practical, the testicles and weights can simply be brought forward and hung over the front of the toilet seat. These two photos illustrate this example from the top and front views.

For those of us who find it awkward or unnatural resting the testicles and weights forward on the toilet-seat-- making it difficult to focus and concentrate on the task at hand, the author suggests two methods. These two ideas will also work very well for those who have scrotal sack skin touching toilet walls and water, but are not quite long enough to reach the front of the toilet seat. Finally, these ideas are ideal for those of us who work in a public place, where governmental codes require the front of the toilet seat removed. In the USA, public toilet seats must have the fronts of the seats removed so that they are a U shape and not an oval. The reasoning is that this diminishes possibilities of genital contact with the seat and spreading disease.

The solutions are really two in the same, with different materials. One simple idea is to cut the top of a plastic beverage container and wear the plastic sleeve over the testicles and weight hang. There are many different sized beverage containers available, so select a container with an inside diameter equal to the outside diameter of the weights and testicles. This is simply a matter of trial and error. The plastic containers are very inexpensive and plentiful, so enjoy the process as you select the perfectly sized plastic bottle diameter. Making the ideal length is also a matter of trial and error. Start by making the plastic sleeve 6 inches long. Insert the scrotal hang and sit down on the toilet. Position the end of the bottle against the front of the toilet resting the bottle's flat bottom flat against the front of the toilet wall. The penis will hang to the sides or over the front. Note that resting the bottle so that the bottom is in contact with the water may contaminate the bottom side of the bottle and it must be thrown away or sterilized with alcohol. Find the ideal length so that resting the bottom of the bottle against the front of the toilet wall feels the most comfortable. Cut the bottle to the required length. Note that the edge of the cut plastic sleeve is sharp. Use masking tape and place half of the masking tape (lengthwise) on the edge of the cut and let the other half stick out over the edge. Roll around the top of the plastic sleeve as many times as it takes to get a thickening of the tape. Then fold the tape over the edge of the cut bottle and stick it to the inside of the sleeve. This will serve as cut protection from the sharp edge. This solution works for those with a WMC ID of 34mm or less using a 20oz plastic bottle, as is the author's result using this size. In a similar way, the 1 liter sized bottles will fit a 36mm, 39mm or 40mm WMC. After use, clean the plastic sleeve with a disinfecting wipe.

The second solution is the fun construction of a "Ball Boat". This is the use of a plastic drinking glass or larger loose fitting plastic bottle. This method works equally as well as the friction-held plastic bottle, but is more comfortable because it does not require friction between the plastic sleeve walls and the scrotal hang to hold it on. If the plastic sleeve is too loose, it will fall off into the toilet water. This method is also very fast and does not require the time it takes to stuff the hang into the plastic sleeve. Using a plastic cup works very well for those with large testicles and large diameter weights.

The construction of the Ball Boat is simple. First, measure and cut the length of a plastic drinking glass to a length that feels most comfortable. The glass bottom will sit flat against the front wall in the toilet bowl. This will prevent it from slipping and having the end of the glass touch toilet water and become contaminated. After the ideal comfortable length has been determined, measure and cut the plastic glass to the required length. Using masking tape, apply it in the same manner as the plastic sleeve method above. Fold the thick roll of tape over and attach inside covering the edge of the plastic glass, preventing injury to the scrotal sack. Using the tip of the scissors, puncture two holes one inch apart ½ inches from the top of the plastic glass. On the other side of the glass, puncture two more holes in the same manner. Using a piece of elastic strap 18 inches long and ½ inches wide, thread the ends of the elastic in a square pattern around the top and tie in a double knot at the end. Be sure to allow some slack to exist within the plastic glass since these will surround the scrotal sack in a double "X" pattern. Your Ball Boat is now finished and ready for testing. To wear the ball boat, pull the right elastic band 90 degrees left and hold. Pull the left elastic band 90 degrees right and hold. Slide the scrotal sack into the glass through the center of this double "X" pattern and release.

The author has also constructed a Ball Boat using a plastic sleeve from a one liter plastic bottle, trimmed and protective taped at 6 inches long with elastic straps holding it on the sack. It is constructed in the same manner as the previous Ball Boat with respect to the installation of the elastic strap. This size easily fits a 36mm, 39mm and 40mm WMC.

For those who have a completely round toilet bowl or the various styles of toilets existing world wide, experimentation on bottle/cup length and placement is required. Finally, there is a natural feeling again to sitting on the toilet with low hangers!

The following is a photo plate of the various sized Ball Boats. The author is wearing a black thin dress sock on the scrotal hang for warmth during this cold December day. The author was able to stuff himself into a 20 oz. plastic sleeve with difficulty, but was much more comfortable in the 1 liter plastic sleeve instead. Click HERE to view the photo plate.

Masturbation or sex with a ball stretcher or ball weights will not damage the spermatic cords or other internal structures in the scrotum. While it is natural for the testicles to be pulled up higher in the scrotum during masturbation or sex, the pressure holding the testicles at the bottom of the scrotum will not cause any damage. The practice of holding or pulling down on the testicles before and at orgasm seems to intensify the orgasm. Click here to view a video of a guy putting on WMC ® weights and masturbating to ejaculation. It is interesting to note the amount of ejaculate produced at orgasm.

From time to time, taking a day or two off from wearing weights or a leather stretcher is helpful. This allows any soreness that may have developed to heal, as well as a general healing of any slight damage that may have occurred to the testicles or the spermatic cord. Also, taking time off from stretching allows for the evaluation of progress without wearing any stretching mechanism.

Getting good nutrition is important in ball stretching. The goal is to add additional skin to the scrotum and lengthen the internal structures contained in the scrotum. This means the creation of new skin and connective tissues. Building new tissue requires protein, and LOTS of protein. Foods high in protein should be consumed. This includes lots of skim milk, eggs and peanut butter in addition to low fat meats. Other foods high in protein should be researched on the web. Vitamins and minerals are also important, and taking a multivitamin should be made a routine after breakfast. Breakfast cereals high in vitamins and iron as well as protein should be consumed as well.

For those who live in colder climates, one reader has helpfully suggested wearing hand warmers next to the sack if worn in supportive underwear. Hand warmers can also be added next to the sack when the hang is loose by putting the hand warmers inside a thin sock and wearing the sock around the hang. The thin sock does not add to the overall bulge of the package and the hand warmer is where it needs to be - at the bottom of the scrotal sack. Although the author has never tried this warming method, he sees a lot of help in it for those who suffer from tight sacks in the colder climates. What are these hand warmers? They are the reusable hand warming devices that can be pre-heated and then worn for long periods of time while the warmer releases the heat that was stored. There are also single use exothermic-based chemical reaction warmers that many hunters use while hunting in sub-freezing temperatures. These types are available at sporting goods and hunting supply websites and stores. Snap™ Instant Heater reusable hand warmers are ideal for this application.

Both the WMC™ and New Ringmaster™ weights have a spare bolt/key available. The two weights use the same sized bolts and keys. The author highly recommends the purchase of an extra wrench key and bolt. Many times, the bolt is dropped on the floor and cannot be found, or the key may become lost and then the weight cannot be removed. In either case, the loss of the bolt and/or key will make the weight unusable. There is no greater fury than losing a bolt in the carpeting, making the weight useless until the bolt is found again. At less than $3 each, this is an affordable insurance policy for everyone!

The author has developed a sneaky but quick way of lifting the testicles up before sitting down, such as into a car, into a chair, into a sofa onto a bench, etc. Gently put one hand on the opposite leg and inner thigh, then quickly push the hand so the palm covers the crotch. With the middle 3 fingers, press hard toward the leg and lift upwards at the same time to keep the testicles and weights held up so they do not fall to the back of the leg when sitting down. This is quite effective, and should be adopted by those with large testicles or those wearing ball weights.

When applying the weights to the scrotal sack, it works best to put shea butter on the scrotal hang AFTER the weights are secured on the scrotal hang. Shea butter and the polished surface of the weights will make the weights very difficult to hold onto when trying to apply the weights with shea butter. Instead, put on the weights and then use a shea butter pump nozzle or the bare fingers (in the case of solid shea butter) to apply shea lotion/butter underneath each weight. After the shea has been applied, hold the entire stretch in a horizontal position and spin the weights around the hang to distribute the shea lotion/butter entirely around the scrotal hang.

Those of us with long scrotal hangs know that it can bounce and swing as it hangs freely down one of the pant legs. The swinging movement of the scrotal hang makes the crotch and leg areas more noticeable to others. Eliminating the excessive movements of the scrotal hang while out in public may be of interest to those who wish to remain "under cover". This can be remedied by simply wearing a Hang Strap. This strap is a long piece of elastic stretching material. For best results, use an elastic band that is at least 1 - 2 inches thick. Most craft stores sell packages of pre-cut elastic banding at 2 inches wide by 36 inches length. This elastic banding makes a perfect Hang Strap.

Here is how to make the updated Hang Strap: Wearing underwear, pull the scrotal hang through the front underwear flap and allow the sack to hang over the underwear down one leg. Keep the penis inside the underwear, this will help stretch the penoscrotal skin web. Put on a thin dress sock over the sack and weights and secure it at the top of the sack. Make sure the weights are generously greased in shea butter. Wrap the elastic band around the mid upper leg and sack hang. Pull to your own tightness preference and use a safety-pin to hold the banding in place. With the extra length of banding, pull it upwards and secure with a safety-pin on the underwear waist band. This will keep the Hang Strap from sliding down the leg and falling off. The sack hang is held in perfect position, with the help of the thin sock covering it. The Hang Strap prevents horizontal swinging motion, however vertical bounce motion is still preserved. The gentle tug of the weights with each step is still felt and very much enjoyed while shopping. The gentle hug of the Hang Strap eliminates swinging motion. Please note that a new photo of the hang strap will be coming soon in the next update.

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A Graded Method of Progress: Beginner to Advanced

The author has received many requests for further information regarding the Art of Ball-Stretching. In order to help new and interested people, the author has written a graded method of progress. This will serve as a rough guide to follow through ALL the various stages involved with ball-stretching.

The most frequently asked questions readers have in their minds before starting are…What is ball-stretching like? What do the sensations described in the article actually feel like? Will I enjoy it? Here, the author suggests you give it an inexpensive try with the purchase of some ponytailers, enough to give a couple inches of thickness. Apply them to the scrotal sack above the testicles and wear them for a day around the house, or go for a walk outside and pay attention to the feelings that having low balls stirs in those dedicated to our art. With weights and stretchers the feelings are more intense, but the ponytailers will give a foretaste of what is to come. Another option is the purchase of a $40 or similar leather stretcher. Wear periodically a couple weeks and become familiar with all the enjoyable sensations that ball-stretching provides. If the sensations are enjoyed, a leather stretcher can always be used in conjunction with a metal weight if that route is chosen. In the author's opinion, metal weights feel the best and will last a lifetime.

Another frequently asked question regarding this chapter is: "How do I know when I'm ready to upgrade to the next metal weight level?" The answer to this question is best described in picture in these two photos. The photo on the left is at a low enough hang so that a half inch weight can be added. The photo on the right displays the added half inch weight. Generally, the rule of thumb is that when the sack hang is low enough, the anticipated additional weight will result in having an inch or more of loose free hang.This allows for the contraction of the scrotal sack in cold and stressful conditions. In the photos, the left picture has 1 ¾ inches of loose free hang, and the addition of the half inch weight in the right picture results in a remaining 1 ¼ inches of loose free hang.

Another question frequently emailed to the author is as follows: "Can I skip the half inch weight and go right to a full inch weight after grade 1 in order to save money?" This question is also simple. The graded method has had much thought and planning used in its design. All the weights listed in the graded method will be used. There are no weights that go unused. Sometimes, the half inch weight is useful in going up to the next weight level. Going up one full inch between grades 1 and 2 using metal weights can sometimes result in pressure points. These pressure points may be intense enough so that the weight cannot be worn 24/7 (or as close as possible) as is suggested by the graded method. Less wear time means less exposure to the stretch stimulus, which means less progress. An additional half inch in metal weights can usually be tolerated so that it can be worn 24/7. This means more exposure and better results. In short, using the half inch weight length increase is the gentlest and most efficient way to the best possible outcome. In later grades, going up a full inch (or more) is suggested but this is at a point in which the sack is stretched enough and it is ready to handle the increase. .

Other frequently asked questions include:

- How do I know what to purchase?
- Where do I purchase the items I need to get started?
- What is better: leather stretchers or metal weights?
- Are lotions beneficial?
- What lotions work best for stretching?
- How do I get started?
- How long should I wear weights or leather stretchers each day?
- Can I jump right into 24/7 wear with a metal weight?
- How long will it take to achieve some noticeable results?
- What do I do next? How do I continue to achieve progress?
- And the most lingering question of all: "Will these effects be permanent?"

Yes, the effects are permanent. However, a comparison with stretched skin examples must be made with other stretched skin examples. The converse is also true. Many have commented regarding the fact that after around 15 days without exposure the scrotal sack seems to shrink. Yes it is true that after the stretching stimulus is removed, the skin pulls its self together until it reaches a cozy equilibrium of comfort between the cells, membranes, blood vessel, nerve fibers, skin tissues, etc. Everything that was stretched must pull together to a working equilibrium with each other and this process takes about 15 days and the sack size will stabilize. It is important to remember to compare examples of a "virgin" scrotal sack with a scrotal sack involved with ball-stretching that has had 15 days to reach this equilibrium. Compare your "virgin" beginning sack length with a relaxed sack not exposed to weights for 15 or more days. This is the true comparison! In the author's best guestimation, the shrinkage is between 15-20%.

The answers to these questions are contained within this chapter. Here, a graded method of progress is described from beginners in Grade 1 though the advanced users in Grades 7 and 8. The grades are organized into two parts: One for leather stretcher users and the other is for weighted metal users. The recommended best source for the items used in this graded process through the methods is Secret Leather. The quality and customer support is simply unsurpassed by anyone. However, any search engine will pull up a host of other options should the prospective buyer decide to choose a non-recommended supplier. As always, the author welcomes and encourages all questions in hopes of helping readers in their quest for lower hanging testicles.

Similar substitutions can be made for the specific weights called for in this graded method. Also, leather and metal weights can be used together by keeping the leather near the top of the hang and weights at the bottom for some variation and variety. Using leather stretchers does not add any significant weight. The stretching length is increased and held firm which works well with stretch tension supplied by the metal weights.

The author's sizes are used for the inside diameters on the WMC weights listed in this graded course of progress. Since two different WMC sizes will be used in later grades, the smaller WMC size is listed as 36mm while the larger WMC size is listed as 39mm. This corresponds to the smallest tightness multiplier (0.74) and the largest tightness multiplier (0.80). Users should use the inside diameter that best fits their own personal scrotal hang.

The progress through the grades is not meant to be taken literally at each word, but rather the user should make some similar decisions if a substitution must be made for a weight or leather stretcher. This method is an example, and there are many other similar methods other users have come up with that are just as valid. This example may be used literally at each word, but similar results can be expected making some similar substitutions. The purpose of this graded method is to give those just starting out some ideas of what may lie ahead for them, as well as some valuable ideas for seasoned stretchers alike.

What are the expectations for each grade? Metal users will notice rapid progress through Grades 1, 2, and perhaps 3. In actuality, Grades 1 and 2 and partly with Grade 3 is that the skin is acclimating to the stretching tension and the existing skin is stretching out until it reaches a maximum point in late Grade 2 or early Grade 3. Several users have reported a noticeable lower hang after only a week using a single WMC™. After Grade 3, the progress seems to slow to the user. Really, by early Grade 3 the fully stretched scrotal sack is now under 100% stretching tension and it is at this point that the cellular stimulation for growth of new skin cells really is taking place. Grades 1 and 2 stretch the available skin, Grades 3 and up are generating new skin. Do not become discouraged after Grade 2 because this is where a truly growing scrotal sack takes place. For those in Grades 3 and higher, a realistic expectation for loose hanging scrotal skin is about an inch each 10-14 months with 24/7 exposure. The progress is a little slower if 24/7 is not possible, but do not be discouraged because the tension applied is always stimulating new skin at this point.

For those who choose the less expensive leather stretcher method, the progress is a bit different than metal users. A pre-Grade 1 one inch stretcher may be required and used a few weeks to gradually stretch the skin so that a two inch leather stretcher can be applied. Average scrotal sacks will be fully expanded by the end of Grade 2. Grades 3 and above are generating new skin cells from the stretching stimulus and progress may appear to diminish. Do not become discouraged but rather be encouraged because this is where the real skin growth is taking place. Progress using leather stretchers is a little slower than metal weights. The average expectation is a growth of one inch of new scrotal hang after 14-18 months in Grades 3 and above with about 18 hours of daily exposure to the stretching stimulus. With only overnight exposure at 6 - 8 hours, the progress is still slower.

The use of only ponytailers is a very slow method of progress. The author has used this method from high school through the end of college with minimal length increase. Ponytailers are best reserved for temporary length increases while using the metal or leather as the primary method. On the same token, manual stretching does not really provide length increase but rather is useful for loosening/relaxing the scrotal skin in a hot shower/bath in preparation for the application of metal weights or leather stretchers.

Photographs of the hardware required are included at the end of each grade. These photographs are of the author's personal equipment and some pieces may have a "used" appearance. The author hopes the reader will overlook this aspect of the photos and view the photos for what they include in each grade.

The following few paragraphs appear also in "The Use of Excessively Heavy Weights" chapter, but are important and so are included here as well.

As the user advances through the graded levels in this guide and reaches their goal, weight levels of 32 to 40 ounces are adequate for use as a set of permanent weights. This is called the plateau stage of the stretching program. Additional weights can be added for temporary excitement, however through lots of information exchange with readers the author has come to the conclusion that the 32 - 40 ounce weight range is very comfortable and at two inches of weight thickness...less than the maximum of three inches of weights on the hang for continued comfortable wear. This makes the two inch length quite easy to wear anywhere anytime. Always remember that after a new user begins stretching, much lengthening and loosening of the scrotal sack takes place. This is the existing skin stretching out until it reaches it's maximum point. It is at this maximum stretching point, with continued weight/stretcher tension applied to the scrotal hang, than cellular multiplication kicks in, permanently growing more skin and connective tissues. The plateau stage will continue from this point forward in the stretching program, with gradual results noticed. Approximately one inch of new sack hang will develop every 10-14 months with continued use of this stretching program. Please read "I've Reached My Goal --- Now What?" chapter for further information regarding this stage of the program. If very heavy weights are used, even for a short time exposure, be aware of the dangers of this activity. Take care of your body, you only get one.

Related to the use of excessively heavy weights on the scrotal hang, there is also the issue of pushing too far too fast through the weight increases of the stretching program. The author realizes that this is never the user's own fault, but rather the result of excitement and an overwhelming enthusiasm for what the results of this stretching program can provide. Sometimes this excitement and enthusiasm for the results of the stretching program can cause new users to push through weight increases too fast. The author has had many communications with new users experiencing the same set of symptoms. These symptoms include an irritated reddish appearance to the scrotal skin, burning sensations under the weight-bearing lowest weights on the scrotal hang, and an outright vividly alive pain within the skin its self under the lowest weight-bearing collars on the scrotal hang. Sometimes the use of a moisture barrier bag and liberal use of shea lotion can help prolong wear of the weights a few hours, but the pain irritation and burning continue to plague the new user. Please note these symptoms are different than those of the skin allergy described in the "Preservation of Lotions and Butters" chapter.

If stretching pain symptoms are something new users begin to experience, consider the time intervals given for the scrotal sack to adjust to each new weight increase. If weight increases are added and maintained faster than this weight-guide schedule below, then more than likely the new user will experience these symptoms.

Weight Increase Guidelines for Users New to Weights:

  1. One single 8 oz. WMC, worn initially 12 hours on and 12 hours off for the first week. Wear the weight 24/7 starting the second week of your stretching program. Continue wearing the single 8oz WMC for 8-12 weeks of exposure.
  2. Add a second 8 oz. WMC with 8-12 hours on and a single 8 oz. WMC the remainder of the time for one week. After a week, continue at 24/7 wearing both WMC weights for a total of 16oz at 8-12 weeks of exposure.
  3. Add a third 8 oz. WMC with 8-12 hours on and two 8 oz. WMCs the remainder of the time. After the second week, all three WMC weights may be worn for comfort and an extended wear time at 24 ounces of weight. Remember that a 30mm high WMC may be substituted for two 15mm high WMC weights.

As mentioned above, the "happy zone" of 32-40 ounces is perfect for the permanent set of weights worn by the user. Using the above weight increase timing guidelines, new users should have excellent results initiating their stretching program. The above guidelines are the result of two years of communication with hundreds of men beginning their stretching program. Since the author's personal experience began using leather stretchers, the transition to a heavier set of weights at faster time intervals was possible.

The guiding principle behind this weight increase timing suggestion is that it takes time for the scrotal sack to adjust to heavier weight levels. Scrotal skin (and all skin for that matter) can only stretch so far so fast. The pain and burning felt within the skin is the over-stretching of the tissues. This can result in micro-tears which heal as unstretchable scar tissue. New users should take caution that their enthusiasm not endanger their scrotal tissues through over-stretching and micro-tears. Always allow a week of transition time when adjusting to a new weight level in the permanent weights.

Sometimes, a new user will genetically have a larger and longer scrotal sack. This genetic head-start on this stretching program means that there is more room on the scrotal hang between the top of the testicles and the groin. In this case, it is very tempting and yet possible to skip the initial 15mm WMC weight and jump right over to the 30mm WMC weight.

The 30mm WMC weighs 16 ounces. An initial 16 ounce jolt to the scrotal hang at 24/7 exposure time right away is very tempting. However, after three to four days of 24/7 exposure for new users may result in one or more of the above uncomfortable skin symptoms. New users with room for a 30mm high WMC should begin their stretching program with 8-12 hours of exposure per day for the first week, and then gradually increase to 24/7 exposure over the next three weeks. This gives a gradual wear time that is gently increasing the first few weeks of the stretching program, and then 24/7 wear time should be possible while avoiding the uncomfortable over-stretching skin symptoms described in the above paragraphs.

The graded method is as follows. Dive in, give it a try, the water is lovely!

Metal users should start with the standard WMC™ weight after taking careful measurements following the directions in this article. This metal weight can be worn indefinitely 24/7 right away. It will give an idea of what sensations can be felt when using heavier weights later in the future.

Leather Stretcher users should start with a one or two inch leather stretcher ordered from a reputable company to insure quality. Be wary of "leather" stretchers which seem to be a very good deal; they usually aren't and lack significant quality.

Always use Palmer's Shea Butter Formula as lubricant for the weights or stretchers. Another excellent choice is Secret Leather's own Sheacoa butter. It works by greasing the sack in a butter-like consistency which readily melts at body temperature into a smooth silky lotion that lubricates and keeps the sack elastic all day. The Sheacoa butter is especially useful for those with sensitive skin types which may be more difficult to stretch. A shea based lubricant should be used in every grade in this course of progress. For more information on lotions, please read the section entitled "Lotions that Promote the Stretching of the Scrotum".

Ponytailers can also be used to add temporary stretching length to any metal weight or collar. They can be used at all levels of this graded course. Both ponytailers and the Shea butters/lotions will be listed in each grade of this course of progress.

Combined Metal Length: ½ inch
Combined Metal Weight: 8 oz

See this photo for hardware required for Grade 1.

Toolkit includes:
Metal: 36mm WMC™ and ½ inch New Ringmaster™
Leather: 2" stretcher, 3" stretcher.

Metal users will note that the ½ inch New Ringmaster™ has been added to the toolkit. Both WMC™ and New Ringmaster™ should be worn, with the WMC™ at the bottom. Wear both weights 24/7 or as much as possible. Shea butters or lotion should be worn as lubricant. A second WMC™ weight may be substituted at this point for the New Ringmaster™.

Leather Stretcher users will see a new 3 inch stretcher is suggested. When the balls hang loosely out the end of an old stretcher that means it's time to upgrade to the next stretcher level. When going from an old stretcher to a new one, the length can be slowly introduced by wearing the new longer stretcher for longer and longer time periods and wear the old stretcher between the periods of new stretcher wear. Soon, it will become comfortable and wearable without any troubles.

Combined Metal Length: 1 inch
Combined Metal Weight: 16 oz (1 pound)

See this photo for the hardware required for Grade 2.

Toolkit includes:
Metal: 36mm WMC™, ½ inch New Ringmaster™, 1 1/8 inch New Ringmaster™.
Leather: 2" stretcher, 3" stretcher, 4" stretcher.

Metal users will notice the addition of the 1 1/8 inch New Ringmaster™ to the toolkit. Wear the WMC™ on the bottom and the new 1 1/8 inch New Ringmaster™ above. After a few weeks, try the ½ inch New Ringmaster™ with the 1 1/8 inch and WMC™. After a few weeks, try wearing all 3 metal weights 24/7.

Leather Stretcher users should move up to the 4 inch leather stretcher. The 3 inch should be loose and have the testicles hanging loosely out one side. Wear the 4 inch leather stretcher for short durations of time during the day and try to make durations last longer and longer. Soon the stretcher can be worn 24/7 without any difficulty.

Combined Metal Length: (all 3) 2.125 inches
Combined Metal Weight: 29 oz (1.81 pounds)

See a picture of the weights and stretchers in this toolkit here.

Toolkit includes:
Metal: 36mm WMC™, new 36mm WMC™, ½ inch New Ringmaster™, 1 1/8 inch New Ringmaster™.
Leather: 2" stretcher, 3" stretcher, 4" stretcher, new 5" stretcher

Metal users should note the addition of a new 36mm WMC™. This WMC™ will be placed at the top of the weight stack and the other WMC™ is at the bottom of the weight stack right above the testicles. The 1 1/8 New Ringmaster™ can be worn between the WMC™s at first, then add the ½ inch New Ringmaster™ between the WMC™s for added weight and length.

Leather Stretcher users will notice the new 5 inch leather stretcher. Again, slowly begin wearing the new leather stretcher length for small intervals of time, getting longer each time.

Combined Metal Length: 2.625 inches
Combined Metal Weight: 37 oz (2.31 pounds)

The toolkit picture of this grade can be viewed here.

Toolkit includes:
Metal: 36mm WMC™, 36mm WMC™, 1 1/8 inch New Ringmaster™, and the ½ inch New Ringmaster™.
Leather: 2" stretcher, 3" stretcher, 4 inch stretcher, 5 inch stretcher, new weighted leather stretcher.

Metal users should use the two WMC™s one at the bottom and one at the top and both 1 1/8 inch New Ringmaster™ and ½ inch New Ringmaster™ between. Using the ½ inch New Ringmaster™ will help with vertical stretch and added weight.

Leather Stretcher users will now see that we will add two leather stretchers together to get a new length. Here we will add a 2" and a 4" leather stretcher to make a 6" leather stretcher hang. Metal users will notice no addition of stretching hardware at this point. Users are encouraged to try using a short leather stretcher between the top and next metal weight for added length and stretch. Or, try wearing all of the existing toolkit hardware for longer periods of time.

Combined Metal Length: 2.625 inches
Combined Metal Weight: 37 oz (2.31 pounds)

The toolkit picture of this grade can be viewed here.

Toolkit includes
Metal: 36mm WMC™, 36mm WMC™, 1 1/8 inch New Ringmaster™, 1 ¾ inch New Ringmaster™, and ½ inch New Ringmaster™.
Leather: 2" stretcher, 3" stretcher, 4" stretcher, 5" stretcher, weighted leather stretcher.

Metal users should cautiously wear the new 1 ¾ New Ringmaster™ weight at home with the two WMC™ weights and the 1 1/8 inch New Ringmaster™ only as the length and weight becomes more familiar. After an initial partial exposure to this weight, it can then be used 24/7 as long as comfort levels are maintained. At last, adding the ½ inch New Ringmaster™ will conclude this grade.

Leather Stretcher users toolkit remains the same; however in this new grade we will use the 4" leather and 3" leather together to make a 7" leather stretcher hang. Leather or metal users can use the weighted leather stretcher for added length or weight as desired.

Combined Metal Length: 4.375 inches
Combined Metal Weight: 59.9 oz (3.74 pounds)

The toolkit picture of this grade can be viewed here.

Toolkit includes:
Metal: 39mm WMC™, 36mm WMC™, 36mm WMC™, 1 1/8 inch New Ringmaster™, 1 ¾ inch New Ringmaster™, ½ inch New Ringmaster™.
Leather: 2" stretcher, 3" stretcher, 4" stretcher, 5" stretcher, weighted leather stretcher.

Metal users will notice the added third WMC™. A 39mm WMC™ can be placed first on the scrotal hang at the bottom right above the testicles. The next 36mm WMC™ can be placed above that. These two different sized WMC™ weights act as a funnel, bringing down the scrotal diameter more slowly than with only one WMC™. Due to the heavier pull of the above mentioned weights, pressure point pain may be felt beneath the single WMC™ weight at the bottom, so the additional slightly larger WMC will help distribute the larger weight load more broadly over a double WMC™ surface area. A funnel effect situation should not be used endlessly for weeks and weeks. A compressed testicle often will result. The compressed testicle is then small enough to cause frequent weight slippages. To avoid the compressed testicle condition, alternate every 3 weeks between the lowest and the weight above that. Use each WMC on the bottom every 3 weeks. A good rule of thumb for the inside diameter of the bottom WMC™ is to use the loosest tightness multiplier; use the smallest tightness multiplier for the next WMC™ positioned directly above. The 1 1/8 New Ringmaster™ can be worn, but the 1 ¾ New Ringmaster™ may prove too long to hide in pants comfortably, so the 3 WMC™s and the 1 1/8 New Ringmaster™ can be considered permanent weights and the 1 ¾ New Ringmaster™ weight will be added in the comfort of home and individual activity outside the house. The ½ inch New Ringmaster™ can be added temporarily during the day to make the stretch longer but should be taken off during the night for more comfortable sleeping.

Leather Stretcher users will now use the 5" and 3" leather stretchers to make an 8" hang. Try to keep this hang going while at home or overnight.

Metal Combined Length: 4.875 inches
Combined Metal Weight: 67.9 (4.24 pounds)

To view this toolkit, click on the picture link here.

Toolkit includes: Metal: 39mm WMC™, 36mm WMC™, 36mm WMC™, 1 1/8 inch New Ringmaster™, 1 ¾ inch New Ringmaster™, ½ inch New Ringmaster™, and a 1 inch standard 16oz weight.
Leather: 2" stretcher, 3" stretcher, 4" stretcher, 5" stretcher, weighted leather stretcher.

Metal users will notice the addition of a standard 16 oz. weight. This weight will serve as a substitute for lower mass weights such as the ½ inch New Ringmaster™. It can also be used temporarily to increase the length and weight of the hang. The author does not recommend wearing all the weights together as the combined weight is too heavy and borders safe weight levels.

Leather Stretcher users will now be able to use the 4" leather and the 5" leather stretchers to make a 9" hang. Try to keep this hang going at least during the day at home. Try sleeping overnight with it, but if it is too bothersome take one of the stretchers off.

Combined Metal Length: 5.875 inches
Combined Metal Weight: 85.5 oz (5.34 pounds)

To View this toolkit, click on the picture link here.

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Wear and Care of Leather Stretchers and Metal Weights.

Wearing: Wearing leather stretchers or metal weights is fun, easy, and beneficial all in one package. In the author's experience, a maximum of three inches of metal weights or leather stretcher can be hidden in the crotch area under casual or dress attire. In general, there are a few guidelines that apply to both leather stretchers and ball weights. They are as follows:

1. Always use a lubricant. Although any type of lotion can provide lubrication for leather stretchers and metal weights, lotions or butters that contain shea butter are the best. Shea butter promotes skin elasticity which in turn promotes skin stretch and cellular multiplication. A lotion that contains shea butter such as Palmer's Shea Butter Formula lotion or Secret Leather's homemade SheaCoa butter are recommended. If the scrotal sack is accustomed to having a shea lotion/butter applied daily and the daily application of the lotion/butter is suddenly disrupted, the scrotal sack will revolt by drying out and begin flaking off dry patches of skin.

Always be wise when shopping for leather stretchers. The market is flooded with cheap knock-offs of quality leather stretcher brands. If you pay around $25 for a leather stretcher, it's probably not going to be the best quality. The leather imitation is based in polyurethane and is not something anyone would want long time exposure to. The $40 and higher price ranges are genuine leather and will work for your leather pleasures.

The reason this is brought up here is that the cheap leather stretchers will simply get soggy and fall apart when lubrication is added to them as is recommended in this article. So, buying a quality stretcher from a major source is definitely recommended.

A. Leather Stretchers: Before applying a leather stretcher to the sack hang, generously apply lubricant to the inside surface of the leather stretcher. Hold the leather stretcher with the inside surface exposed and liberally apply the lubricant. For best results, a liquid lotion lubricant works best for this style of application. Apply the liquid lotion lubricant as if you were adding catsup to a hot dog: "the more the better!" A solid butter can also be generously applied to the bare scrotal sack surface (not the inside leather stretcher surface) accomplishing the same goal for lubrication.

B. Metal Weights: For best results, apply lubrication to metal weights after they have been attached to the scrotal hang. This will prevent the weight from becoming too slippery when trying to put them on. For step-by-step instructions on how to apply a metal weight to the scrotal hang, see this page: "How to put on a Split Collar".
After the weight has been applied to the scrotal hang, lubrication can now be applied to the scrotal sack. Always apply lubrication to the underside top and bottom sides of long weights and in the underside center of short weights on the scrotal hang. For applying lotion/butter to the top side of the weight, hold the weight down with one hand and apply the lubrication to the underside of the weight next to the exposed scrotal skin with the other hand and fingers. For applying lotion/butter to the bottom side of the weight, pull the weight up and apply the lubrication to the exposed scrotal skin with the other hand and fingers. Always massage the lotion/butter completely around the exposed scrotal skin: both back and front sides. Repeat the application of lubrication to the top and bottom sides for each additional longer weight on the scrotal hang. Hold each weight down and apply lubrication to the top half, hold each weight up and apply lubrication to the bottom half. If the weight is shorter, only one application of lubricant is necessary from either the top or bottom. For best results, apply a shea butter lubricant two or three times a day (in the morning before work, in the afternoon after work, in the evening before sleep). When using Secret Leather's SheaCoa butter, one morning application will usually last the entire day.


The fastest application of lubrication is accomplished by using a pump style bottle with liquid shea lotion. Position the pump nozzle between the scrotal skin and inside surface of the weight and pump one squirt of lotion. Repeat the pump and squirt of lotion on each additional weight on the scrotal hang. After all weights have had their pump of lotion, liberally massage shea lotion into the exposed scrotal sack surrounding the testicles; massage 45 or so seconds to ensure quick penetration of the shea lotion into the skin. This skin is exposed to the inside surface of undergarments and other clothing so the lotion immediately rubs off unless it is allowed to penetrate the skin before clothing is reapplied. Apply a short bead of shea lotion along the surface where the weight and scrotal skin begin contact and massage around the entire circumference of the weight/scrotal hang border. This area is especially vulnerable when wearing weights since it holds the most weight pressure on its surface. Pull and hold the scrotal hang straight forward with one hand grasping the scrotal hang around the top of the testicles with the thumb and forefinger. As the sack and hang are extended forward with one hand, spin the weights on the scrotal hang with the other hand several times over on each weight to distribute the pumped lotion completely around the scrotal hang surface beneath each weight.

2. Be aware of any pain while wearing leather stretchers or metal weights. As mentioned before in the chapter regarding "Pain", pain is the first signal that something is wrong. If pain is felt, examine the scrotal sack for color changes or temperature changes. If the sack blood vessels are turning dark blue or purple or the scrotal surface has a cool/cold temperature, the circulation is cut off and the leather stretcher or weight should be readjusted. Please note that after "permanent" weight, which have been worn an extended period of time, have been removed there may be a return of a dull lingering ache in one or both of the spermatic cords. This is normal and will diminish over a day or two if the weights are not reapplied. Please re-read the section regarding "Pain" to be certain all signals and signs are familiar.

3. The wear order of leather stretchers and metal weights is important. If more than one leather stretcher is used, apply the stretcher with the largest inside diameter on the bottom right above the testicles then apply the stretcher with the smaller inside diameter on the top next to the groin. If three stretchers are worn, the same logic still applied: largest inside diameter on the bottom and smallest on the top.

Smaller inside diameter stretcher
(Optional next larger sized inside diameter)
Largest inside diameter stretcher
(Ponytailers may be added here for extra length, but they may telescope inside the stretcher above).

4. Metal weights use different criteria in their order of placement on the scrotal hang. In general, a WMC™ weight should be placed on the bottom right above the testicles. If more than one WMC™ weight is used on the bottom side (one should already be used on the top side for a total of 3-two on bottom one top), the weight with the largest inside diameter should be used on the bottom above the testicles and the second WMC™ weight with the smaller inside diameter should be placed above. This creates a synergistic "funnel" effect going from the larger inside diameter to a smaller inside diameter. The author recommends that those of us who have a larger WMC™ they cannot use, it can be used here at the bottom of the weight stack with the smaller sized WMC™ above it. The author uses a 39mm and a 36mm WMC™ at the bottom of the weight chain. If additional weights are used, the heaviest (longest) weight should be placed next on the scrotal hang. Continue placing weights on the scrotal hang in order from heaviest (longest) to the lightest (shortest) at the top. Another WMC™ weight should be placed at the highest top-most position, right next to the groin.

To reiterate, if only one WMC™ weight is owned, always place it on the bottom right above the testicles. If two same sized WMC™ weights are used, place one right above the testicles and one right below the groin: bottom-most and top-most positions. If three WMC™ weights are used, place two on the bottom (largest inside diameter right above the testicles for the "funnel" effect) and one at the top. Non-WMC™ weights should be placed in between the WMC™ weights. If only non-WMC™ weights are used (standard weight, New Ringmaster™, etc…) place the heaviest (longest) weight at the bottom and arrange other weights in decreasing order (according to weight) along the scrotal hang.

WMC at top next to groin (if available)
Non-WMC weight- shortest and lightest
Additional non-WMC weight, next heavier and longer
Additional non-WMC weight, next heavier and longer
(Keep adding additional weights getting larger one at a time) Secondary WMC - smaller inside diameter (if available)
Primary WMC - larger inside diameter (fill this WMC position first) (Additional ponytailers may be added for temporary extra length)

The reason for this ordering is comfort. The shorter and lighter weights, when added together, act like the vertebrae in the spine- they can bend at the "joint" making it much more comfortable to wear under clothing and for daily activities. Bending takes place up high on the weight chain, so having the shortest weights to act as the "vertebrae of a spine" works very well. After an extended wear period with permanent weights, a "wear ring" will appear on the scrotal sack as a red ring. This is the place where the WMC weight distributes the weight of the split collars onto the scrotal sack. There is no need for worry or concern regarding this red ring. Given two days of healing without wearing the weights, the ring will completely disappear. Please note that it will take two days of healing time so any view of the naked scrotal sack during that time will show the red ring. Prepare two days ahead of time by removing permanent weights two days ahead of time if you do not wish to display the red ring. This photo illustrates this mild red ring around the scrotal sack. Notice the picture on the right side, taken 24 hours later. The red ring has completely gone.

Please note however, that with some, it may take more than 24 hours for the red ring to disappear. Some skin types are less elastic than others, which makes them more sensitive and red ring/tenderness can take 3 or more days to go completely. Those with this skin type are also likely to find the actual scrotal skin stretching a slower and more finite process. Whatever your skin type, a good moisturizing and lubricating regime is enormously beneficial in minimizing the red ring/discomfort and assisting the repair when it occurs. Shea butter is excellent in this regard and Secretleather's SheaCoa combines moisturization and lubrication in one product.

5. If both leather stretchers and metal weights are used, place the metal weight above the testicles first, and then place the leather stretcher above. If available, a WMC™ weight should be used above the testicles and below the groin and in that order. If desired, ponytailers can be added below the bottom weight for a temporary length increase for added stretching tension.

(Top- always use a WMC weight [if available])
Shortest (or only) leather stretcher
(Longer leather stretcher [if available])
(Shortest non-WMC weight [if available])
(Longer non-WMC weight [if available])
Bottom- always a metal weight (WMC weight if available) (Additional ponytailers may be added for temporary extra length)


Caring: Caring for leather stretchers and metal weights is easy since there is very low maintenance and minimal cleaning.

1. Leather Stretchers: There is no maintenance on leather stretchers, only mildly disinfecting the inside surface of the stretcher. Since the inside surface of the leather stretcher is exposed to the moisture from lubrications every day, the inside surface of the stretcher can become wet and soggy. If this happens, wipe the inside surface with a damp cloth to remove dried-on old lotion. Then, let the leather stretcher air dry in an open position for 6-8 hours. A fan can be directed at the stretcher and air drying will be only 1-2 hours. Since the leather material has an organic origin, the leather material can begin the decomposition process if it stays moist for too long. When this happens, a distinct odor will be present on the inside surface of the leather stretcher. In this case, apply a mildly diluted solution of Lysol disinfectant to the inside surface of the stretcher. Allow the moisture from the disinfectant to evaporate over the next hour. Next, wipe the inside surface of the leather stretcher with a damp cloth to remove the disinfectant particulates and allow to dry another 1-2 hours. After this infrequent process, the stretcher is again ready to be used. Disinfection of leather stretchers is infrequent, only every few months, depending on usage and need. If skin pore infections begin to pop up, this is a signal that the stretcher needs to be disinfected.

2. Metal Weights: Use care and caution with metal weights---because they are so expensive. When removing a metal weight from the scrotal hang, examine it carefully looking for signs of oxidation (rusting) from the application of water-based lubricants and scrotal sweat. The cheaper weights may rust through if they are stainless steel, or a green color may appear on the inside leg or scrotal hang which means the copper in the brass core has become exposed. At this point, the brass-core weight is useless and should be thrown away. For more information, visit the "Metal Weights" chapter of this article. Secret Leather weights are guaranteed not to rust and they are the highest quality source available for the metal weights.

Polish away any spots of rust (of present), old accumulated chunks of dry lotion or blemishes with a dry cloth. Be sure to examine the inside surfaces where the two halves of the collar touch and come together since the millwork in these areas is sometimes poor and iron may be present. In fact, if there is going to be rust on a metal weight, it most likely will be found where these two surfaces join together when applied to the scrotal hang. There also tends to be significant buildup of old lotion in this area where the halves come together. If they don't come off by wiping it, the weight can be soaked in water and that will make old lotion deposits soft and removable. Secondly, examine the inside surface were the inside of the weight touches the scrotal skin. There may be tiny specs of rust, so small they may be invisible. To be sure these specs of rust are removed at each cleaning, polish the inside and outside surfaces of the metal weight with a dry cloth. Any signs of rust or blemish will be removed. If the chrome-like polish of the surfaces of the ball weight becomes dull, a chrome polish may be used. They are available at hardware stores and Harley-Davidson motorcycle dealerships across the United States. Before wearing a metal weight after polishing, be sure to remove all unused polish left on the weight surface before wearing since chrome polish is not healthy when exposed to the sensitive scrotal surface.

When applying a metal weight, be sure NOT to tighten the screw very tight. Remember that a tight application always means a tighter removal of the screw-- as well as added wear to the inside and outside grooves on the screw and inside screw hole. At removal, a wrench's hold on a tight screw may suddenly release and an unpleasant smack in the testicles is always the result. Tighten the screw only until it feels snug; that is as tight as it should be secured. Also remember to tighten slowly so that you have a very early warning if any skin is stuck between the two halves of the split collar.

When inserting the screw into the screw hole, be certain the two halves of the metal weight are aligned so that the screw can be installed straight into the hole. If the sides are not aligned together, the screw may be at an angle inside the hole. Then, when tightened, the screw will become worn and stripped which ruins the screw and perhaps the inside threads on the weight. A screw should never be tight until the two halves of the weight are completely tight together. A screw should never turn hard; if this happens, do not force the screw tighter. Rather, remove the screw and inspect for stripped threads which may indicate further thread damage inside the weight's screw hole. Essentially, the weight is ruined if the threads become stripped on the inside screw hole. Always be careful when installing the screw into the hole, be certain everything is aligned together before tightening the screw. Replacement screws for WMC™ and Ringmaster™ weights are available from Secret Leather. Replacement screws are not available if the weight was purchased elsewhere.

Some men may wear metal weights that they consider 'permanent'. The author himself wears three WMC™ weights and one 1.125 inch New Ringmaster™ weight that he considers to be permanently mounted. Even these 'permanently' mounted weights should be periodically taken off, polished, have rust spots removed and disinfected. Periodic disinfecting of all metal weights should be done using a mildly diluted Lysol disinfectant solution. Always wipe off any disinfecting solution or particulates before wear. If infected scrotal skin pores begin happening on the scrotal hang more and more frequently, this is a signal that the weights need to be removed, polished, rust removed (if present), and disinfected as well as refraining from wearing any weight or leather stretcher for 24-36 hours or until the pores begin healing (see "Ball Stretching Side Effects" next for more information).

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Clothing: What to Wear and How to Wear

Wearing leather stretchers and metal weights is fun, exciting, addictive, thrilling, erotic as well as pleasurable. Ideally, one should wear leather stretchers as long as possible, perhaps up to 18 hours a day or more as long as the comfort level is maintained. Metal weights can be worn indefinitely; for days, weeks, or even months. Metal weights need to be removed periodically for cleaning but practically speaking metal weights can be a permanent addition to one's body. They also enhance the visual appearance of the genital package for sexual partners as well as those who use locker rooms, community showers and gyms across the world.

Men who have big scrotal sacks will find that it is more difficult to wear stretchers or weights and at the same time maintain a conservative visual appearance between the legs. In other words, those with large sacks who enjoy wearing weights or stretchers may find it difficult (at 3 ½ inches or longer) to hide these items without creating an attention grabbing bulge in the crotch. Those with large scrotal sacks will typically find it somewhat easy to hide it in traditional boxers or brief style underwear as long they are NOT wearing weights or stretchers. However, the addition of a weight to a large scrotal sack means the weight will hang at the sack's lowest point and when wearing traditional office clothing, a crotch bulge will appear and hang down the inside of one leg. A maximum length of three (perhaps 3 ½) inches of metal weights or leather stretcher can be worn in the crotch of casual or dress attire without an obscenely large bulge.

This chapter will describe the best clothing to wear for those with long scrotal hangs, as well as how to hide a large scrotal sack wearing permanent weights in everyday office style clothing. If you are having a lot of success in wearing clothing and weights/stretchers the author will enjoy hearing from you and perhaps add your technique to this article. This section of the article is what the author has determined as successful with weights and clothing and a lot of experimentation.

How to Wear: The easiest way to live with long scrotal hangs and wear permanent weights is as follows: 1) do nothing, 2) compensate for office/dress clothing styles for work or a formal occasion, 3) change at home leisure-time clothing styles, or 4) alter the scrotal hang in some way to accommodate tighter pant styles. Also, at the end of this chapter is an example of an ideal wardrobe and setup for weight users. Here, the author will reveal his most comfortable clothing and weight setup for year round use. Its a practical clothing guide for a busy professional man.

1. Do nothing. If the user does not mind a displaying a long swinging scrotal sack when wearing permanent and leisure time weights while in public, then truly nothing needs to be done. Some men enjoy the attention and exhibitionism this seems to provide for them. The biggest advantage in doing nothing is that the hang enjoys full and uninhibited movement in the shorts/pants with the weights exposed to the full effects of gravity. In other words, it's maximum hang for maximum time.

For those who wear leather stretchers or weights with long scrotal hangs, doing nothing seems to be the easiest; however, the challenge is not doing something internally such as changing clothing styles or inhibiting the hang. Rather, the challenge is how to plan ahead and preempt others from direct view of the crotch. In doing this, a plan for each trip outside the house needs to be created. This will typically involve getting from the house to the car, from the car to the destination, interactions with people at the destination, getting from the destination to the car, and getting from the car to the house. Here, the author will offer two examples of how he does nothing to alter his 4 ½ inches of metal weights with a full hang at 8 ½ inches and yet spend several hours outside the house in the presence of the general public. The purpose here is not to simply give directions on how to go to the store or the gym but rather it is intended to trigger ideas in the mind of the reader for ways in which they can use some ideas in these examples in their daily lives.

Example 1- A trip to the grocery store, department store or shopping mall with a full hang: Getting from the house to the car is easy and is as simple as holding something over the crotch area when walking from the house to the car. Simply carrying an open shirt draping it over the crotch area and this situation is solved. Any object can be carried and placed over the crotch such as a gym bag, daytime planner, brief case, computer bag, etc. When arriving at the store, plan the parking spot ahead of time. Find a parking place somewhere near the cart corral or park near an abandoned shopping cart. Grab a shopping cart in the parking lot and push it into the store with you. This will hide the crotch area from others. While in the store, keep pushing the shopping cart ahead of your crotch. Brief excursions from the safety of the shopping cart to nearby items can be planned depending on the concentration of other shoppers in the area. At the checkout, the bulge will be hidden from view by the checkout counter. Pack the purchases into plastic bags with handles; this will serve as your hiding place when going from the car into the house. After the purchase, push the cart ahead of you again back into the parking lot. Load the purchases into the car, then leave the shopping cart right next to the car and drive to your next destination. When carrying your purchases from the car to the house, carry one plastic bag from the handles in front of you which will hide the crotch area. If there were no purchases at the store then the open shirt, gym bag, daytime planner, brief case, computer bag or whatever is still available to carry in front of the crotch on your way from the car into the house. If the destination includes multiple stores such as a shopping mall, any bag of purchases (as long as it has handles) can serve as your camouflage. Simply hold one bag over the crotch when going from store to store.

Example 2- Going to the gym with a full hang: This example will detail how to wear a full 4 ½ inches of stainless steel weight and at the same time make a visit to the gym, do the work out, and return home safely. First, pack the gym bag. Plan to wear your workout clothes to the gym. This includes workout comfortable shorts as well as tight underwear which will support the full 4 ½ inches of weights during the workout. At this point don't worry if the gym shorts do not hide the free hanging sack wearing the stainless steel weights. If it is wintertime, plan to wear a pair of loose fitting athletic pants over the workout shorts (as well as a warm coat!) while outside in the cold air. Before leaving the house, allow the scrotal sack and weights to hang out one side of the tight underwear. A long hang cannot simply be pushed down flat inside the underwear because the testicles will be pushed so far back that it is impossible to sit down. When leaving the house, hold the gym bag over the crotch area to hide the long dangling swinging ball sack and weights. When in the car, the hang can extend down one leg so that it is possible to sit and drive the car to the gym. When getting out of the car to enter the gym, carry the gym bag over the crotch area once again as security is passed and as you walk past the other people in the gym. In the locker room, sit the gym bag on the bench and when no one is looking, adjust the hang by positioning the hang back and pulling it sideways into the underwear through the leg hole so that it now extends downward inside the tight underwear. The testicles will be extended past the inside of the legs and hover near the tailbone. The practical limit to how far the hang can extend downward through the legs to the tailbone is about 5 inches. Anything longer and the testicles will appear as a bulge from the rear. Since there is usually no need to sit down during a workout, this will be fine. The tight underwear will hold the weight of the hang up against the body and the athlete will appear to have a normal crotch and not attract unwanted attention. Before entering the gym floor, pull the underwear's waist band up slightly higher than the waistband of the gym shorts and tighten pull string so that the underwear is kept up high and tight to support the hang. The tight pull string will hold the underwear and scrotal sack up high during the workout. After the workout in the locker room, change into athletic pants (wintertime) or shorts (summertime). Don't worry about underwear; let the hang swing and dangle again inside the clothes. Remember it will need to extend down one leg in order to sit and drive the car. Changing from gym clothes to regular clothes can be done in the privacy of the shower changing area or men's stall if there is concern about who may see the hang and attached weights. The gym bag will again serve as the means to hide the swinging hang as you make an exit from the gym to the car. When driving home, let the hang extend down one leg. Again, use the gym bag to hide the crotch area when going from the car to the house.

2. Compensating for a bulge in office/dress style clothing while at work or a formal occasion: The author has discovered that wearing leather stretchers in a confined place such as tight underwear is difficult due to pressure point pain. It is also difficult to wear an entire 4 ½ inches of metal weights (and a 8 ½ inch total hang) while free-balling in office dress attire. In this situation, reducing the weight to 32 oz. or less may be helpful. However due to the length of the sack this may also be difficult to hide. Wearing office dress attire pants or slacks one waist size larger (for example a 32 inch waist would wear 34 inch waist pants) can give the upper pant leg and crotch area more room to help hide the weight. If the user finds that this does not work, then the weights will have to be held up close to the groin so that they do not hang down one of the pant legs. This is much more convenient that removing the weights each morning before work. The philosophy being used here is one of preservation of permanent weights. One or more weights may need to come off to reduce the length of the bulge. Weights that stay on are considered permanent, and those that are removed daily before work are considered leisure-time weights. When deciding which weights to remove and which ones to keep on the scrotal hang, remove the longest weight first. Usually this is enough to reduce the hang to a manageable level for the underwear to manage. Also, it means simplicity in that only one weight needs to be removed. Shorter weights will wear better in tight underwear than longer weights because they can angle themselves at the "joint" much like the vertebrae in the spine. Recall that short leather stretchers can also be worn on the scrotal hang and they will bend and angle themselves at each joint where two stretchers come together. A series of shorter length weights, just as with leather stretchers, will hide better than one single weight of the same length.

At 4 ½ inches of metal weight length, simply pointing the hang down the inside of underwear will make the testicles rest near the tailbone and sitting down will be impossible. The only solution is to wear very tight underwear and remove the longest weight from the scrotal hang to reduce the bulge to something that the front pouch of the underwear can manage. For the author, this means reducing the weight length from 4 ½ inches down to about 2 ½ to 3 inches.

When getting ready for work, take a hot shower and do some stretching exercises as is your normal routine. At this point, the author is still wearing all 4 ½ inches of weights from his overnight sleep. Before leaving for work, remove the longest weight(s) and then apply lubrication (shea lotion or butter) as described in the previous "How to Wear" section of the chapter.

Getting dressed for work with the 2 ½ - 3 inch hang is easier. However, the hang needs to be hidden in the front pouch of the tight brief style underwear. Before starting the dressing routine, make an application of shea lotion/butter. It is the personal style of the author to hold off putting underwear and pants on until the last step in order to let the shea lotion/butter absorb into the skin without being rubbed off right away by clothing. First, put on the socks and shirt as well as finish any bathroom steps such as brushing the teeth, a final fix of the hair and final bathroom break then put on the brief style underwear.

Hiding the scrotal hang with weights inside the underwear: Before putting on the underwear, make sure the permanent weights on the scrotal hang are fully lubricated with shea lotion/butter. This application of shea lotion/butter will need to last until work is finished......However, a small bottle of shea lotion/butter can be brought to work for some additional applications if pressure point pain is felt until the work day is finished.

The permanent weights and scrotal hang will be hidden in the front portion of the tight brief style underwear. The position of the scrotum surrounding the testicles is important. Give ample room for the testicles to move inside the scrotum while confined to the tight underwear. Also, the position of the testicles is very important. Usually, when the testicles are first placed in the underwear they are somewhat tight or half-tight. As the scrotal sack relaxes during the work day, they will change positions several times floating in the large amount of scrotal skin pulled down from the weights while being held up high within the tight style underwear.

The author uses the following two methods for hiding and securing the testicles and ball weights within the front portion of brief/Jockey™ style underwear. The first method is faster and has less chance of the testicles moving out of the most ideal placement within the underwear. The second method is more difficult to learn but once the steps are memorized it can be accomplished within 15 seconds. The author suggests trying both methods. These methods are both comfortable for up to 3 inches of metal weight length. The most comfortable weight length ranges from 1 to 2 ½ inches.

Method 1:
In this method, the scrotal hang will again be hidden in the front compartment of tight style brief underwear. However, the scrotal hang will be placed between the two layers of cloth that make up the fly compartment. This is where the penis is pulled through in order to urinate without removing the underwear while at the urinal. With the scrotal hang inserted into this compartment, the hang stays stable and firm all day long. The only draw back with this method for those with 3 or more inches of metal weights-the weights sometimes gravitate to the lowest position and the testicles can get pushed too low within the compartment and this makes sitting down painful since the testicles are then squished. If this happens, a short trip to the men's room is all that is needed to again pull the testicles and weights upwards again, with the right testicle hovering closest to the escape hole. The following steps can be taken to place the testicles and weights within this underwear compartment.

A. Turn the underwear inside out. Notice the inside seam that comes together on the inside left leg hole of the underwear. Take the inside flap of the escape hole in one hand and hold the leg hole with the other hand. Rip the inside flap straight down along the inside seam of the left leg hole until it reaches the back horizontal underwear seam that intersects at a 90 degree angle. This photo shows two pair of underwear. The one on the left side is unaltered, the one on the right side has the indicated rip (pencil tip) which expands the inside flap hole of the underwear. Remember, these two underwear are pictured INSIDE OUT. The seam to rip, NOT when inside out but when the underwear is in normal wearing position is the bottom of the inside flap. Do NOT rip the bottom of the outside flap. This will cause the balls to fall most of the time. Picture

B Let the genitals hang freely through the expanded frontal underwear opening. Click here for a photo illustration.

C. With one hand, pull straight forward on the balls. Grasp the balls with the "OK" sigh between the thumb and forefinger and pull the balls straight forward. Then, pull the weights back toward the body to give the testicles as much room inside the scrotal skin as possible. Click here for an illustration.

D. Pull the penis, weights and testicles through the outside escape hole flap towards the inside of the underwear. Rest the testicles against this external escape hole flap right where the inside escape hole flap used to join to the left leg seam. Most of the time, the right testicle will stay in this stable position. Sometimes, half of the right testicle may stick past the external underwear escape flap but typically it will not escape entirely through the flap. Sometimes, such as getting into or out of a car, both testicles may be pushed through and past the external escape flap. In this case, the weights and testicles will hang freely out the escape hole. If this happens, simply visit the men's room and make adjustments by replacing the scrotal hang back between the inside and outside escape hole underwear flaps. The picture on the left shows the ideal placement of the testicles. The picture on the right shows the how the weights and testicles may sink lower inside this underwear compartment and get squeezed if the user were to sit down. If this happens, just pull the weights and testicles back up and reposition them as in the left picture. Click here for the two comparison photos.

The tearing of the bottom of the inside flap on brief style underwear allows the inside flap to open up inside and allow all the genitals to be constrained only by the outside flap. This makes more room inside the underwear pouch, which is made even roomier with the slight stretching that the cotton fabric does when the full genital load plus weights are placed upon it. The right testicle may sit on the seam cusp at the junction of the outside lower flap with the right underwear seam. Usually, this is a stable position even when the right testicle is so close to the edge. For some it may feel as if the balls are going to jump out. This is a normal sensation. In this position, the right third of the scrotal sack is left to exposure of feeling and sensation. This can be enjoyable such as while walking, climbing stairs, anytime where some portion of the leg or pant material rubs on the exposed right third of the sack. The penis may be placed forward into the pouch and will ride between and above the testicles. The penis can also be held by the underwear when placed left or right within the main underwear compartment.

What do you do now? Go to Walmart, Target, or any other department store and buy a pack of men's briefs. Jockey™ briefs are especially roomy. The underwear need not be expensive. Hanes™ (the author's preference) or Fruit of the Loom™ underwear are usually sold in 3 packs at around $7 for each pack. Inexpensive briefs like these are quite adequate. Feel free to experiment with different rip lengths on the underwear. Some men may need a longer than 2 inch rip (large genital package). Most men feel confident wearing a 2 inch rip or less.

Method 2:

This method is simply the most stable and most reliable method of wearing the hang supported by brief style underwear. This method uses a doubling of the number of briefs worn. Both briefs worn should be torn in the same way as in Method 1 printed above. The benefits of this method is that when used with the thin dress sock (described in Non-Standard Items chapter), the sack hang with weights up to 3½ inches can be worn with perfect stability, support, and only the need to adjust every four hours, with up to 2 hours of sitting in one position before slight pinching occurs. Another benefit is that the support of the sack and weights lasts all day without sagging. Sagging underwear hangs low and loose with a high risk for the testicles and weights dropping out of the underwear altogether. Also, warmth is conserved and the clank of the weights on the hang is silenced. With dual underwear and sock, stability is maintained allowing full concentration on the job or other tasks that need attention. The testicles will remain gently but firmly held in place by the dual underwear system.

The following two pictures demonstrate the large sack room for two pair of random underwear right out of the clothes dryer. This means they have a lot of stretching and ability to be molded into a support system. With the wider expanse of the available crotch room, this dual system is fantastic for guys with large testicles or guys wearing up to 3½ inches of weights. In both pair of underwear, they should be worn with the inside flap leading edge touching the opposite outside leading edge flap. This is somewhat unstable in a single pair of underwear, but with dual underwear and with the 100% friction of the cloth sock worn over the genital hang, this is very stable.

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  1. Apply thin sock to scrotal hang as in the directions under Non-Standard Items: Socks.
  2. Pull on the first pair (inside pair) of underwear and place the hang on the left side so the weight will bear down on the inside of the front flap. Once the 2nd pair of underwear is on, the position of the balls and weights usually needs a light lifting (in step 4) with this adjustment able to be performed while fully clothed.Click here to view underwear and hang placement: Click here to view underwear and hang placement:
  3. Pull on the second pair (outside pair) of underwear and place the hang position of the inside underwear in the same position as previously placed in the inside pair. Click here for photo.
  4. Your final ball sack and weight position will need a slight adjustment tuck going in an upward direction. Another way to imagine this is moving the right testicle's X-Axis 30 degrees counterclockwise. This can also be accomplished with an external tuck and lift while fully clothed or by reaching into the hang compartment of the dual underwear and carefully pulling the sack skin upwards so the right testicle is not pushed downwards when the crotch gets tight. If the right testicle is pushed downwards, it will get squeezed however pushed upwards there is ample room for it to lie.

Some have asked regarding wearing bare weights without a sock using this method. The author has experienced two hours of comfort and after that time span there is moderate painful pinching. If you're able to adjust more frequently then this method would work with bare weights. The peace of mind that comes with this dual underwear method combined with a scrotal hang inside an elastic dress sock makes this method (dual underwear plus scrotal sock) the best choice.

This placement method works well for those who sit in office chairs for long periods of time as well as for musicians who play while seated. When sitting down, hold the left hand fingers 4 3 2 (middle 3 fingers) against the bottom side of the sack at the same time as sitting one's self in the office chair or bench. Once seated, these three fingers can again give a firm gentle push upwards to bring the ball sack and weights aimed up towards the hip. Upon standing, the ball sack will be positioned in line with the hip so there will be a slightly odd bulge until things are allowed to fall back into place immediately with gravity and motion.

What do you do now? Get to a dollar store and buy some ponytailers. They stock the puffy stretchy kind which gives the best results. Put a couple ponytailers on the hang. At home find some old dress socks that have the heel wearing through and cut off the leg at the ankle. Wear the sock leg on the hang as described above. Benefits are preservation of warmth for a loose sack, helps keep the lotion/butter from rubbing off, silencing of the clank on the weights, and rock solid support and placement in the underwear.

The following three pictures show the dual underwear support method in use when wearing Levi's Dockers dress pants. Click here to view.

Despite this intentional positioning, sometimes the testicles and weights still gravitate to the opposite side when exposed to the constant stimulation of a long walk, getting in or out of a car or walking up or down a flight of stairs. To keep the testicles in perfect alignment, the author sometimes holds his crotch and hang in place with one hand such as when getting in or out of a car or running up the stairs away from the presence of others.

Sometimes the lower testicle will find its way beneath the higher testicle in the underwear. When this happens, a bulge is usually visible on the higher testicle side and escape of the testicles out the underwear leg hole is more likely. When this happens, simply visit the men's stall and reposition the testicles once again. Sometimes several attempts need to be made in the positioning of the testicles until the most comfortable place is found.

The author has discovered that by placing the testicles in the proper vertical and horizontal alignment and then providing exposure to movement will allow the scrotal placement to find a natural equilibrium which is the most stable position inside the underwear. Providing exposure to movement while in the men's stall is best accomplished by 4 - 7 gentle doggy-style thrusts of the pelvis in fast frequency. Miraculously, the testicles find their position and then remain stable several hours in perfect comfort. In this case if the testicles find themselves in the wrong position, readjustment are immediately possible…followed by the doggy-style thrusts again. Keep trying until the testicles are in perfect position. Usually one doggy-style thrust cycle is enough to find perfect wearing position of the scrotal sack. The photo in item "F" above illustrates the correct position of the testicles at the far right position within the underwear (lower left testicle means right side).

What to Wear to the Office: Expensive clothing is not required for successful dressing for the office while wearing the permanent weights. The author has had excellent experiences with Levi's flat-front Docker™ dress slacks or the standard Docker™ flat front pants. Arizona Jeans™ flat front kaki style pants also work well in this situation. Pleat style dress pants may offer slightly more frontal crotch room. Wearing the pants/slacks in a loose style will guarantee that any pant/slacks should fit properly without any difficulties. The above method of testicle placement within tight underwear will even accommodate tighter pant styles and even tighter fitting jeans. A very mild but respectable bulge may appear, but it will be socially acceptable.

Wear supportive underwear: This method of positioning the testicles within the underwear works very well when wearing jeans or casual pant styles as well. The underwear need not be expensive either, with excellent results using Fruit of the Loom™ or Hanes™ white briefs. The underwear needs to be very tight in order to support the permanent weights in the pouch. Underwear with a waist size about 2 - 4 inches smaller than actual waist size works brilliantly with much support and minimal adjustments for the entire work day. Jockey style underwear also works very well since it has quite a bit of support and tight leg bands which will be especially helpful in keeping the testicles and weights from slipping through the leg hole.

3. Change at home leisure-time clothing styles: At-home off-work leisure time is the best time for maximum scrotal hang with leather stretchers and/or exposure to the permanent and additional leisure time weight(s). In order to have this maximal hang time, suitable clothing needs to be worn in the form of traditional athletic pants or shorts -- without underwear.

Leisure time- What to Wear: In wintertime, leisure time stretching is best accomplished wearing loose fitting athletic pants. In the summertime, leisure time stretching is best done with athletic track or basketball style shorts. The name brand is not important, rather, having lots of crotch room for the hang to dangle and swing is the most important. The author has had excellent experiences with inexpensive Wal-Mart Starter™ brand athletic pants and shorts as well as Energy Zone®, Adidas™, Nike™, Champion™ and other national brands

Caution must be used with respect to colors and materials. Colors that are dark (black, dark blue, dark red, dark green, etc.) tend to hide a lot of the hanging dangling and swinging motion that a long scrotal hang generates. Lighter colors (gray, white, light blue, light red) seem to highlight movement in the crotch area and should be avoided if this is important to the user. White is almost a see-through color and should be avoided.

Materials vary widely in athletic pants and shorts. A single layer of nylon cloth in track style shorts gives the most movement, however, when outside on a windy day the outline of the penis and scrotal hang are immediately visible to others-loose fitting boxer underwear will help diminish this effect. Mesh material also works very well, but it should be in multiple layers of two or more. A single and sometimes double layer of mesh material will allow the brightly polished metallic finish of the weights to reflect through the material-in this case loose fitting boxer underwear with long leg trunks must be worn to hide the weight surfaces. The loose-fitting cloth style sweat pant material also works very well at giving maximal hang room. In general, buy clothing that is loose fitting and very flexible and able to be worn without underwear.

Boxer style underwear is the best underwear choice, but any underwear will diminish room for the scrotal hang. If boxer underwear will be worn, use underwear that is a couple sizes larger than your size. It is best to buy materials that will not require underwear for a discreet look, however, loose boxer underwear and loose fitting clothing also are an acceptable way to continue the leisure-time at home stretching regimen.

4. Alter the scrotal hang in some way to accommodate tighter pant styles: This is a catch-all category. In the above categories, scrotal hang modification has been discussed. This includes removal of leisure-time weights and wearing only permanent weights to work or to a formal occasion under dress style clothing. The disguise of the full scrotal hang with 4 ½ inches of metal weights was also discussed by positioning the hang inside a pair of tight style briefs for a work-out or at home house/lawn work application that does not involve sitting down; the testicles will be positioned near the tailbone and sitting down is impossible.

There are also other ways to alter the scrotal hang. The author has experimented with full left and full right positions within tight underwear style briefs; however, the bulge of the testicles themselves is quite obvious. The author has also experimented with pulling the testicles and penis in a straight upward position with the waist band of tight underwear holding them in place, but the method of hiding them within the brief style underwear as described above seems to work better.

In this section, the author is looking for ways his readers have found to hide the crotch bulge of users who use permanent metal weights. The floor is open for discussion! Please make a post on Secret Leather's discussion forum for inclusion of your metho.




A Practical Clothing Guide for the Busy Professional Man: After much thought, experimentation with various clothing and underwear methods, the author has come to the conclusion that he has found the perfect setup. Clothing, permanent weights, and underwear methodology which gives perfect convenience along with result-based weight strategies.

Underwear usage:
The author has discovered that he needs the extra friction of underwear to help hold up the shorts or pants being worn. Without underwear, these clothing items are at risk of slipping down. That being said, however, the author uses the following underwear method which continues to provide 100% unhindered scrotal hang under the clothing being worn.

All the underwear being used in this practical method are brief style underwear. They need not be expensive, but must have a tight fit. The author suggests using brief style underwear that is one waist size lower than your actual size. The author has a 34 inch waist currently, but uses a 32 or 30 inch waist brief style underwear.

All the underwear used are also modified in the same way as described in the above Underwear Methods 1 and 2. That is, they have the two inch rip on the inside bottom attachment of the front flap. This rip expands the front underwear compartment so that more room is available for a very comfortable weight-at-work experience.

For an underwear method while at work or a social function where the sack must be restricted and confined to prevent a bulge, all the underwear used follow the Method 2 in the above paragraphs. That is, there are two pair of briefs worn. The sack is placed in front of the inside underwear flap but sits on the outside underwear flap. Again, expansive room is available. A second pair of underwear are also placed over the first pair. This second pair, also with the expanded front underwear compartment, serves to stabilize the scrotal placement for full day's work schedule WITHOUT any pinching, adjustments needed, or thought what-so-ever of the scrotal sack within the underwear compartment. An interesting side note is that the past summer 2011 the author has not used a sock on the scrotal hang. The sack is simply placed according to the method and remains stable all day.

For at-home and leisure-time, the same underwear method is continued. However, due to the modification of the underwear frontal flap, the sack hang can easily be brought past the outer flap and hang freely out the underwear flap. In essence, it is the same as no underwear at all but with the added security of underwear holding up the outer clothing. Now, the weighted sack hang is free to hang low for the best stretching stimulation.

For those busy men who find they have a mixture of leisure-time and professional social time throughout the day, the same underwear Method 2 continues to provide ultimate convenience. For those leisure-time hours the sack is allowed to hang freely through the underwear frontal flap on both pair of tight brief style underwear worn. For the professional duties, simply visit the men's room and replace the sack hang in the tight high and secure placement described in underwear Method 2 above. It takes 15-30 seconds of time to place the hang securely in the underwear frontal pouch. Now, a professional looking crotch is ready for professional activity.

Leisure-time Clothing:
For summertime wear both in and outdoors, public or private, cargo shorts provide a lot of convenience. These shorts are roomy, and extend down to the knee so that men with long hangs can allow the hang to go down a pant leg without worry of it hanging past the shorts hem. Wear cargo shorts that are one size larger than your actual waist size. The author wears a size 36 inch waist in his cargo shorts although the actual size is 34 inches. A belt and underwear Method 2 should also be used. This will help hold the oversized cargo shorts up while in public. Allow the sack to hang freely out of the underwear front flap when wearing cargo shorts. The roomy upper legs and crotch of the oversized cargo shorts allow a free and nearly unrestricted movement of the scrotal hang. Truly, these shorts are perfect for casual summertime stretching and wear. Choose dark colors to help keep the sack hang undetectable.

For summertime casual wear and indoors casual wear, loose-fitting mesh style basketball shorts can be used. Again, wear these shorts with a waist size one larger than your actual size so that extra room and length of the legs is there. A loose hanging weighted scrotal sack feels perfectly comfortable in this shorts style of clothing. Again, choose dark colors and make sure the polished appearance of the weights do not reflect through the mesh material. These shorts are also perfect for at home leisure-time during cold winter months, as long as the furnace is working well! Since the hem of the shorts on the legs are higher than cargo shorts, sometimes a long sack hang can expose its self past the shorts hem. Men with long hangs should keep this in mind when out in public.

Jeans have always been a problem, in finding something comfortable that balances hiding the scrotal sack as it hangs freely. Even wearing jeans that are one waist size larger, the crotch is still restrictive and the scrotal sack hanging down one leg is immediately obvious. When wearing jeans, it is best to wear the scrotal sack up high within the underwear frontal compartment. This prevents binding from the tight jean fitting in the crotch area, as well as providing a presentable appearance.

Nylon track style pants or nylon jogging pants are very roomy in the crotch area. This leisure-time pant style is perfect for casual at home wear or wearing while out in public. If the sack is allowed to hang freely out of the underwear, there is very little restriction of movement and lots of room to move. These pants are also great when worn in a double pair, one on top of another. This really helps conserve heat and helps keep the body warm and the scrotal sack in a relaxed phase of tension. Again, wearing this pant style one size larger than the actual size allows for lots of room in the crotch and upper leg areas. The weighted sack feels wonderfully at home in perfect comfort.

One user in the American southwest has written the author and let it be known that kilts offer the perfect stretching style of clothing. The sack is free to hang unrestricted. Kilts are stylish as well as letting it be known our great sense of individuality. If you have questions regarding kilts, please email the author for help.

Professional Clothing:
Professional clothing includes all styles of pants that are suitable for use in a work environment. This includes the pant styles by makers such as St. John's Bay®, Levi Dockers®, Arizona Jean Co®., as well as tailored suit pants. Again, choose dark pant colors to help hide any bulge in the crotch.

Unfortunately, professional pant clothing have very restrictive crotch areas. As in jeans, this style of clothing is very difficult to hide a long sack hang. That being said, the best recommendation for professional pant styles is that the sack hang be placed within the frontal underwear compartment

. Wear pant sizes that are your actual waist size. Underwear Method 2 will hold the sack and weights in perfect placement throughout the day. Since the crotch bulge is still somewhat larger than the average man, having a bit of extra crotch room material is helpful. This can be helped by wearing the pants low with the waist around the hips, not above. This is especially true when sitting for long periods of time. A belt should be worn to help hold the pants in place. Before buying a pair of pants, always make sure to try them on in the changing rooms to ensure your satisfaction with the crotch area. Experiment with different pant sizes for the best choice in balancing crotch room with appearance. Be sure to wear underwear Method 2 with the sack inside the underwear when trying new pants.

For suit pants, the size is custom tailored to fit your body. Tailors often ask "dressing left" or "dressing right". This means which direction the penis is placed within the underwear. Let the tailor know that ample room in the crotch is necessary. When being measured by the tailor, make sure to wear the underwear Method 2 so that measurements will be the most accurate for your custom fitting. Try having the pants tailored wearing the waist around the hips, giving more material to the crotch area. If the tailor objects, let him know you prefer this way for comfort. They will understand.

The author has found no difference in the crotch roominess of the two pant styles of pleats or flat-front. The flat-front style seems to be the new trend in pants, so this style is probably a better choice.

The Ideal Weight Setup:
Through lots of experimentation, the author has found that using a set of permanent weight at 32 - 40 ounces is ideal for the busy professional man. The weight length is 2 - 2 ½ inches, making them extremely comfortable even when worn all day long in the front compartment of underwear Method 2.

While at work, this permanent weights setup will stay in place without any pinching or binding of the sack skin. This allows for a very modest crotch bulge as well as the ability to spend all energy on work related tasks and not the status of the scrotal hang.

For those who prefer higher weight levels, remember that the permanent weights will always be worn and do not change. Leisure-time weights can always be added to the hang for an increased weight level. The leisure-time weights are free and open to be added as the user wishes.

The author has used this clothing and weight guide for a long time, and has found it to be extremely convenient and provides no extra stress to daily living activities. With the ability to let the sack hang freely out the underwear or the ability to pull the sack up high within the underwear compartment, the user is prepared for all situations both planned and surprised. The ability to add an extra weight to the sack hang when away from work is also nice for those who would like more weight. Before the next day's work schedule begins, removing the leisure-time weight is fast and simple....the permanent weights hide very well within the underwear. Perfect convenience! .

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I've reached my Goal ---- Now What?

Once the initial desired sack length is reached, stretching must continue past this point because the sack will begin to shrink about 20% after the weights are left off 15 days or longer. The final goal can be reached only after the sack has finished its 20% size reduction. This means that an additional 20% must be added to the other side of the equation; stretching an additional 20% beyond the desired length is necessary. After the weights have been off the sack for 15 or more days, the sack skin cells naturally group themselves closer together and reach equilibrium. Also, over the longer time periods without weights, the skin may naturally continue to pull tighter together. This is noticeable because the sack does not hang as low. Then, some maintenance stretching is required. Wearing ball weights, stretch for 4 weeks and then evaluate progress. Then add more time as necessary to re-stimulate growth and reset the system from "contraction" to "growth".

After 15 days or longer without the use of ball weights, the spermatic cords begin to loose their tone. Resuming wearing ball weights will require a gradual reconditioning of the tissues of the spermatic cords. This is akin to a comatose patient- these patients loose their muscle tone at an alarming rate! After 7 days in a coma, these patients's muscle tone and strength degenerate so much that several weeks of physical therapy on each muscle group is required for the patient to have enough strength to move the arms or walk independently. This is also true with the "carrying ability" of the spermatic cords. Resuming ball stretching should be done at the rate of adding 8 ounces every 2 days until the 32 ounce level is reached. Then, the rate should be every 3 days or as is comfortable for the reader. Overstretching of the spermatic cords is a big risk, so take things slowly. A stretching injury to the spermatic cords will set the reader back so that 5 days of healing will be required before the attempted weight load can again be tried. During this reconditioning period, take precautions so that the ball sack and weights are not subjected to large swings or bounces (such as when running, masturbation or sex)….this will also injure the spermatic cords and a period of healing will be required.

So, the desired length may need maintenance stretching. If weight pulling down on the testicles is no longer desired but the stretch feeling or the feeling of things around the scrotal sack is desired, then try wearing a leather stretcher instead of the ball weights. Obtain a leather stretcher that is at the desired sack length. Two or more leather stretchers that add up to the total desired length can also be used…the stretchers will bend at the joints and allow for a more comfortable wear. Leather stretchers are a lighter device that will hold the testicles at the desired length but does not add any weight.

After one to two years, the desired sack length slowly becomes more stable. Maintenance stretching will gradually become less and less necessary to maintain the desired scrotal sack length. After two years at the desired sack length, maintenance stretching will rarely be required. For practical purposes, the ball sack length is permanently at the desired length. The stretching goal has been reached- congratulations! :-)

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"My Testicles Slip Out My Weight/Stretcher! Help!"

Perhaps the biggest fear of guys starting out with a new weight is the slippage of a testicle through the weight or leather stretcher.

In the case of the ball weight, an escaped higher testicle leaves the dominant testicle able to slip through the unrestricted inside diameter of the weight. Then, the weight will slip off as dominant testicle slips through. Sometimes, the dominant testicle remains hanging on the weight- if the sack is hanging free this means the testicle is subjected to the entire weight mass and the experience is painful until the weight mass can be removed. While at work, it is best to keep the weights inside tight underwear, as described in the Clothing: What and How to Wear Chapter earlier in this web guide.

In the case of the leather stretcher, this always results in skin pinching as the secondary testicle slips through the entire length of the stretcher and hides up high inside the body's descending canal because the top of the leather stretcher pushes it up and holds it in place. This may be painful, depending on the size of the testicle. Larger testicles experience pain and smaller testicles can tolerate the confinement. The dominant testicle usually remains below in place under the stretcher on the scrotal hang. The skin pinching and tight high testicle will require a trip to the men's room for adjustment if at work or in the public. The use of a leather stretcher requires a free hang, since confinement inside clothing is often painful from skin pinches. Even wearing boxer underwear and a leather stretcher are uncomfortable and skin pinching and no range of motion is felt. If both testicles slip through the leather stretcher, there is the chance for the leather stretcher to slip off the scrotal hang and fall out the pant leg. This is especially true for those using weighted leather stretchers.

Sometimes when wearing a heavier weight mass on the scrotal hang, the condition of a compressed testicle can result. This happens after long term wear of the weight mass without adjustment to the hang inside the weight mass with the coincidence of a scrotal hang getting tight. A compressed testicle usually happens with the secondary testicle, since it has a higher tension being pulled further than at equilibrium as it naturally hangs higher on the scrotal sack. The compressed testicle situation occurs when higher weight masses are used. The secondary testicle's rear epididymus portion is pulled up inside the weight mass central column and the testicle body is slowly compressed until it is also pulled up inside the weight. The pull of the spermatic cord and the tightening of the scrotal skin force the testicle body up inside the weight's central column. Once the testicle body is pulled inside the weight, it often gets stuck and immediate pain of testicle compression is felt. When the testicle is removed from the weight mass/leather stretcher, it will appear smaller than usual and may even feel squishy soft. In this case, the testicle must be given some time to regain the fluid volume that was squeezed out of it while wearing the weight mass/leather stretcher. The testicle will regain it's full size after several hours have passed.

If slippage of the secondary testicle up inside and through the weight is becoming a difficulty with wearing the weights or a leather stretcher, the following pointers may be of help for you. Scrotal tension is a huge factor in cases when testicles slip through the weight. Since there is no way to voluntarily control the automatic contracting and relaxing of the scrotal skin, we must take the following points of suggestion in order to eliminate the triggers that cause scrotal tension to increase. Reducing or eliminating these triggers will keep the scrotal sack in its most beneficial and comfortable phase of scrotal relaxation.

  1. Dress warmly and in layers. The contraction of the scrotal skin is partially determined by temperature. While on leisure time, wear jogging pants with sweat pants underneath. Wear thick long socks as well as two undershirts and a sweater. Having something warm in the lap such as a cat or laptop computer results in the complete relaxation of the scrotal sack. Sitting in a cross leg style also helps the sack stay warm since it can be positioned so it runs parallel down the inside of the upper leg. The sack is then kept warm by the inside of the upper leg and top of the lower leg.
  2. Regulate the use of shea lotion/butter. Sometimes, the slippage of the higher testicle is the result of the scrotal sack's inability to compensate when a partial/full contraction of the scrotal sack happens. Since the sack was originally relaxed and the weight was stretching the skin, the skin is fully stretched out. When contraction happens, the resulting sack size is too small and the higher testicle is pushed upwards into the weight. If the sack had the ability to pull some excess scrotal skin from the hang downward to the sack below the weight, the slippage would not have happened. The answer for this situation is the liberal use of shea lotion/butter for additional lubrication. On the other side of the equation, the over-use of shea lotion/butter results in the slippage of the higher testicle into the weight. This happens when a heavier weight mass is worn and the mass is so heavily lubricated that it pushes its self down and the higher testicle gets pushed into the weight central column. The answer is to use less shea lotion. The user must find the correct balance of shea lotion. Perhaps trying much lotion a few days then trying very little lotion, then determine which was better in regard to the weight stability. The perfect balance is the firm stability of the weight over the scrotal hang with the weight's ability to move up or down the scrotal hang as it cycles through it's tight/relaxed phases throughout the day.
  3. Use a lower weight mass to reduce the pressure force on the secondary testicle.
  4. Apply some ponytailers between the top of the testicles and the lowest weight/bottom of the leather stretcher. This will reduce the diameter of the column where the higher testicle is forced. Adjustment of the ponytailers must be experimented. Position them side by side immediately above the testicles and wear the weight/stretcher for a while. Sometimes pinching happens under the ponytailers and they must be adjusted higher on the scrotal hang. Sometimes position the ponytailers next to the weight or even pushing one ponytailer inside the bottom weight/inside the lowest part of the leather stretcher. Sometimes positioning two ponytailers side by side immediately above the lowest weight on the hang will reduce the size of the tunnel and prevent testicle slippage. Experiment with ponytailer placement, since this has the potential to greatly reduce the chance for testicle slippage. However, since ponytailers are so different, some may notice skin pinching and some may enjoy the experience. Ponytailers are also helpful in the event of pressure points happening with the use of a standard weight. Apply several ponytailers under the standard weight and the ponytailers will help relieve some of the direct pressure applied by the weight.
  5. Use a Ball Glove© or Barrier Bag© The ability of the scrotal skin to adjust its self along the entire central column/inside the leather stretcher's column greatly reduces the chance of testicle slippage. Keeping the scrotal sack relaxed with a bath of shea lotion is a very helpful hint for most guys.
  6. Use socks to help retain heat along the scrotal hang. This is also helpful if blood circulation is partially reduced due to scrotal tightness or weights/stretchers that have a tighter fit. Keeping the circulation flowing with unrestricted vessels from cold also increases temperature since more blood is flowing carrying the body's heat with it. The use of a thin sock worn permanently over the scrotal hang also reduces the clanking of the weights together as the hang is bounced around during movement. The use of a thick sock worn over the scrotal hang while in the privacy of the home is very helpful in reducing heat loss as well as promoting a comfortable supported feeling.
  7. The weight's inside diameter may be too large. Perhaps the 0.80 multiplier was used and the weight is slightly too big. A slight testicle compression may occur with the the tightening of the sack skin and the testicle may escape. When we measure for a weight, we measure it's relaxed full volume. Testicle compression often happens when wearing heavier weight masses, and the testicle only needs to compress a small percentage before it slips through. The answer is using the opposite 0.74 multiplier instead. This will reduce the inside weight diameter 2 - 4 millimeters. In this case, ordering a smaller weight is the answer. When wearing the new weight, wear the larger inside diameter weight on the bottom, then position the smaller weight above. This will give the user a funnel effect which distributes more weight load over a larger portion of the sack in relation to a single WMC.
  8. If the user is wearing standard ball weights, the use of a WMC on the bottom of the weight mass will greatly improve the wearing comfort and reliability.
  9. Use a half inch or one inch leather stretcher below the bottom weight on the scrotal hang. The stretcher will provide a tight fit and smaller tunnel for the higher testicle to escape.
  10. Experiment with other miscellaneous items around the scrotal hang between the top of the testicles and the lowest weight/bottom of the leather stretcher. This can include items such as:
    - elastic socks
    - baby socks cut open as a cloth sheath
    - rubber bands
    - ACE bandages cut into narrow strips to fit around the scrotal hang
    - twist ties
  11. If outdoor exposure is typical, often or for extended periods make certain to wear a thick sock over the scrotal hang. The use of hand warmers such as those by hunters and outdoor construction workers can be used around the scrotal hang. These are also discussed in the Points of Interest" chapter.
  12. Take time to mentally relax in order to ease the stress response in the body. The stress response includes the contraction of the scrotal hang. Those who struggle with a lot of stress, anger, anxiety and panic also experience the tightening of the scrotal sack quite often. Take time for yourself to reduce your level of stress. Find an empty secure room and listen to music to calm the psyche. Let every day stress about work and unpaid bills melt away as the body muscles relax and conforms to the contours of the a favorite comfortable chair. Let music clear your mind of other thoughts. Wear a sweater and other warm clothes, with a warm comfortable room temperature.
  13. Do NOT think about the scrotal sack getting tight. Do not make it a habit to worry about scrotal tension. Keep the thoughts of getting a contracting tight scrotal sack out of your mind. Provide your mind with alternate mental imagery such as a hot sunny day in the back yard, enjoying a hot cup of coffee in a warm cozy bath robe, or a favorite place or idea. Keep the mind active on other thoughts which are relaxing. Do not suddenly think about a stress-or such as an unpaid electric bill since these will tighten the scrotal hang.
  14. Stuff something soft and comfortable up inside the leather stretcher or wrap something very thin but comfortable around the scrotal hang before putting on the leather stretcher. Something of equal comfort can also be inserted into the weight's central column or around the sack as it remains inside the weight's central column. This will reduce the size of the tunnel the testicle would travel in order to escape from the scrotal sack below the weight. Items for insertion or wrapping around the scrotal hang can be facial tissues that are soft and puffy, thick quality toilet paper, thick quality paper towel strips, cotton balls, thin inch wide strips of a comfortable cotton cloth towel to wrap around the hang, or any other soft and comfortable piece of cloth. The goal is to find something that will not pinch or bind with the scrotal sack as it is under stretching tension.
  15. Make a shopping trip to an arts and crafts store. There are many soft comfortable items that may be inserted in to the central column of the weight or leather stretcher. Small puffy material balls of all sizes can be found, as well as elastic bands and hundreds of other soft comfortable items that may be of use to the stretching user. The author recalls purchasing several soft pink fuzzy balls for use in his stretcher, but his cat strangely adopted them all and took care of them as if they were his offspring.
  16. The relief of pressure point pain will relax the scrotal sack. Pain from use of standard weight and pressure points over the long term may happen. This kind of pain begins as a dull ache and if it is not adjusted soon the pain will intensify. The pain causes the scrotal sack to contract which results in more pain. The author recommends frequent adjustments of the weight position on the scrotal hang, keeping the sack relaxed. As an extra bonus, do some stretching exercises while adjusting the weight position. This opens constricted vessels and normal circulation of blood and lymph fluid is restored. Reposition the weight higher on the sack hang and replace inside tight underwear to hold in place while at work.
  17. The use of certain classes of medications may also have an effect on scrotal sack tension. Prescription painkillers such as Vicodin and Oxycodone clear the mind and promote a state of relaxation. Alpha and beta receptor-blocking medications such as Propanolol and Prazosin will block activated receptors in the scrotal muscles and an increase in blood flow with relaxation will occur. Medications in the benzodiazepine class also promote mental clarity and the result is a relaxed scrotal hang. Typical medications that induce drowsiness will frequently result in a loose scrotal sack. The author has no direct experience with these medications, however he has gained this knowledge through the experiences of others he has encountered online. However, the author does recommend an appointment with a general practitioner regarding what medications can be taken to promote mental clarity and reduce anxiety. Reducing anxiety and depression are key factors in maintaining a loose scrotal sack. As a professional musician, the author takes a very small dose of Propranolol before a musical performance to block beta receptors responsible for sweating hands and shaking fingers. Very small doses of alpha or beta blocking medications will do wonders for sack relaxation. Typically, 10 - 15 milligrams of Propranolol or 1 milligram of Prazosin will result in a looser scrotal sack. The author is not an MD, however, the reader can be educated on what medication has worked for other individuals. The reader can then ask the general practitioner regarding which medication would be ideal for them.

Remember to use both mental tranquility exercises as well as physical precautions in the quest for maintaining a warm comfortable scrotal hang. The fastest progress in scrotal growth will happen when the scrotal hang spends most of its time in the loose relaxed phase of scrotal tension. The weight mass or leather stretch will stimulate cellular multiplication with the stretching stimulant.

The author highly recommends a trip to a well equipped arts and crafts store. Walk the aisles and imagine ways to make each item assist in some way to adding more comfort to your stretching experience.

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Ball Stretching Side Effects

It is clearly obvious that any kind of rough treatment or sudden yanking of the ball stretcher or ball weights can cause internal damage to the testicles and other structures. Care, caution, and gentle handling of the testicles, weights, and leather stretchers are an absolute MUST. Our male equipment is very fragile, and putting it under stress in the process of ball stretching can make even the smallest bump to the testicles very painful.

When wearing leather stretchers and/or ball weights, they pull the skin on the scrotum downward and the penile skin is pulled upwards in an effort to take up the slack. The fold line where the base of the penis and the formation of the scrotum come together tends to act as a pulley, reversing the direction of pull from downward on the scrotal sack to upward on the bottom side of the penis. Sometimes, the bottom side of the penile shaft skin may become sore from this stretch or the partial or full retraction of the foreskin can sometimes happen. After about 8 weeks of stretching with exercise 6 this will start to diminish as the stretch length begins to increase on the scrotum.

As the scrotum is stretched, the hair follicles on the scrotum tend to leave a "trail" in the skin, leaving a small groove the size of the hair follicle as it gets stretched further and further. These are most noticeable on the sides of the scrotum, but they occur all over the scrotum as it is stretched. Perhaps the best way to combat these hair follicle trails is to use cocoa butter daily on the scrotum. The cocoa butter also diminishes stretch marks which can be unattractive, although the author has never seen a stretch mark on a scrotum. Many stretchers shave their scrotum (some even pluck!). Their objective is to remove the complications of trapped hair, but many also like the clean look and the soft feel. Care must be taken to watch out for the possibility of ingrown hair if you shave your scrotum and wear ball stretchers/ball weights, as the re-growing hair can be obstructed and get pushed inward as it grows. If this occurs an inflamed blister usually appears and the ingrowing hair is trapped within. Sterilize a needle and puncture the blister thus releasing the hair. Remove the hair by plucking with tweezers and clean the puncture with antiseptic. This is usually a rare problem, but easily remedied if attended to quickly. Shaving is best done in the bath or hot shower using a delicate unperfumed shaving gel and using a good unperfumed moisturizer afterward drying off the skin.

On rare occasions, inflamed pores or stuck ingrown hairs may appear under the positions the WMC™ or New Ringmaster™ when 24/7 wear is employed. In this case, allow one week of recovery time for these skin pores. Do not wear weights during this time, but rather allow the scrotal sack to hang naturally without the addition of lotions or butters to the sack. These lotions or butters can clog the pores and make recovery time longer.

Since the scrotal skin is constantly bathed in either shea or cocoa butter lotion, sometimes the skin pores may clog up and infect the skin pore with bacteria. This causes a small but sharp pain when the skin pore is touched or pulled. When this happens, try to squeeze out any accumulated dead white blood cells (the body's natural defense) which form a type of puss. Then apply some antibiotic ointment or rubbing alcohol to the infected pore. Postpone any further stretching for a day or two and allow the skin pore to heal. Any weights or wedding rings should also be removed to allow the entire scrotal sack to "breathe" while refraining from the application of any more cocoa or shea butter lotions until healing is complete.

Because the scrotal skin becomes very soft and sensitive from the application of shea butter, it becomes very delicate. Any poke, scratch, or pressure from long fingernails will puncture the skin and cause it to bleed. Be very cautious if using a pump nozzle to inject shea butter under the weights. Any pressure from the nozzle tip can tear the skin. Also, use caution when handing the scrotal hang if the fingernails are longer than the tip of the finger since a firm hold with long fingernails will also puncture the skin and cause it to bleed. It is possible to wear the weights even if there is a small puncture and bleeding of the skin, however a small amount of blood mixed with the shea butter lotion becomes somewhat of a mess. When this happens, simply remove the weights and allow the skin to heal for one day. If stretching exercises are done, short trimmed fingernails are essential.

There have been a few questions regarding longer term ball stretching and lower sperm counts. The author does not know of any data regarding this; however a few examinations of his own semen under the microscope confirmed the presence of sperm. IF there is concern about infertility or lower sperm counts and you plan on having children in the future, the author recommends you have a discussion regarding ball stretching and fertility with a doctor. When anyone gets a definite answer, please email the author so that this information can then be shared. If anyone gets the chance, please ask the question regarding ball stretching and fertility. The author welcomes these answers.

One reader has expressed a small loss of actual testicle sensitivity. Some men find that they can derive sexual energy and satisfaction for long periods of time by massaging one or both testicles directly through the loose relaxed scrotal sack. The author has had many experiences with this in his teens, where much satisfaction was derived by massaging the left testicle. What causes loss of sensitivity? The best answer is that a nerve gets pinched or pulled too tightly. Pinched nerves can cause loss of sensation or tingling sensations, as well as numbness. Nerves can grow up to 6.35 mm each week (1 inch every 4 weeks), so after 8-10 weeks things may return to normal. If anyone is experimenting with testicle direct stimulation methods and a loss of sensitivity is noticed as ball-stretching is continued, please email the author because he is gathering data on these issues.

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Introducing Spouses/Partners/Friends & Family to Ball-Stretching

The attitude of most partners and spouses of ball stretchers is that of complete acceptance, supporting the reader's right to their own body, mind and beliefs. However, there are a few who have strong-willed partners or spouses. These are the people who think they have total control and will make choices on your behalf, without your consent. Stretching can be difficult for those with partners who do not approve of ball-stretching. In this case, education of this person on the following points will help promote the dialogue.

  1. Remember your rights: You have a right to your body. You have a right to the possibility of fulfilling a life long childhood sexual fantasy. You have a right to the boost of self esteem ball-stretching provides. You have a right to the enhanced look ball weights makes in the genital package. You have a right to the permanent enhancement that ball-stretching provides through visually elongating the testicles from the body, thus enhancing the package. You have a right to your happiness, and the emotional high that ball-stretching provides. You have the right to have the body image you've always wanted. You have a right to the happiness you've always wanted.
  2. The spouse/partner will have one of the following responses:
    a. Full acceptance of the process, results, desires, and sexual attraction to the stretching process.
    b. The spouse/partner will be so strong-willed that they dismiss the idea and forbid ball-stretching. The reader then gives up and does not fight back for his rights. YOU are a target reader for this section, because standing up for your rights applies here as well as in many other areas of life. Standing up for ball-stretching can seem difficult. Education is the key to standing up for your rights.
    c. The spouse/partner rejects the idea, resulting in a secret-lifestyle in ball-stretching. Stretching in secret is impossible to keep up. This section is also for you. Education is again the key to resolution.
    d. The spouse/partner rejects the idea, but they respect you and understand your rights to your body, your mind and your beliefs.
  3. Providing unwavering assertion that you own the rights to your mind, body and beliefs is the most effective way in winning the argument.
  4. Introduce the spouse/partner to this web guide and briefly summarize each title point with one or two sentences. This way, they will have a quick but basic idea of how ball-stretching works without all the laborious reading. Speak loudly and forcefully to help reinforce subconsciously the rights of belief.
  5. An open dialogue of the deepest inner most thoughts and desires regarding low hanging balls can be established. In this dialogue, use the principles discussed in this section of the article regarding your rights to your body and your happiness. Allow a two way dialogue to become established. Answer legitimate questions honestly and whole-heartedly. Treat any disrespect lightly and stick to the main points of your argument. When your spouse/partner sees how you are not thrown off course in your presentation, they will be even more likely to believe you and what you are trying to say. Once this two way dialogue is established, effective teaching and education can happen.
  6. Negative fears and feelings can spring up, which can be a feeling of humiliation by an un-accepting strong-willed spouse, the fear of loss of sexual interest, and fears of a relationship breakup. These feelings are most likely irrational without any foundation in reality. For the extreme vast majority of the strong-willed spouses/partners, these things will not happen. The best advice is to be honest with rights and desires on your behalf.

What is the content of the education provided? Bring up the points this method emphasizes: safety and gradual but constant progression towards a goal. Let your spouse/partner know about your long term goals first, perhaps only an inch lower, or maybe a continually stretch. An emphasis on what this topic means to you personally should be at the center of your argument. Does it improve your self image or promote a feeling on improved self esteem? Does it improve your sexual self image? Does it improve your sex/masturbation sessions? These are all main points to bring forth in your discussion. Be sure to include all positive feelings/emotions/circumstances that ball-stretching means personally to YOU.

Many times, the first few sentences are the most difficult to compose and articulate. The following examples are ice-breaking sentences which are accurate and psychologically healthy.

  1. "I have an interest in something sexual…is it o.k. for us to talk about it? That's great. I have always had a secret sexual desire for big things hanging between the legs. As a result I am very interested in the topic of ball-stretching. I have even tried it a few times. I have a ball ring at home (or with you or wearing on yourself) and if you're interested in seeing it I am happy to show it to you and even give a live demonstration (if you prefer)"
  2. "Have you ever noticed how I love your testicles? Have you ever noticed how I enjoy playing with my testicles? I have had an interest in testicles for a very long time and I enjoy expressing that interest sexually such as…" (Continue with No. 1 above).
  3. "Have you noticed how my testicles hang low?"
  4. "Do you like low hangers? Have you noticed my low hangers?"
  5. "Do you know David (insert name)? He has the lowest hanging testicles I have ever seen. I think they are sexy. What do you think?"
  6. "I know you won't like this but I'm interested in growing some lower hanging testicles. This will enhance my visual image, as well as boosting my self confidence." (Continue with other advantages if desired).
  7. "Have you thought about getting lower hanging testicles for yourself?"
  8. "Have you seen me naked in the shower? Have you noticed my low hanging testicles? I actually enjoy ball-stretching. Let me tell you how it works."
  9. "Remember last night how you liked the scrotal skin on my sack? Well I have to tell you I have an interest in something sexual… (Continue as in No. 1).
  10. "I ran into this website yesterday" (show them this web page and the preface to this guide).
  11. "Josh sent me this website this morning…what do you think?"
  12. "Have you seen my weights on while we were at the gym? I was wondering if you have any thoughts, ideas, or questions about them."
  13. "I see you look at my weights a few times, do you have any questions?"
  14. "To be blunt, I enjoy ball-stretching. Would you like to see my sack? Would you like to try on a weight?"
  15. "Have you ever thought about ball-stretching? Do you have interest in learning how to get lower hangers?" Then display secretleather.com ball-stretching catalog page.
  16. "Approach them in the same way you were approached with the topic.
  17. "I am looking to improve my self image and for me that means I am going to try ball-stretching". Then show them this guide.
  18. "I saw a guy in the showers the other day and he had magnificent low hangers! Have you ever noticed low hanging guys? Do you think low hangers look sexy masculine or powerful?"
  19. "I saw this guy online and he has amazing low hangers! Have a look at this website (forward information to them). Do you like low hangers too?"
  20. "What do you think about low hanging guys?"
  21. "I have low hangers, and I was wondering if you have them too."
  22. "Did you see the low hangers on Francis last night in the locker room? I would LOVE to have balls like that! Did you know that I was looking through my things and found a website that is made for beginners who would like to grow lower hanging balls?" (Show them this site).
  23. "I have a private confession to make….will you vow your secrecy?"
  24. "I have a sexual secret to tell you….I like to stretch my balls and/or I would like lower hanging testicles."
  25. "When I'm not at work I like to relax and let my balls hang low under my boxers. I have them bunched up all day long and it feels good to let them hang after work. Have you ever noticed that?"
  26. "You've seen my sack…what do you think of it?"
  27. "You've seen my naked sack and said you loved it…I wear a set of ball weights like these which feel fantastic and a constant source of sexual stimulation."
  28. "You've felt how soft my sack is, right? Well I use a special shea butter lotion to keep it elastic and stretchy. I do this when I'm wearing some ball weights which keep my sack stretched and growing longer and larger. Isn't that cool cool?!?"
  29. "You liked my sack right? Well then look at this site!" Show them this site.
  30. "These things feel amazing! You should at least feel how heavy they are in your hang…..would you like to try one on?"
  31. "Do you want to try on a ball weight?"
  32. "I bet if you tried on a ball weight you would be amazed at how good it feels."
  33. "I found this website which explains it all! Let me show you."
  34. "I'm standing up for my rights as a human being and I am going to try ball-stretching. I'm not doing this to make you angry, I'm doing this because it's always been my dream to have big low hanging balls and enhance my package as well as my self image."
  35. "A friend at work showed me this website."
  36. "I found this method and cool website online about stretching your balls. I thought you might be interested because the other night you were playing with them and were excited. With this system you can get them as easily as I did." Show them this guide.
  37. "I saw this guy in the locker room with the lowest hanging balls I've ever seen! Did you see him yet? What do you think about them, are they sexy?"
  38. "When I was just walking back from the vendor, I saw this guy sitting and his balls were hanging out. I thought they were interesting. Do you like low hangers? I saw this cool website on ball-stretching; do you want to see it?"
  39. "Do you remember Cousin Josh last year? We were camping last year and he rolled over and his balls fell out of his shorts. I found a website that can show us how we can have low hangers like Josh did last year."
  40. "I was on the bus the other day and saw a guy in track shorts and boxer underwear and he had low hangers that hung past his shorts hem. I thought they were a big turn on. I have always had an interest in low hangers… continue or show them this website.
  41. "Have you noticed the bulge I have when I'm at work?"
  42. "At work, do you think I have a bulge? I have low hangers but hold them up high during the day."
  43. "If I told you there was a safe effective way to get lower hanging testicles, would you like to see the web article on it?"
  44. "You know my interest in low hangers. I'm also interested in the excitement of ball-stretching. Here is a web guide on the entire topic of ball-stretching." Show them this guide.
  45. "Do you think my bulge shows when I wear these pants?"
  46. "I have seen you staring at my bulge…are you curious?"
  47. "I have big low hangers and a fetish for wearing ball weights. You know about it now, so do you have any questions?"
  48. "Before we have sex, would you like to try on a ball weight to see the difference in feeling?"
  49. "I know we just met, but I want to tell you that I am into a program of growing lower hanging balls for myself. Here is the website guide I am following."
  50. "When I/we have sex I like to wear ball weights. Does that make sense or do you have questions?"

One user online explained he would hide his stretching from his wife for about a year. Then, he made up his mind that he liked to ball stretch and that he wanted to continue to do it. It was at this point he brought up the topic to his wife. She had no objection and they both live happily together.

In the author's experience, his partner believes ball-stretching is "crazy". He does however continue to enjoy stretching. The partner recognizes the fun and enjoyment and supports him in that way. There is sometimes playful teasing involved; however, this is often followed by a jab at the partner's quirks in reply. This is the sign of a healthy relationship.

Of course only the reader himself will know the best way to approach his spouse/partner regarding this topic. The vast majority will get a favorable and supportive response. If you as the reader are still searching for ideas, please email me and we can discuss a good way to approach your spouse/partner. Results here are mostly better than expected.

After a discussion with a spouse/partner regarding ball-stretching, most are willing to respect the rights of ownership of one's own body, mind, and beliefs. For those tough cases, please email the author for helpful ideas. Often these cases are quite unique which means no category for them.

Other people such as close friends, gym workout partners, or other family members can also be educated and enlightened to the topic of ball-stretching and the growth of larger and lower scrotal hangs. Gym workout partners are especially easy to educate because they are able to see the stretcher/weights if they are worn to the gym and exposed in the locker room. Close friends, in whom there is no sexual interest (and nothing to lose), can also be educated quite easily. Friends are probably going to be 99.9% accepting of ball-stretching, and they may enjoy the conversation. It is always exciting to stir the repressed longing many men have for lower hangers and do not know it until they are confronted with it randomly. Making ball-stretching converts is fun and exciting and a fantastic way to share something private between friends bolstering the friendship even more. The rewards of having a friend who shares an interest in ball-stretching are boundless.

Just as "coming out of the closet" for gay men and women is always an emotional and spiritual renewal in a new life with boundless freedoms, the same is also true with the act of ball-stretching. The freedom to stretch anytime anywhere has boundless rewards in its self. The author highly recommends the freedom and benefits ball-stretching provides in an open household. Stretching only in private is only possible at certain times, where 24/7 stretching can occur in an open household. Progress, and all the benefits that result, will happen the fastest only in an open household. Perhaps the easiest way to bring up the topic is to simply make a statement that ball-stretching is enjoyed and be open and ready for questions. Enjoy the process: it should be an educational enjoyable process and not something to be feared. Always remember there is an online "universe" of ball-stretchers with posts and pictures in an ultra-supportive and healthy environment at rantallion.com and Secretleather discussion group.

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How to Perform a Self Testicle Examination

The author recommends that men adopt a regular but occasional cycle of self examination of their testicles. Occasionally while in the shower, do some stretching exercises to loosen the scrotal hang while standing in a stream of hot water. Examine the testicles in the following ways:
1. Using fingers and your sense of touch, examine each testicle back and forth in alternation and make note of any differences between the two testicles. Do this by holding the scrotal hand in the palm of one hand use the other hand to examine, feel, and lightly squeeze each testicle and always make a note of differences.
2. Use both hands and gently roll each testicle between thumb and forefinger, checking for any lumps or swellings. Be aware of heaviness or hardness in part or all of the testicle. The testicles should be smooth to touch except for the epididymis, which is a soft squishy attachment on the back side of each testicle. This structure connects to the spermatic cord.
3. Examine the scrotal sack its self. Check for any lumps on the skin surface, color changes, new moles or spots that might have changed color. Examine both surfaces: the exposed front part behind the penis, and the back side between the legs.

Regular doctoral exams of the testicles are also recommended and are usually taken during regular physical check-ups. Both male and female doctors are qualified to perform the exam.

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Products Review: Secretleather's Best-Selling Gear

It's no secret why Secretleather has become a world leader with its complete line of ball-stretching gear. The company has built their stellar reputation with fast order turnaround, unsurpassed customer service, and stocking only the best quality highest precision products available anywhere in the world. If the company receives a stock shipment with mediocre merchandise quality, the merchandise is promptly returned because Secretleather only sells top-notch quality items. The author is personally aware of this, and he applauds the company for their adherence to the highest standards even in a difficult economy. Secretleather believes in high quality and ultimate comfort in their products, having faith the customer base will continue to grow by sticking to these guidelines. The high comfort means the products can be worn for long periods of time, providing long sessions of stretching stimulus to the scrotal sack. Longer wear equates to faster progress, and ultimately your complete customer satisfaction as your stretching goal arrives. Are you planning on making a purchase soon? The author urges that you plan accordingly and make your purchase from Secretleather, the world's leader in high quality stretching gear.

This chapter will review some of Secretleather's best-selling gear: the WMC weight, Sheacoa Butter, and the newest addition to the line of metal weights: the Ball Forcer. The Ball-Rack leather stretcher will be included in this review in a future update, coming soon.

The WMC ® Weight (World's Most Comfortable):

Secretleather has rocked the planet with the invention and introduction of the WMC ball weight. This weight is the most technologically advanced weight style because it does not have angular corners on the inside central bore of the weight: the ring of steel making the weight is completely round. With no corners pressing and digging into the scrotal skin, this weight is the ultimate in comfort! Ultimate comfort means a maximum wearing time, and a maximum in scrotal stretching. The surgical stainless steel making up the weight means it can be worn in the shower, sauna, swimming pool, hot tub, and all other places the sack hang could be exposed to moisture. This means the weight can be worn indefinitely, only needing an occasional cleaning between the weight halves. Ultimate wear-ability equates to long term wear and progress towards your stretching goal. Throughout this web guide, the reader will find unending praises for this technologically advanced ball weight.

The WMC weight comes in two heights: 15mm height and 30mm height. The 15mm height weights are around 8oz in weight, while the 30mm height are around 16oz in weight. Most beginners will find the 15mm height weight to be perfect for their initial few steps in our art. The beginner will immediately find the weight to be perfectly comfortable and should wear the weight as close to 24/7 as possible, and the weight fits well inside underwear under normal clothing for wear while at work or out in public. The composition of the surgical stainless steel weight means the user is guaranteed a lifetime of wear with this unique weight. After about 8-12 weeks of stretching using a single 15mm, the beginner stretcher can then consider adding a second 15mm height WMC wearing both weights about 8 hours and then the single weight for overnight use. Little by little, time exposure with both weights can increase. At this point, the new stretcher can begin following the "Graded Method of Progress" chapter of this web guide.

The 30mm height WMC is a good starting weight for men who already have a 2 inch or longer scrotal hang between the groin and top of the testicles. This weight is also a good alternative for guys who started with a single 15mm weight, since it can be used alone as the next step at 30mm in height for 8-12 weeks. After that, the user can begin trying to wear their existing 15mm WMC along with the 30mm WMC for a total of 45mm in weight height and 24oz in weight. A combination of 15mm WMCs and 30mm WMCs are perfect for the more advanced users, reserving comfort for unlimited wear and stretch. Please see the "Measuring for a Steel Weight" chapter for specific directions on how to measure your scrotal sack for one of these unique and perfect ball weights.

The author HIGHLY recommends the use of WMC weights for beginners due to its comfortable fit. This means new users will have motivation and desire to keep stretching, and will realize their stretching goal is possible and attainable. Advanced users will note the use of a WMC as the lowest weight positioned above the testicles. This guarantees comfort for up to 3 pounds of weight. A funnel effect use of dual WMCs carrying the weight load will help for those who enjoy wearing 3 or more pounds of weight on their scrotal hang. Again, the total comfort means the user will keep working toward their stretching goal.

A photo of the two WMC style weights in use will be included in a future update, coming soon.

Secretleather's own Sheacoa Brand Butter:

In the quest for a low relaxed scrotal hang that is most beneficial for stretching, many men are now using the moisture barrier techniques described in "The Preservation of Lotion and Butters" chapter. A few men have developed an acquired skin allergy to the alcohol contained in these commercial shea butter lotions. The skin allergy appears as if the sack hang were scaly, completely dried out and cracking. These men should not give up on the benefits of the moisture barrier idea, rather, they should use Secretleather's Sheacoa butter as the lubricant and skin conditioner inside the moisture barrier for an allergy-free experience.

Secretleather's Sheacoa butter is a trio of pure ingredients obtained directly from the source in Africa. These ingredients are shea butter, shea oil, and cocoa butter. Nothing else is added, preserving the purity. The shea butter relaxes the scrotal sack skin, and increases its stretching elasticity. The cocoa butter acts as a long lasting lubricant that stays with the skin all day long. These ingredients are combined together in a secret concentration to yield a buttery product that melts easily and effectively on the skin surface, and is also easy to massage throughout the sack skin.

Don't let the daily lubrication of the sack skin become a chore, rather enjoy the smooth satin quality the skin develops with continued use of the Sheacoa butter. Many men using Sheacoa butter have expressed amazement at how soft, supple, satin-y and erotic their sack skin has become. The scrotal sack is a treasure-trove of erotic sensation possibilities, let the mind wander freely as the satin-y buttery Sheacoa butter is massaged over the entire scrotal hang. Due to the high purity of this product, skin allergy is very very rare. This is the perfect product for skin conditioning and lubrication for extended exposure times that are used in the Moisture Barrier method. The author has not yet heard of a single complaint from users of this truly uniquely formulated butter. Remember, Sheacoa was formulated and developed by Secretleather specifically for ball-stretching purposes.

Morning applications should be made after bathing/showering while the sack skin is warm and relaxed. Warmth helps to readily melt the solid butter as it is massaged throughout the scrotal sack. A second application can be made before bed so the weights are well lubricated during the night to accommodate the regular tightening and relaxing cycles of the scrotal skin. For users who are regular dedicated stretchers working and enjoying the journey towards their stretching goal, three jars of Sheacoa butter will last one year. Consider ordering the year's supply and save on the shipping costs..

Sheacoa Butter is the perfect lubricant for use for all men engaged in ball stretching, especially for those using the Moisture Barrier method for scrotal relaxation. If the butter can calm and heal skin allergies, imagine how soft loose and relaxed your scrotum will hang using this butter. The author highly recommends the use of the purest ingredients, so by all means use this amazing Sheacoa butter. Secretleather sells Sheacoa butter in pocket-sized containers that can be taken with you during the day as well as full sized jars. It also comes in branded jars or unbranded for those who value their privacy.

The "Ball Forcer" Complete Stretching System:

Secretleather's new (spring 2011) "Ball Forcer" system is an exciting alternative to using only weights or leather stretchers. This revolutionary system is based on two WMC weights held at various distances apart with stainless steel rods. Six stainless steel rods of increasing lengths will hold the weights apart at distances between 55mm through 110mm. Additional rod lengths can be special ordered through Secretleather. Click here for a video demonstrating the Ball Forcer.

Men new to stretching should consider the simplicity and completeness of this system. Although the price seems high initially, consider what is included. The Ball Forcer consists of two WMC weights and six steel rods. The completeness of this system means that nothing else needs to be purchased or added to the system, so the initial purchase price will get new users set and going for at least 3 years of non-stop stretching. After 3 years or so using this system, the scrotal hang will be long enough so that longer rod lengths can be used, or additional weights can be worn directly above the testicles with the Ball Forcer system worn above. The possibilities with this system are endless!

The Ball Forcer stretches the scrotal sack in two phases. The first phase will develop an initial stretch. New users will wear the first WMC weight alone for 8-12 weeks as close to 24/7 as possible. As the sack skin begins to stretch, more room will appear between the groin and testicles. After 8-12 weeks, the second WMC weight can be added to the scrotal hang for a total of 30mm and 16oz of weight. As the scrotal hang stretches even further, the second phase of lengthwise stretching can begin with the use of rods holding the weights at preset distances apart. This is when lengthwise stretching as well as weighted stretching will occur simultaneously.

Wearing the Ball Forcer is an experience in ultimate comfort as well as an erotic thrill. With a rod in place engaging a maximum stretch, the WMC weights positioned at the top of the sack and above the testicles guarantee comfort. The scrotal sack is exposed between the WMC weights, so massaging shea lotion on the entire sack is quite easy. Also, the exposed sack hang is available to erotic stimuli since the scrotum its self is a great source for erotic exposure. Once the WMC weights are in place, they only need to be removed occasionally for cleaning between the weight halves. Washing only need be done by rinsing the scrotal hang and weights in the shower stream while showering. This means the Ball Forcer is also convenient, since the WMC weights can be worn for long lengths of time without removal. With the WMC weights constantly available, any length rod may be used to stretch the sack to the desired length. The two WMC weights can easily be concealed in a pair of tight brief underwear while the user is at work or social functions. When on leisure time, the sack and two WMC weights can be pulled through the front flap and allowed to hang freely out of the underwear at which time the desired Ball Forcer rods can be used. This is a very convenient stretching system. Its convenience coupled with ultimate comfort will guarantee you will continue and follow through with your stretching plan so that you have the best chance at reaching your scrotal sack hang length. New users, welcome to our Art!

Typically, after 3 years of dedicated stretching, the user will have a sack length long enough so that longer rods may be special ordered. Also always remember an independent WMC weight may be worn above the testicles with the Ball Forcer placed above on the sack hang. This will diminish the length the Ball Forcer must stretch so that existing rods can continue to be used. Yes, the Ball Forcer is expensive, but the value of the system extends over a number of years. The convenience, comfort, and guaranteed follow through of your stretching goal is worthy of this investment in yourself.

A photo of the Ball-Forcer in use on a long scrotal hang will be included at this point in a future update, coming soon!

The "Ball Rack" Leather Stretcher:

This exciting and uniquely designed leather stretcher will be included at this place in the web guide in a future update, coming soon - meantime click here for a video showing it.

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Glossary of Terms


Anal Web: The skin webbing on the back side of the scrotum, best visible with a fully relaxed and free hanging scrotal sack. This is the corresponding skin web to the penoscrotal skin web on the front of the scrotal sack which extends from the base of the penis to the front of the scrotum.

Ball Boat ©: A watertight plastic cup or glass that was selected on the basis of comfort. The cup or glass is attached to the scrotal sack. The purpose is so that the scrotal sack does not come in contact with toilet walls or toilet water.

Ball-Forcer ©: Secretleather's unique stretching system utilizing steel rods which hold two WMC weights at pre-cut lengths apart. This stretching system uses both the gravity of the WMC weights as well as the length stretching provided by the steel rods. Read more about the system in the "Product Review" section of this web guide.

Ball Glove ©: A moisture barrier which seals the length of the scrotal hang inside a moisture barrier. This bathes the scrotal sack in shea lotion/butter the entire day. The barrier provides two benefits: 1. Maximal exposure to the benefical effects of the shea moisturizer resulting in increased skin elasticity which directly benefits progress and ultimately the user's end goal. 2. Provides a low relaxed scrotal hang. Scrotal bathing uses this moisture barrier to maintain constant beneficial effects of shea lotion and is used to help keep tight scrotal hangs forced in the relaxed and lowest hanging phase of scrotal hang. Men who have difficulty with tight scrotal tensions should investigate the use of this method. Use this method every 2 or 3 days, increasing until a loose scrotal hang is achieved..

Ball Sack: This is a short hand term for Scrotal Sack. Note the spelling is "Sack" and not "Sac". The author uses this term because it is easier to type, is visually stimulating, and the author believes the scrotal skin does not deserve to be called a "Sac", because spiders and other bugs have sacs for breathing, so certainly a human scrotal skin should be used at the higher level and spelled according to its function. The spelling used in this article and all conversation is "Sack".

Ball Stretcher/ing: 1; (noun) this is a person who is ball-stretching. 2. (Verb) this is also the act of using any of the four defined stretching methods as described in the "Four Methods of Ball-Stretching" chapter. This includes manual stretching, stretching using items such as ponytailers, stretching with leather stretchers, and stretching with metal weights. These methods can be combined in any way together to tailor the stretching feeling for each individual.

Barrier Bag ©: A moisture barrier providing the same benefits as a Ball Glove (listed above). The difference is that the Barrier Bag is made from a plastic sandwich bag and is very cost effective. See Ball Glove above for benefits. .

Bulge: This is the apparent pushing of the genital package which is transferred to pushing out the pant or shorts material. This is obvious in regular fitting dress/casual pants or shorts. This is the "distortion" of a larger than normal genital package as viewed from the front while wearing clothing. See the discussion above under the "Clothing" chapter….tips to make the apparent bulge as small as possible while wearing a set of weights or series of small leather stretchers put together.

Central Line: This is the place where the two halves of the body (including the scrotum) have joined together while being formed within the womb. This is often a very sensitive and highly stimulating place on the scrotal sack. The act of ball stretching stretches this central line (highly stimulating) across a larger area, making the scrotal sack very sensitive.

Cocoa Butter/Lotion: A lotion or butter that helps to prevent stretch marks in the pregnant women's market. It is also useful in ball stretching as a lubricant under the ball weights. The author now suggests the use of Shea butter lotion/butter for lubrication as well as additional stretching and relaxation of the scrotal sack. Cocoa butter helps the skin to stretch, but Shea butter is preferred. Cocoa butter is available in liquid or solid form. The solid butter melts on contact with with warm scrotal skin and is absorbed throughout the day.

Collar: See "Metal Stretcher".

Compressed Testicle: This condition is both acute or chronic. The acute situation appears when the secondary testicle is squeezed so tightly (mostly from wearing too much weight). The warning sign is dull ache from the compressed secondary testicle. Upon examination of the scrotal hang, the lowest weight will appear to sit almost half way down on the secondary testicle while remaining on top of the primary testicle. This means the testicle is slowly squeezed by weight pressure until it pops through the center column of the weights as an escaped testicle. The chronic situation appears when there has been an increasing number of secondary testicle escapes. This is because the testicle has been squeezed so long that it is actually a smaller physical size while under weight stress. The resolution of this condition is abstaining from weights for 15-30 days. This will allow the testicle to regain hydration and repair damages. As the testicle was squeezed, lymph fluid and other body fluids have been completely squeezed out of the testicle which leaves a solid mass of tissue without hydration. Chronic wear of ball weights arranged in the "Funnel Effect" leads to a chronic compressed testicle situation. The author recommends alternating between smaller and larger weight for use in the bottom position of the weights.

Dartos Muscle: The term used to identify the smooth muscle layer within the lining of the scrotal sack. This involuntary muscle contracts and relaxes the scrotal skin. It reacts to stress, emotional distress and temperature. Ideally, the best scrotal sack stretching is done with a fully relaxed scrotal sack (dartos muscle). Since this is an involuntary muscle, we must take steps to pre-empt the contraction of this muscle for the best stretching results. Read more in the "My Testicles Slip Out" chapter, starting in the 5th paragraph.

Dominant Testicle or Primary Testicle: The lowest hanging and largest testicle. 80% of men have a larger and lower hanging left testicle. 20 % of men have a lower and larger hanging right testicle. The higher hanging smaller testicle is the Secondary Testicle. .

Gear: This is a slang term for stretching equipment such as leather stretchers or metal weights.

Half Flush: A method used by those with low hanging testicles so that when they sit on the toilet the testicles do not hang into the water. This process of the half-flush lowers the water level in the bowl to the top of the escape hole. The process is simple; just push the flush lever down slowly until you hear the water start to trickle into the toilet bowl. Stop immediately. Hold still or lift ever so slightly higher. Water will fill the bowl and then flush. When the bowl flushes, immediately let go of the flush handle. Now, the water level has stabilized at the bottom of bowl.

Hair Trail: The slight trail that a hair follicle leaves in the scrotal skin as the skin is stretched and expanded. The trails are invisible in relaxed phase of scrotal tension, and are only visible in half-tight or tight scrotal tensions.

Hang: This refers to the length of scrotal skin between the groin (measured at the intersection of the inner thigh with the top of the ball sack) and the top of the testicles. The intersection of the thigh is also the "bottom" of the body so this placement of measurement is a good one.

Hernia: This is the condition when the abdominal contents have been pushed through a tear in the abdominal wall. The result is a weakened abdominal wall and higher risk for it tearing again. A hernia pinches the intestinal tract and does not allow internal contents to continue to move through the tract in the action of parastolsis.. This is the squeezing and relaxing of individual muscle bundle (sphincters) wrapped around the entire digestional tract. This orchestrated contraction/relaxation of muscle sphincters pump the abdominal contents in one direction for absorption of nutrients in the intestines.

Leather Stretcher: This is a stretching gear that holds a stretch at the same length as the stretcher. It is made of leather and is usually 1", 1.5", 2" 3" 4" 5" but they can also be found in any size length. If the desired length cannot be found, a leather stretcher dealer can be located online (keyword- leather stretcher) or two highly recommended dealers at secretleather.com or 665leather.com. These leather dealers will be able to make a custom size for a very reasonable price. 665Leather is in California and Secretleather is in London.

Leisure Time Weights: These are the weights temporarily added to the hang in addition to the permanent weights. Leisure time weights are usually added while in the comfort of the home and are removed before the next work period to minimize the crotch bulge of the added leisure time weight.

Low Hanging: Any pair of loose hanging testicles that extend past the tip of the flaccid penis. This is also the definition of "rantallion".

Metal Stretcher: Also known as a Collar, Metal Collar, Steel Collar, Split Collar, Weight, or Metal Weight. This is in loosest terms a ball-stretching weight that is placed around the top of the testicles and worn there with the purpose of lengthening the scrotal hang or for the pleasures of having something making the testicles hang. They are made by slicing a stainless steel shaft into smaller lengths as desired (such as ½ " 1", 1 ½ " or 2" etc…) and then polished. The edges are rounded to prevent them from cutting the skin. There are two different kinds of metal stretchers. They are the older traditional style (standard weight) and the WMC™ style. The older traditional ball weights have rounded edges; however, these rounded edges are still sharp enough to cause pressure point pain after longer periods of exposure to the metal stretcher. The WMC™ style uses a circular surgical high grade steel rod that is shaped in the form of a circle. It is then highly polished and seamless. This weight is technologically advanced in its design and firmly hugs the contour of the scrotal sack and distributes any weight along all surfaces of the weight. This makes the weight load tolerable 24/7 for many days or even an indefinite time. This weight is essential for those who use a permanent set of metal weights.

Neoprene: A toxic rubbery material out of which many ball stretchers are made. They are good for short term sexual excitement but should not be used as a 24/7 or longer term stretching device. In this case, a leather stretcher is preferred.

New Ringmaster™: A patented weight that is extremely comfortable and works great as a spacer weight between two WMC™ weights. The corners are completely round and makes this weight very comfortable compared to the standard older style ball weights.

Package: A term used to describe the whole genital makeup of testicles and penis put together.

Parachute Stretcher: This looks like a lampshade, with the upper ring held around the top of the balls and three weight chains in three different even places on the lower circle. Weights can be attached to the three weight chains. Many heavy lifting men (5 or more pounds) use this method. This stretcher is typically made out of leather.

Penoscrotal Web: The connective skin web that extends from the base of the penis to the front of the scrotal hang. For most guys, this skin web needs some extra stretching since the scrotal sack will often pull up as the penis is in an erect upwards position. Stretching exercise No. 6 was designed to stretch this skin web.

Permanent Weights: Metal weights that are constantly attached to the scrotal hang over weeks and months. Typically the length of permanent hangs can't exceed 3 inches without displaying a bulge. 2 ½ inches is optimal.

Pressure Circle/Ring/Point: This is the irritated skin that is compressed when a leather stretcher is wrapped around the scrotal hang and applies pressure to the groin area. This pressure circle is where blood circulation was stopped. A pressure circle also occurs when traditional style metal weights are worn. The inside corners of the weight restrict blood and nerve flow. The use of WMC weights in either the bottom lowest position of the weight placement, or the highest place on the scrotal hang. In either position, the pressure circle will no longer occur.

Primary Testicle: The lowest hanging and largest testicle on a man. 80% of the male population have a primary left testicle and a secondary right testicle---meaning a lower and larger left testicle, a higher and smaller right testicle. 20% of men have a lower hanging and larger right testicle.

Pumping: The act of placing the genitals (penis only, scrotal sack only, or both) into a vacuum tube and pumping the air out of the tube which forces a swelling and expands the size of the genitals temporarily. It may have beneficial stretching potential. The author has no experience with this activity.

Rantallion: Any man with a pair of loose hanging testicles that hang lower than the tip of his flaccid penis. This is also the definition of "Low Hanging".

Saline Injection: The injection of saline into the scrotal sack to make it appear larger. This lasts only temporarily, but may have some stretching benefit. The author has no experience with this activity.

Sack: See "Ball Sack".

Scrotal Bathing: A technique used to help promote the lowest hanging completely relaxed phase of scrotal tension, the most comfortable phase of scrotal tension. This technique uses the Ball Barrier or Ball Glove methods. See Ball Barrier or Ball Glove.

Scrotal Hang: 1. The distance from the intersection of the inner thigh and the top of the scrotal sack to the bottom portion of the loose hanging testicles. 2. This may also describe the scrotum and internal structures as whole complete unit.

Scrotal Length: This refers to the length of the scrotal hang from the intersection of the inner thigh and the top of the ball sack downward to the bottom of the testicles. Notice that "Length" refers to measurement including the balls and "Hang" refers to measurement to the top of the balls only. See also "Hang Length" or "Sack Length".

Scrotal Sack: A more precise term than "Scrotal Hang", but it describes the same thing. This refers to the scrotum and internal structures as a whole.

Secondary Testicle: The higher hanging and smaller testicle in the scrotal sack. 80% of men have a higher and smaller right testicle, and 20% of men have a higher and smaller left testicle.

Shea Butter/Lotion: The best butter/lotion for use on the scrotal sack. This ointment relaxes the muscles within the lining of the scrotal sack as well as providing lubrication between the scrotal surface and the surface of the leather stretcher or metal weight. The lotion is available from manufacturers such as Palmers™ or Jergens™. Secretleather.com makes a triple combination of shea butter, shea oil and cocoa butter in a secret but effective concentration of each ingredient. This butter melts on the surface of the scrotal sack immediately, and is absorbed into the skin. The cocoa butter ingredient assures maximum lubrication for comfortable wear through the entire day.

Skin Web: Any portion of skin that forms a web like appearance when the scrotal sack is hanging loose and low and it's attachment to the groin forms a web. Specifically, it addresses the skin web that is formed between the upper formation of the ball sack and the base of the penis. This web is stretched in the author's skin stretching exercise No. 6. The penoscrotal skin web extends from the base of the penis to the front of the scrotal hang. The anal web is the smaller skin web on the back side of the scrotal hang.

Shaft Collar: This is a split collar that is meant to hold an industrial steel shaft in place. This collar is meant for an industrial application but many users have used this as a metal stretcher. The corners are sharp and can cause pain quickly unless they are filed down to a rounded shape. These collars are considerably less expensive than dedicated steel weights. However the user will have to hone the corners down him-self in order to make the weight useful on the scrotal hang.

Shea: This is a lotion or butter form of the oil from the shea nut. It relaxes the scrotal skin as it is absorbed into the skin. This oil also makes the skin more elastic and more available to the stretching stimulus. Secretleather sells a triple combination of ingredients in a home made recipe that gives excellent results and pure ingredients. Shea lotions are less pure, but they still relax the scrotal sack and make it more available to the stretching stimulus.

Split Collar, Steel Collar, Steel Weight: See "Metal Stretcher".

Standard Weight: A ball weight with the standard specifications. This weight is made by cutting a metallic shaft into pieces into standard lengths such as ½ inch, 1 inch, 1 ½ inch, or 2 inches. The sharp corners are then rounded off so they are not sharp. Although the corners are rounded, they can still cause pressure points after prolonged wear. The interior of the weight (composition of the original metallic shaft) can be solid brass, stainless steel, or surgical steel. Brass weights are plated with chrome to avoid direct contact with the brass. When the chrome wears away, brass is exposed and the weight should not be used.

Stretch: 1. (noun) see "Scrotal Hang". 2. (Verb) this is the intentional pulling of the scrotal hang in opposite directions.

Tightness Multiplier: A decimal point number that is used to determine how tight the WMC or other metal ball weights should be. The reason for a tightness multiplier is that the ball sack measurement is the actual measure of the central diameter inside the metal ball weight. An additional thickness, measured from the center of the ball weight to the edge of the metal weight must be accounted for. This tightness multiplier will determine the actual diameter that the scrotal hang comes into contact with…not the center of the metal weight but rather the edge of the inside weight. Please see the chapter regarding "Measuring for a Steel Weight".

Upper (or top) formation of the ball sack: This is the position that the sack and the groin join together as seen completely around the top of the ball sack. This is the most common point for pressure points to occur with tight leather stretchers.

Weighted Stretcher: Typically a leather stretcher available in various lengths that have lead pellet pouches around the outside of the stretcher. This acts as a weight as well as a stretching mechanism.

WMC™: Secretleather's patented most comfortable, most technologically advanced high precision weight. It hugs the contours of the scrotal sack in perfect comfort. Use this weight for the best and fastest results. It should be a requirement for every ball stretcher's wardrobe. They are only available from secretleather.com. WMC™= "World's Most Comfortable"©.

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The author wishes it to be known that while he endorses many of the products of secretleather.com (some through previous personal experience as a private customer), he is independent, not connected with secretleather.com in any way, and expresses his own views independently. There are other reputable suppliers of good ball stretching equipment out there and the reader must make his own judgement about where to shop. The author thanks secretleather.com for hosting this work on the Art of Ball Stretching and hopes it helps others to achieve what the author has experienced for himself.

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A Medical Statement

The author is an intellectual and this article is written in formal academic style. The author has versed himself well through the reading of medical texts as well as much personal experience, however, the author is by no means a medical expert and this article is not intended to be given as medical advice in any form what so ever. If there are questions about ball stretching, feel free to contact the author (note - regrettably Jarod is no longer able to respond to individual emails); however, a medical opinion is best given by a urologist who is a specialist in the male reproductive system. The author is aware however that many of his contacts have had recommendations by trained urologists, and many have no idea that the Art of Ball Stretching exists. The author has heard of several reports of urologists recommending surgery and skin transplantation for those who have tight scrotal sacks.

Before any attempt at ball-stretching is made, the author highly suggests a complete physical by a general practitioner. This examination will include examination of the testicles for abnormalities, status of the spermatic cord, a hernia check and blood pressure management. A hernia or heart/blood pressure difficulties make ball-stretching very difficult. A hernia must first completely heal before ball-stretching is attempted and also be aware that a hernia weakens the abdominal wall so that a second hernia is more likely. For persons in this category, very light ball weights should only be used. Heavier weights will exacerbate the hernia condition. Circulatory problems such as high blood pressure or heart disease also complicates ball-stretching. A rock-solid circulatory system (including lymph vessels) is essential in ball-stretching because under certain conditions such as weights/stretcher being too tight and constrictive or too much weight on the testicles, blood flow to the testicles and scrotal sack could possibly be reduced. To compensate for this, the blood pressure and heart activity must be increased which could cause a crisis for those with circulatory system difficulties.

Under normal conditions, ball stretching is very safe, effective, and enjoyable. The purpose of a physical exam is to detect problems early before they become a big problem. The author has consulted his primary care physician regarding ball-stretching: good testicle health, absence of hernia and good cardiovascular health are the main issues. It is possible to have a herniated abdominal wall without knowing about it. In this example, if ball-stretching is attempted, the hernia will be made worse. Early detection of blood pressure problems is also important so that it can be brought under control with diet/exercise/medication. Once a hypertensive condition is under control, ball stretching is very safe and can be enjoyed to the fullest extent possible.

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The Author's Stretching Biography

Many new users have asked me questions regarding my biography and how I became interested in ball stretching. For curiosity's sake, the following is a short biography detailing the author's interest and progress in the Art of Ball Stretching.

From an early age I had an instinctual interest in things that would hang between the legs…either animal or human. At the age of two years old, I had an uncle who was a dairy farmer with a large herd of dairy cows. I can remember the first time I saw a dairy cow with her huge udders hanging between her back legs. I was amazed and mesmerized at the same time! I can remember trying to mimic these dairy cows by crawling around on the floor and placing a large Nerf sponge ball inside my underwear and gazing at the bulge it created. My aunt, taking notice how much I enjoyed the dairy cows, gave me a large pink stuffed animal resembling a dairy cow which had a very large stuffed pink ball between the back legs, something which I made sure to show everyone who visited my house. There are many pictures of me as a two year old, smiling brightly as I held up my dairy cow by the neck and showing off the large pink ball between the stuffed animal's back legs. Also at this young age, I recall my sexual orientation had become firmly established.

By the fifth grade I began to enter puberty. I remember taking notice of the small black hairs beginning to populate my scrotal sack, of the expansion my penis and testicles were experiencing, as well as the lengthening and growth of my scrotal sack. In the shower, I would play with my balls at great length, and noticed how they would hang lower in the hot shower water than they would at room temperature. I loved to stretch my sack and pull on my testicles in the hot shower water. It was also about this time that I sought out things I could place on my increasing hang between my body and testicles. I tried anything that had a hollow center, hanging it on my balls and enjoying the sensations it created. I came to the discovery that the ponytailers my younger sister used to make her pony tails felt very satisfying when I put them on my hang. I remember over a period of several months I began confiscating her ponytailers and made my own private reserve of them. I wore as many as I could fit on my hang. Also at this time, I wore the tighty-whitey style underwear. I did not like how they confined my balls, so I would tear at the seams so that my balls would automatically slip through the bottom of the underwear and were free to hang unhindered in my pants. By the ninth grade, I had 2 ½ inch hang between my body and the top of my testicles. I continued to wear the elastic ponytailers because they felt so good on my hang. I had no idea I could actually increase the length of my hang using the stretching methods discussed above in this article.

Throughout my college years, I continued to wear the ponytailers on my hang. It was not until graduate school that I ran across leather stretchers online. I was immediately intrigued by this new item which seemed to be made especially for wear on the hang between the body and the testicles. In 2001, I began my love affair with the leather stretchers. I began with a 2 inch stretcher. I wore it nonstop for a period of about 5 months but my stretch was already beyond the length of this stretcher. I wore it for the feeling and not for any stretch it would create. I then ordered a 3 inch stretcher and wore that nonstop for a period of about 14 months. Again, I wore it for the feeling it created and I enjoyed the actual half inch stretch it generated on my balls, and I became hooked on the feeling of pressure pushing downward on my testicles. I did not know anything about lotions that would help in the stretching of the skin; I only used hand lotion for lubrication and easier wear. About a year later, I became aware that the stretcher was no longer giving me any pressure on my testicles and that my testicles actually would hang loosely out the end of the stretcher. I ordered a 4 inch stretcher, and my stretching feeling returned and was happy once again. Around 2005 I custom ordered a 5 inch stretcher, again taking note that my balls hung loosely out the end of my old 4 inch stretcher. Again, the tight fit and stretch was an immediate turn on. Due to the lotion I was using as lubrication, this stretcher began to collapse and the leather became very soft and flexible. It became compressed to around 4 ½ inches after a year of wear and my balls again would hang loosely out the end of this stretcher. I found an excellent buy on a new 5 inch stretcher, this time it was thick firm and totally unbendable. I wore this stretcher until the year 2007.

In 2006 I had finally finished my dissertation and was awarded my doctoral degree. I made a move westward half way across the country. Shortly after my move, a stretching friend of mine had been having a lot of success with metal split collars. Since I had recently become interested in gaining a longer hang, actively looking for items which would increase my hang and not getting a longer hang as a side effect of wearing stretchers. At a hang of 5 ½ inches between my body and top of the testicles, I ordered my first metal weight. It was a 16 oz weight from an online shop based in Minneapolis, a city which was near by my place of residence. I wore this weight non-stop 24/7. I loved the tug and pull I felt every time I would stand up, and every time I would walk around in the summertime wearing only loose fitting athletic shorts. After about 5 months of use, I began to tire of the pressure points and uncomfortable feelings I would feel after sitting still for a long period of time at work, and while sleeping at night with the weight. I ran across the Secret Leather site and enthusiastically ordered the 8 oz WMC ™ weight, in hopes it would eliminate the pressure points I was feeling. I was overjoyed after wearing the new weight in combination with my old 16 oz weight, because all my pressure point pain had completely disappeared. I plan on buying another WMC ™ during the Christmas season 2009 as a well earned present to myself!

After nearly one year of wearing steel weights alone and in combination with leather stretchers, my hang has increased to 6 ½ inches between my body and testicles. Wearing 3 and 4 inch leather stretchers together I can comfortably achieve a stretching length of 7 inches.

My daily regimen seems to change week to week as I continue to experiment with weights, stretchers, and lotion combinations and at the same time maintaining a professional life as well as a private life at home. A general routine for me would be as follows:

During my morning shower, I stand and let the hot water flow over my penis and testicles for about 2 minutes. I enjoy the feeling of water spraying on my sensitive scrotal sack and feel them relax slowly and gently as they hang lower and lower. After they have relaxed, I do some brief stretching exercises. I quickly run through exercises 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, and 7. Since I am usually in a rush for time, I only do one repetition of each but let each exercise last about a minute each.

After shower wearing a WMC ™ above my testicles, a 16 oz weight above that, and a second WMC ™ above that, I generously apply some cocoa butter lotion on my hang and under the weights. Since I cannot have a bulge in my crotch while at work, I wear tight underwear which temporarily disables the stretch and holds the weights up high. I use cocoa butter as a lubricant for comfort throughout the work day.

After returning home from work, I take off my work clothes and wear athletic pants and allow my stretch to hang unhindered. I also apply shea butter lotion to help with the elasticity of the skin. While working out at the gym, I again wear tight underwear to prevent the testicles from slipping past my shorts hem. While in the locker room, I have no problem being naked wearing the ball weights and letting my scrotal sack hang and dangle freely in the presence of other athletes. During my gym shower, I again let the testicles hang freely in the hot water and they begin to relax once again after my work out. After the gym shower my stretch is probably nearly 7 inches in length and over 8 inches to the bottom of my testicles. I get a slight exhibitionist thrill as I march out of the shower and let my sack hang swinging and bouncing between my thighs as I make my way to my locker. I have never had anyone ask me a question regarding the weights or length of my hang, but I have noticed that all the other athletes can't help but look and wonder. On the other hand, I have had many other athletes strike up an enjoyable conversation with me! I tend to be proud of my ancient Greek value system, and let my sack hang unhindered several inches below the changing bench.

Before bed, I again apply shea butter to my stretch. I put a 4 or 5 inch stretcher between the 16 oz weight and the top WMC ™ weight for a night of stretching pleasure. If the 5 inch stretcher begins to feel uncomfortable I will take it off and wear the 4 inch stretcher the remainder of the night. I have recently discovered that the hang is much looser using shea butter than cocoa butter and that is why I use it when I am actively stretching. The cocoa butter works well as a lubricant when I am not stretching and only wearing the weights up high with tight underwear.

Many have asked me what my end goal is for a scrotal sack length. I do not have any goal in mind, rather, I am again wearing stretchers and weights for the pleasurable feelings they create, and the added scrotal length is a beneficial side effect of this. I am truly satisfied with my current hang length but if it continues to increase as I enjoy the weights and stretchers, so be it! I will admit that I am hooked on ball stretching for life. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I have.

As I look back on the previous 8 years I have been actively stretching with the leather stretchers and ball weights, I am convinced that my current level of progress can be achieved in 56.3% of the time. If I had a user's guide pre-planned and written for me to follow I would have known about the various stretching techniques, use of elasticity and lotions, and how to plan the various stages of stretcher length and ball weights. The combination of ball weights and stretchers at the beginning of my experience would have greatly reduced the time it has taken me to achieve my current 7 inch hang. On average, I have gained 0.563 inches of new hang each year. Given the techniques explained in this article, a user dedicated to the practice could easily achieve 8.0 new inches of hang in the same amount of time it has taken me to achieve 4.5 new inches of hang. In addition, if I had individual help, advice, suggestions, additional personalized techniques, information exchange, encouragement and genuine interest from another devoted stretcher I am convinced this time could have been reduced even more. The pleasurable feelings stretching creates, as well as the friendship and help from other online stretchers would have made my journey thus far perhaps one of the best experiences of my life.

Perhaps some last minute advice to new users would be as follows: do not dwell on actual progress, rather, concentrate and focus on the wide spectrum of pleasurable feelings that ball stretching stirs in each person who devotes himself to the practice. Allow the progress to take care of its self. For example, if users plan on doing some stretching exercises, concentrate on the feeling each exercise creates and do them for the sensations and not for the sake of just the exercise its self. This will greatly improve motivation! Motivation by pleasure is the key, not progress. Keeping one's self motivated day by day is the greatest impediment to achieving each user's personal goal.

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One year later......a note from the author (December 2010)

Dear Friends,

It has been a long ride since last year. This web guide has experienced a tremendous amount of updating and addition of new information and techniques since November 2009. For over 55,000 readers, this web guide has served as a valuable source of data from the basics to the advanced with the convenience of it all being available in one place at your fingertips!

I am very encouraged to have received literally hundreds of emails and other forms of communication from individuals beginning this exciting and pleasurable journey to lower hanging testicles. I am overjoyed to see so many new readers expressing interest in our Art! Yes, this is an art form; as we are all working on the beautification of our bodies, our personal temples, with the appearance WE desire. We are no longer limited to the expression of our genes, we are literally unlimited in the amount of pleasure and personal gratification that this art provides.

I am especially touched by so many personal stories of improved self-confidence and self-esteem by so many men across the world. There is abundant personal power felt through the visual appearance of a large and impressive genital package. I have heard so many stories about men strutting proudly through the open gym showers and locker rooms displaying their illustrious highly respected genitals. This art, expressed by our own bodies, seems to have an unlimited potential in benefits-- both physical and psychological. I am a firm believer in these words: "YOU effect the reality you SEE!" This is a quote from the movie "What the BLEEP do we know?" which explains the universal Law of Attraction's role in quantum physics...which relates to ALL OF US on the most basic of levels. I also recommend the movie "The Secret" regarding powerful positive thought processes.

As most of you are finding out for yourselves, our personal daily stretching regimen seems to change over time. I have just received my 30mm WMC® weight and that will change my routine yet again. I do believe I have found my comfort level, at 40 to 47 ounces. While showering, I like to spend a couple minutes letting the hot water rush over my hang and relax the ball sack. As I shower, I can feel the sack hanging at it's lowest which provides a powerful sensation with each movement. I rarely do stretching exercises since I am satisfied with my sack as it hangs with the weights. If I do remember to stretch, I do exercises No. 4 and No. 6. I am not interested in a longer hang at this point, I am simply enjoying the sensations that low hanging balls provide. My hang length without weights is about 2½ inches higher than my weighted hang. I would like to experience a non-weighted hang at my current weighted hang length. I hope that makes sense! :)

Currently, I am using three WMC® weights. One 39mm ID on the bottom, one 36mmID above, one 1¾ inch 35mm New Ringmaster® (hanging on the thinnest part of the sack- the middle) and one 36mm ID WMC® on top of the weight stack. This is a total of 47 ounces. I am thinking I will use the new WMC® weight tomorrow and use it as the third weight from the bottom instead of the 1¾ inch 35mm ID. If this is too light, I can add 7 more ounces with a ½ inch New Ringmaster® which will result in the same weight total at 47 ounces I am using today.

I am thrilled with the ability to wear 3.25 inches of ball weights hidden inside the underwear frontal package. Not only is this comfortable and easy to adjust to, the bulge of the weights is hidden well. This method is detailed in the "What and How to Wear" chapter. The Ball Glove or Barrier Bag is recommended to supply lubrication at the point the sack touches the bottom weight. Without lubrication, each time the sack adjusts through normal cycles of contraction and relaxation, one place or another on the skin sticks to the metal of the weights and this causes mild stretching pinches and pulls. At 47 ounces of permanent weights, I do not have to adjust weights before work or after work. I recommend finding a comfortable set of permanent weights to everyone so that stretching can continue 24/7 unhindered.

I use Secretleather's Sheacoa butter formula as an excellent lubricant and way to relax the scrotal sack. I also use Palmer's® Shea Butter Formula lotion in the convenient pump bottle. I simply insert the pump nozzle CAREFULLY so I don't tear the delicate skin and pump 1½ pumps on the top side of the largest weight and 1 pump on the bottom side of the largest weight. I give a mild pump under the WMC® weights. After all have had some shea lotion under them, I hold my sack straight forward and give all the weights with a spin several times to distribute the lotion. I apply lotion once after the shower and once before bed. I am also currently experimenting with a "Ball Glove©" and "Barrier Bag©" which will keep the skin surrounding the testicles inside a sheath, keeping the sack moist and bathes it in shea lotion all day. I am having good results and will publish soon as I write. I love the results my hang is experiencing using this method.

This has been an encouraging year for us, with Secretleather, Rantallion and this web guide working together to bring the best information the fastest. Rantallion has gained numerous new members and we're gaining new "chat friend" members each week. Secretleather has announced it's new 30mm deep WMC®, an ideal weight for men who are conditioned to stretching and have at least 2 inches of scrotal hang between the testicles and groin. If the sack can easily stretch to this length, this is also an ideal weight.

I am grateful that we three organizations have the common goal of helping as many men as possible attain the genital package of their dreams. We're not in the business for profit, we're here to freely publish as much information on our art as possible. My goal is for low hangers on every man, and I want everyone trying to succeed!! We also encourage the use of top quality stretchers and ball weights for a hassle-free comfortable experience. We want results, and you will get results!!

I am especially grateful to Dave Smith for hosting this constantly evolving web guide. Keeping up with the latest information is now easier since we have added the "What's New" paragraph linked to the actual text. Now, getting new information is much easier. Finally I'm thankful for so many of you who have taken time to keep in contact with me in email. Many of you regularly send "Progress Reports" to me with photos, and I am very encouraged for you all. I'm mostly happy that you have taken the time to read this web guide. Please let me know if further information is needed. note - (regrettably Jarod is no longer able to respond to individual emails).

Best wishes to all,

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Thank You

Thank you for taking the time to read, scan and consider the information this article presents. Was this article helpful in providing the information you needed? If so, let me know. Suggestions for improvement, personal requests for assistance, and stories/pictures of a successful experience are all welcome!! I enjoy helping as much as I can in helping you achieve the results you desire. Please email me here, note - (regrettably Jarod is no longer able to respond to individual emails).

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