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For our customers, secretleather means.........

Improved self-image and confidence

"Dave, I can't begin to tell you how much of a difference your ball weights have made in my life. My balls have never felt better or looked better. Even when I don't have my weights on for a day or so, which is not very often, my bad boys hang like they never had before in my life. The feel and look of my low hanging balls give me a 'manly' feel about my cock and balls that I never had the joy of experiencing before, and it is all due to you and your service you provide for me and many other men. As I said before, my balls and my cock, as well, thank you so much for what you have done for me. I can hardly wait until my new 34mm gets here and I can wear my weights all the time without worry about slippage.
" - from D.S. in USA
Unsurpassed comfort

"..... I received my 2 WMC'S and to thank you again. .....I am super happy, they are so comfortable..... "
- from A.D. in Mexico
" I am so very pleased with it. I've been wearing it all day and even tried running naked in the backyard .... the weight, even when swinging, is very comfortable... " - from B.U. in Australia
"Hey, I gotta tell you your Steel Master weights are GREAT! ." - from J.A. in USA

"I am now comfortably wearing my ring all night every night and the buzz is fantastic " - from G.B. in Australia
Great customer service

"Hi Dave You're a star. It's just arrived; that's what I call service!"
- from Adam in London
"WOW! Your service is just incredible........." - from Jim - USA
"Thanks, the order arrived safely and on time. Very pleased. In particular, the ball weight feels really great" - from Joe in UK
"I received my order the day before Christmas. Thanks for the prompt shipping! You guys ROCK!!!" - from Greg in USA
"Not often these days you get what you're promised! I received my two shiny precise-fitting ball stretchers just 9 days after ordering - as I live in the wilds of Tasmania, that's not bad going!" - from Codian inTasmania
"Just to say thanks for your superb service, my ringmaster wieghts arrived today. They feel terrific, the quality is great. Can't wait to deal with you again." - from D.H. in London
"Items arrived in good form on Tuesday. Shipping was faster than expected. Thank you for the terrific service." - from R.J. in USA