Techniques of Ball Stretching

When considering techniques of ball stretching it is firstly important to understand one's objectives. Let us assume that you, the reader, are interested in this as a personal pursuit, not merely an academic study!

If your objective is to obtain a longer scrotum in the shortest possible time then the answer is simple - hang from your ballsac as much weight as you can comfortably bear, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!

OK few men want to be that intensely focussed, and, the journey should, ideally, be at least as enjoyable as the destination promises and the key word in this process is comfort! Nothing shuts down ball stretching more quickly than pain or discomfort. One thing however is of paramount importance; you must not attempt to rush this process. It must be slow and steady, taking very careful note of your body's limitations. Of course ball stretching is not necessarily a desire for body modification, it can be an end in itself, or merely a way of achieving sexual gratification from the exciting sensations offered. Your desire might also be just the look of simple kinky adornment, only you know what it is you want.



1. Split collar
In two parts, it separates to allow easy on and removal. It combines weight, looks and
comfort if not too much weight is attempted too early. It is also modular, allowing the
user to add weights over time to increase effectiveness. They come in a number of
materials, such as chrome plated brass, mild steel, but the best is high grade
stainless steel. The longer you wear them the more stretch you will achieve.
If you invest in a high quality comfortable one you will be able to wear it over
long periods (days/weeks). More
2. Leather 'parachute'
A tapering leather collar that grips the scrotum and fastens by way of
press studs. Enables a varying amount of weight to be attached and
readily detached. Used in 'cbt' sessions, but also invaluable in
assisting the attachment of other stretchers, metal or leather,
especially if the wearer does not have a lot of stretch initially. Can be
worn on its own without weights, and gives a pleasant erotic charge.
3. Leather/Rubber 'stretchers'
Leather or rubber straps fastened round the scrotum. These are less effective in
creating stretch as there is no effective downward pressure on the testicles to
make the scrotum stretch. However they will encourage lengthening by
conditioning the muscles in an already elongated state.
4. Weighted leather stretchers
Leather with lead shot packed into stitched compartments. Similar to
plain leather stretchers, these give you the leather look and feel but
also add weight to the formula. Indispensible for the leather fetishist
who's also into ball stretching. The downward pull is not as effective
as steel, as the element of friction is higher, but it works and it sure
looks and feels good.
5. Hand stretching
This technique involves gripping the scrotum between finger and thumb and
pushing down on the testicles to stretch the scrotum. As with all
stretching techniques, it works best after a hot bath/shower when the
testicles are at their lowest hang. It can be more effective when using
a split collar but works also with just your hand.
6. Vacuum pumping
As it sounds, this involves the whole penis and scrotum being sucked into a cylinder of
the correct diameter, and the air being sucked out to create a vacuum and thus stretch
the ballsack. It is important to ensure that the cylinder is long and comparatively narrow
to make the scrotum stretch lengthwise. Some pumping enthusiasts use a large diameter
cylinder, but their objective is to make a bigger ballsac as opposed to a longer one, and
that is not something we are covering here. Pumping should be considered as a method
in conjunction with one of the above methods, not used in isolation.
7. Miscellaneous
Of course there are miscellaneous methods that are variations of the above,
including tying rope or bungee cord to the scrotum and pulling or attaching
weights. Using weighted leather sacs, or steel flasks etc.

8. Results?
This is what we ballstretchers are trying to achieve.
The fact that we get a steady sexual satisfaction in
the process is merely a bonus! Of course the look is not to everyone's taste, but to us it not only looks
fantastic and erotic, it also feels wonderful and offers more to play with!


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