Metal weights utilise gravity to pull down on the scrotum.

This is a very effective way of stretching your ballsac as you
can wear these (comfort permitting) for long periods of time i.e.
days and weeks rather than just minutes or hours. The trick is
to get the largest diameter you can without it slipping off.
Unfortunately, given the elasticity of the scrotum and its
constantly changing state there is no reliable way of determing
the correct size in advance and the newcomer to ballstretching
must use trial and error.

If you buy a weight that is too small it may dangerously constrict
bloodflow as well as being very uncomfortable. If you buy a
weight that is too big, it will slip off, but can always be used
above a weight of the correct diameter once correctly
determined - so always go too big rather than too small!.

36mm ID is the usual starting place for most beginners, but of
course secretleather offers from 30mm up to 51mm ID because
guys' balls come in all sizes! The best type is stainless steel.
They last almost indefinitely because they don't corrode, rust or chip.
The main problem with wearing metal weights is that they pull
down on the scrotum, stretching the skin and causing discomfort
from the skin pinching as it rucks to squeeze through the constriction
of the metal. Unless you try to go too fast too soon the actual
weight is seldom a problem. Indeed, as your stretching progresses,
the weight sensation pulling down on your testicles is wonderfully
satisfying and erotic. The trouble is we often want to amplfy this
sensation and put on too much weight too soon, and thus cause
more pinching. Slowly does it is the way!

Pinching is not confined to metal weights. It is common
in most stretching techniques and one of the limiting factors, which
is just as well, or we'd all be dragging our balls along the floor by now!

If you're a complete beginner with tight balls and no hang, getting on
a split collar can be a challenge. You may have to stretch by hand initially
to get started. However most guys have sufficient dangle to get a 15mm
starter collar on. It's easiest after a hot bath or shower.

For those who don't know, your testicles produce the sperm for
reproduction. To be most effective they need to be at the right temperature.
Your scrotum (ballsac) regulates the temperature of your testicles by
relaxing the cremaster muscles and allowing the testicles to hang lower
from your body and dissipate heat when you're warm, and contracting
the muscles to bring the testicles up tight to your body to conserve heat
when you're cold. Metal weights will therefore be at their best and most
enjoyable when your ballsac is warm or hot. When putting them on from cold,
always run the weights under the hot tap first to warm them up. Using a good
lubricant is also important. a) to minimise friction and allow the weight
the least resistance to sliding down your scrotum and put your testicles
under tension. b) to keep your skin moisturised. Ordinary petroleum jelly
is very effective and cheap. Some people swear by coco butter but it is
less easy to use.

You will almost certainly want to wear your ballweights when out and about.
Always carry with you, the means to remove it if necessary (an allen key is
supplied with all secretleather weights). You may start out in a state of
delicious soft balls only to find a chill contracts your sac and makes life
very uncomfortable (like at the chilled sections of the supermarket)
- a quick dash to the gents may be necessary!

A 15mm ballweight is not obvious when worn under normal clothing, but if
you progress to say 100mm (4") of hang, and want to wear your weights
out and about, you need to chose dark loose fitting pants. To be most
effective you should avoid wearing any underwear as this will tend to
support the ballsac and prevent the effects of gravity that you are trying
to encourage. Let 'em hang down as much as possible - it also feels great
having them swing around. Going to sleep wearing ballweights is generally
not a problem, but only do this when you are confident that you have the
right fit. That is to say no undue constriction. The writer has been wearing
ballweights to bed overnight for many years and never had a problem.
It can be responsible for a lack of sleep however, as the erotic charge
can be very distracting - be warned! Ball stretching can be addictive.

Most guys find that when they put on ball weights they don't want to take
them off again, and this obsession can last for days. It is not uncommon
to temporarily lose interest in ball stretching after orgasm, but the desire
quickly returns. Masturbating whilst wearing ballweights usually creates a
strongly heightened sensation and ballweights can be revitalise
masturbation that had previously become mundane. Sexual partners often
remark that intercourse is improved whilst ballweights are being worn as it
creates new sensations for both parties. It also gives something extra to
hang onto!

Ballweights should be a pleasant erotic experience. When done
properly, it's like somebody constantly fondling your balls, and a delicious
feeling. If it is painful you're doing something wrong and should stop
immediately. If the scrotum or testicles become blue or discoloured, stop
immediately. Some people are into pain and use the balls as part of their
sexual fulfilment (CBT cock and ball torture). This is a choice for the
individual of course, but extreme caution should always be advised when
dealing with such a delicate area.