A parachute is a very effective way of getting you started,
whatever your level of stretch. It is an essential item for your
ball stretching wardrobe. If your testicles are cold and staying
close to your body it is very difficult to attach a steel or leather
stretcher. It is however comparatively easy to don a parachute,
to which you attach weights which pulls down on the scrotum.
This then allows you both hands free to employ steel or leather
or other appliances to the exposed and waiting area.

A parachute can be used to attach a lead for dominance. It
can be used for pulling down by hand (either yourself or a
partner) Bungee cord can also be attached and it opens a
wealth of new possibilities depending on what you attach
the other end to!

Even if your balls are not too tight and contracted a parachute
is still very useful to have both hands free to attach other
weights or stretchers.

A good parachute is made of heavy leather so that the
weight is most evenly distributed over the scrotum. It also needs
to have a degree of adjustability and to have heavy snaps
to cope with the forces at play. Open tanned leather is also a
great benefit, as it allows the use of Vaseline without
destroying the leather. Of course secretleather parachutes
incorporate all these features.